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Half-Bengali member who joined in November 2011, active primarily in Pre-1900, Shared Worlds, and the Off-Topic section. Author of three timelines, (Pertinax and the Praetorians: Changing Rome's Fall, The Triumph of the New City: A Victorious Carthage TL and For the Sons of Carthage: A Victorious Carthage TL) he updates them infrequently, largely to promise future updates. While he has a nigh-on obsession with the classical age, he will throw ideas out for a variety of places and time periods, though he has a tendency to get mired in Shared World and NPC, rather than pre-1900, a fact which he constantly berates himself for.

He enjoys long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, India threads, and quietly complaining about Israel under his breath.

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