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Self-proclaimed champion of freedom, democracy and republicanism. Hates communism and is convinced that Canadians have superpowers. Also American, and proud of it. Thinks that most everyone to his left is a communist. He is one of the three S-kateers, along with SpanishSpy and Soverihn. Also has his Politics in the Wrong Place, being a conservative from Connecticut. An “Evil Genius”, according to yournamerandomnumbers. In late March 2013, Superman organized an April Fool's Day prank which involved many conservative and leftist members of to switch ideologies for the day. It quickly caught on, and earned him the aforementioned title.

Tropes that Apply to Superman:

According the Soverihn:

-Manipulative Bastard

-Beware the Nice Ones

-Nice guy

-Nerd Glasses

-Clark Kenting

-Beware the silly ones

-Strawman Conservative: Subverted

-New Meat

-Rousseau was right

-Lawful Good

-Naive Newcomer

-Character development: Has shifted to the right more, and has become Darker and Edgier

-Genre Blind

-Eagleland: Type 1, of course

-Patriotic Fervor

-The Idealist

-Ordinary High School Student

-Named After Somebody Famous

-Ironic Name: YMMV

-Hollywood New England

-Captain Geographic

-Captain Patriotic

According to Himself:

The Cape

The Paragon

Flying Brick


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