WI: Herman Goering isn’t wounded in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch

On November 8-9 1923 the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler attempted to seize Munich and were fired upon by police. During the short firefight 16 Nazis were killed and dozens wounded, including both Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering. Goering was shot in the groin and was smuggled by his wife to seek treatment. During his recovery he would fall into a morphine addiction that would plague him until his death in 1945. How might history have changed if he hadn’t been wounded during the putsch? He will undoubtedly continue to be the leader of the SA. How will his leadership change the SA? How will his role change the development of the Luftewaffe, it’s aircraft development, or the Fallschirmjager? How will his sobriety alter his implementation of the Four Year Plan? What all might this change?
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