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Member hailing from California Like so many other members who joined to discuss alternate history, Snerfu now spends a majority of his time in Political and Non-Political Chat. Snerfu has run a foul of many older members when it comes to spelling and grammar which he attests is his weakness.

Board Activities

Snerfu has taken part in many Shared World games including NING, After Plague, After Impact, and Earth Rise before quitting because of school work. Also made a couple of maps in Map Thread which have shown a Hungarian Libya, a Russo-Spanish Empire, as well as a Swedish Empire. An occasional contributer in AH threads whose topics he has read about (ex. The High Seas Fleet, Khazar Khanate, etc.) When Snerfu first joined the Board he joined the N00b Party with Demosthenes but quit after Demo left the party. He is know a member of the YSP.


- Bush's War Avoided

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