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Ljofa, despite the name, is not an Eastern European. He is, in fact, a 28 year old Londoner who isn't a particularly sporadic poster and has a tendency to kill any threads he contributes to (the curse of Ljofa). He's also a contemporary of Kit - but is a little more defensive and forthright in his posts.

He makes contributions to 20th Century threads, Chat and any threads about Turtledove books where he's an apologist for Mary Pomeroy and Anne Collerton. He also began a story thread merging the worlds of 1984 and that of the Race but owing to inherent laziness, it's stuck in production limbo.

Ljofa has an account on where he's made two alternative history quizzes on Harry Turtledove's How Few Remain and the Great War trilogy.

Ljofa isn't a name, it actually is LJ of A - the LJ and the A are a mystery only known to him.

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