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An American Southron member of the forums who joined in September 2010. He is a direct descendant of Leif Erikson. He is Roman Catholic, and slightly left of center politically. He is a lover of archaeology, paleontology, theatre, and martial arts, as well as history… blah blah blah.

The fact is, Errnge is a badass. Seriously.

This is a fact he doesn't try to flaunt, but it happens. Described by some as one of the best looking members of, whenever he puts up a picture of himself, he either receives creepy comments, or the general “Damn, you have pretty eyes!” This led Todyowhateverhechangedhisnameto to develop a man crush on him for about a week.

Errnge is most commonly found in the pre-1900 forum, where he likes to discuss ancient history, but dabbles in other eras as well. Sometimes he saunters into the NPC and Chat forums when he is bored, and occasionally he will post a map he made in the map thread. Recently he has veered very far away from Chat and NPC because people annoy him sometimes, but fuck it, everyone's been there.

He grew to stardom through his Homo Hedrensis ASB timeline about a world where Neanderthals still lived, and through his Turtledove winning Weighted Scales: A World of an Aborted Rome TL.

Errnge has been a bit under the radar lately, however. Sometimes you can find him lurking about the other forums, but he's always wearing sunglasses and a hat, so it's hard to recognize him.


In Fiction

The eponymous character of Errnge, a crew member of the MES-2 from Enterprise, is based on him.

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