What would have happened to Rommel?

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    I was thinking either Chief of the Armored Force or maybe even Chief of Staff.
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    Most likely it would be some military position crossed with being a sort of international good will ambassador as his son sort of became in his place.

    So none of the above.

    In terms of the West German military I would expect him to use his political capital to push for military normalization.

    The generation that came after the WW2 generation of Germans came to believe their armed forces was in the end a political entity and the cause of the World Wars. Their post war military wasn’t great, but it was a real military. Once in power the next generation left Germany with a military of combat inoperable units.

    One wonders if Germany had a charismatic and telegenic military figure post war it couldn’t have altered the trajectory of Germany’s relationship to its armed forces in the eyes of the public for the next generation or two.

    The surviving aristocratic Prussian generals were lauded for their military tactics, but were generally unlikable figures on quite a few levels.
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    Many North Koreans are like that; even the ones who defect seem to have some admiration for Kim Il-sung.