Would a non Nazi remilitarized Germany dominate Europe?

If instead of Hitler, someone like Wilhelm III took power around 1933 (which has been discussed here before), oversaw a gradual recovery from the depression, remilitarized Germany (albeit at a slower rate than Hitler), and crowned himself to end the Weimar Republic, would Germany have been the dominant power in Europe without a war?

How likely would the annexations from Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Lithuania be? Would they support Franco in the Spanish Civil War? Would Italy move in their direction following Ethiopia again? Or were these more specific to the Nazis?

Can an alternate Germany offer countries like Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Spain, and Portugal protection from Communists and Liberals in exchange for an alliance with Germany at the top? And how would Britain, France, and Russia react to such a development?
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let assume the Conservatives Win and re-install a Monarchy
If Austria will be annex by Germany is open question since here is no Hitler
It could be that Germany active interviene in Czechoslovakia on Question of Sueden

But long term it lead to war, because that New Germany will question the Treaty of Versaille and start remilitarized
Certain will be war between Germany and France, if Britain join the battle depents of the Primeminister Camberlain

After successful war against War Germany could become dominant power in Europe.
It's very likely that Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria look to allies with Germany agaist evil communist in USSR
It depends if Germany can successfully rearm and rebuild its economy from the bottom up before other countries start building their first nukes.
I think so. The French will just wasn't there for a long drawn war so if the Germans have decent commanders, I can see France capitulating. Britain may hold out, but the war ma be de facto over. So yeah, if German goals are just to reinstate pre-WWI borders, it's very possible.
Hitler first and foremost was a nationalist and he tapped into a frustration felt by many Germans concerning the perceived wrongs from the WWI defeat. The Ruhr was occupied and about half of what is Poland was seceded German territory. Hitler's first moves were to aggressively reestablish German sovereignty, reclaim territories lost in WWI and to consolidate ethnic Germans in surrounding countries. Good many people in America and England had second thoughts of the harshness of Versailles reparations and territory concessions. Even if Hitler had never existed the possibility of Germany following the same exact policy seems very high to me. Maybe they might of been much better politicians and avoided war altogether.