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Agemennon is an enterprising young adult currently enrolled in college. He stumbled upon AH.Com in the middle of highschool, and has stuck with the site ever since. Agemennon is a frequent player in Shared Worlds, primarily the Sandbox, where he had started several moderately successful and several unsuccessful games. He has written a number of brief TLs, branching into the realm of Science Fiction in FH and ASB, as well as implausible fiction. Agemennon has also recently become the owner of the AH.Com Minecraft Server.


The Missing Link: A Mass Effect TL The Missing Link 2.0: A Mass Effect TL Solar Dynasty Outbreak: A L4D/L4D2 TL

And two Nazi Victory TLs that should NEVER be mentioned


Space Nations Game Space Nations Game II Space Tycoon

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Space Tycoon: The Video Game

Space Tycoon the Video Game is an ongoing project by Agemennon to continue his semi-popular Space Nation/Tycoon game series, by shifting it into a MMO motif. Plans for the game are under wraps, and development has been slow due to real life issues, but Agemennon hopes to have a working prototype by the end of September 2011.

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