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Shahrasayr is an Australian member of the forums, having joined sometime during January 2014. he can't actually remember what he was doing when he found it, yet he has a vague memory of visiting the site while looking for Total War: Rome II reviews.


During his first few months in, Shahrasayr started writing the TL, The Delhi Rajya: The Pure and Proud Army, a TL on the empire of Hemu. He incorporated many names into it including his own and many of his friends and when looking back often wonders hwy it wasn't classified as ASB.

He then instantly started writing Khybar Ghati: A Kabul Shahi TL after he put Delhi Rajya in hiatus. It got quite a following and was fairly liked, the premise being a continuing Buddhist Afghanistan and to a larger extent Indian Subcontinent. That idiot of a Shah put this one on hiatus as well, after he visited Delhi, India.

His latest TL is The Iron Pillar, another Delhi TL, centered on the Sultanate. He was initially very enthusiastic about writing it and still is, but the jackass fails to finish the prologue and get to the main POD of Timur being killed in his attempt to sack Delhi.

He has started writing another work, named The Hunt: A Saka Rauka Novel, yet is scared to post fearing the backlash due to him always abandoning his works and promising to come back to them.

Shared Worlds

One day this fool inadvertently stumbled upon the Shared Worlds forum. He clicked on the Nation Games thread link and went in, getting sucked in to a black hole of constant warfare. He played the NG Horizons of Tomorrow before it died out. Enjoying the experience he played a couple of other NGs before deciding to play Troyer IV's NG: Religious Shuffle, modeled on a Moderated Games format.

After that died out, he clicked on the Moderated Games button and his fate was sealed. His soul was gone. He took an instant liking to the Shah, who had a similar name when he joined; Shahrazar which was completely a coincidence.

He first played an Aztec resurgent Mexico (trying to shove a little bit of Hinduism in there) in CNG: Dawn's Early Light, before grounding himself as the Baha'i Futbol state of Ranaldho later on in the game.

Then there was the CNG: Tripartite World which trumped over his proposal CNG: Shattered Throne. (He's happy it did so, he was a rubbish mod) Yet school work forbid him from playing his beloved Shared Worlds.

Then in CNG: End of History he was just as much of a dick, not playing much even though claiming a nation.

CNG: Falling Leaves guy once again decided (seriously? , Aussie sun must be frying his brains) to claim a massive nation and only came back much later, family issues taking up his time. He played as a Ismaili Multan.

When that was over his game CNG: Scourge of God won the next game selection and so far had been a slow moving yet popular game, with Shah's Manichean Carthaginian Empire, TheTimeRanger's Aztec Irish, Sidheach's Amazon Scythians, Don's Donnic Horde and many more. After slowing down a bit he has put it in Shared Worlds cryogenic chambers.

Now in the latest game of CNG: The Long Night, he plays the world feared Mayan Corsairs, A Muslim Sultanate in Central America based on the Barbary States. They rage and plunder through the Gulf of Mexico bringing glory to Allah and death to everyone else.

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