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-====== BrianP ====== 
-BrianP is from [[offtopic:​Louisiana]] and has been a member of since December 2004.  As far as political views go, BrianP once described himself as an "evil ultra-nationalistic neocon Southern Baptist right-wing nutjob Republican warmonger."​ BrianP has been kicked only once (July 2005) for one week.  However, he went into a self-imposed exile for awhile. ​ Since his return, BrianP has tried to avoid controversial topics. 
-BrianP has contributed very little to the actual history forums of the board, other than comments on various timelines and stories. ​ Despite many attempts, he has not successfully completed a timeline worthy of posting. ​ One of these days, perhaps. ​ BrianP spends most of his time lurking within the hive of scum and villany that is the chat section of the board. 
-BrianP tries to remind everyone that Jimmy Carter "is history'​s greatest monster!"​ in every thread involving the former U.S. President. 
-Not to be confused with the newer member [[offtopic:​BrianD]]. 
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