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A member periodically active, though he did reside in lurkerdom for nigh two years since his joining in 2006. Originally from Rhode Island, lived in Germany for a year where he forgot the face of the Sun until he was saved by Bavarian Beer and Wurst. Best known for his sterling work on engineering planets, his own and other people's, in cooperation with Wyrmshadow and Coen. This work, although he considers it but a hobby and tries not to allow it to inflate his ego, has garnered him some nice accolades.

His work for Thande in relation to Thande's Thalvetia universe caused the Azardin Supercontinent on the Vároto homeworld to be named after him. Which he thinks is awesome.

He has since returned to RI and does abide there. He is a mechanical engineer and fluent in German (his fluency, however, does improved in direct corrolation to how much alcohol he has imbibed). As such, he finds some of the more fanciful mechanical creations that have been suggested on the board to be “Gah” worthy, because they do not factor in the bleeding Fourier series, or something to that nature.


A story written by him and his fiancée, 'Awakening', is currently debuting, although it is only partially completed upon the board. It is currently being edited in hard copy while he and fiancée also continue the story in the sequel.

The 'Discourses of a Wanderer' is his vain attempt to assist in the ASB Reconquista, and it sadly is a lone rock of hopeful quality, far flung from the mythical island of Awesome ASBness.

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