WIP Map Thread

Oh, n

now i get it :D
But! I am pretty sure that that thing in north-west isn´t Europe, but enlarged Greenland and chunk of Canada. Europe, even if horribly disttorte, is kept in one piece, torn apart is Canada. Or so it seems to me
Oh, that's what it was. I thought Europe was cut in half
The last project I posted here didn't really pan out very well so here's another one. This comes from a timeline where Christianity never came to overshadow Paganism, there are other differences as well but they aren't very important for this map in particular. The map depicts a reformed Roman Republic where the emphasis is co-rule by Christians and Pagans with religious instutions of both being included in government and some offices being reserved for Pagans or Christians. What each Office is supposed to do is going to be explained in the text that's gonna go next to the map and the graphic. There's also a lil flag.


I'm open to criticism as always!