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I finally got off my rear end and created this thread for "fan-fiction," short stories and other assorted prose, as well as propaganda posters, flags, maps, art, etc, relating to or set in the Madnessverse. I have a few brief short stories and the like planned, and several people have authored very good expanded universe material in the main thread. :) Cheers!

I'll kick us off by linking to all of the YouTube videos for the TL (I'm not sure how many Madness readers even know these exist):

Spud. Yummy yummy Spud.

Alright guys, heres my first contribution to the WMIT Expanded Universe. I have more Madnessverse related things lying on my laptop, so stay tuned. :D


The Day the Bombs Fell as Reported on the Televisor

By Ziodberg12


A rare photograph of Georgia Military Police in an unknown residential neighborhood during the first days of WWII

“Mark my words Mac, I haven’t the slightest clue what weapons we’ll use to fight World War Two, but I do know that World War Three will be fought with clubs and stones.”

-Gilgamesh Dalton in a letter to fellow Georgian expatriate scientist Maxwell “Mac” Goodman, dated July 28, 1959 [1]

“Jimmy, we're all headed straight for nuclear war and we're doing so knowingly. But its not like we can do much about it now.”

-Virginian political commentator, journalist and historian James Monroe Walton Jr. on “The Nightly Show with Jimmy Masterson”, Wednesday, October 28, 1998 [2]


Tuesday, June 6, 2006
12:07 P.M. EST

“Breaking News! Hello, I’m Stuart J. Williams [3], your host of the Columbian Broadcasting Corporations’ [4] Channel 2 Afternoon News, live from the bomb shelter under our headquarters in Atlanta. Breaking News! Breaking News! Our President George Washington X has announced a state of emergency from Richmond today. The following news report may be crucial to your survival! We at this station strongly recommend you do not change this station! Take notes on paper, it could prove a saving grace! Men, women and children of Columbia, it is with great pain that I read this announcement to you all. We have received word from a number of news agencies that both Boston and Shicagwa have been attacked and burned to ash with nuclear weapons. That’s right, nuclear weapons! FARNE President George Bush II went on FARNE state-run televisior networks to announce that, in his words; “Whoever is responsible for this heinous attack will pay heavily.” No word yet on who exactly launched the weapon that destroyed Boston, or that which destroyed Shicagwa for that matter. Also, no word yet from the LASR itself and what became of its President Charles Oswald II and the Reverend Billy Graham. However it is assumed by this station and other media outlets that the 87-year old "Mad Reverend Billy" has died in the nuclear explosion, though there is still is a chance that he could have survived in a bunker. Whether Oswald and his government managed to make it to their government’s bunker is anyone’s guess. Rumors are also coming in that some cities in Europe have been destroyed by nukes, but nothing is official yet in that regard. We expect constant updates on this emergency situation so, as mentioned before, people of Columbia do not change this channel.”

"As for the recent state of emergency, President Washington has also announced the deployment of a number of CC Military [5] units to a number of major cities, as well as to some rural and more remote areas, in case a crisis of refugees fleeing from the cities comes to pass. The President, and this station, advises every Columbian man, woman and child to get to their bomb shelter as soon as humanly possible! If for some reason you don't have one, run across the street and share with your friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker. The President states that there is no telling when a nuclear strike could occur in any given Columbian city. The President states major cities are at a higher risk. Basically, the more affluent, big and populous the city, the more likely a nuke could be dropped on it. At least for now. School has also been cancelled nation-wide and children all across the nation are, for the time being, ordered to be kept by school administration staff in their schools bomb shelter. Almost every school in Columbia has one. Once the military is deployed in full force the government hopes to have every child re-united their families and loved ones in due time. To our audience watching this, we know this must be very distressing. We knew for over a decade this day would come, and now it’s all come to pass! Nevertheless, stay calm! If we all do, we will eventually weather the coming storm. This report is developing as we speak. We will have more instructions on what to do momentarily.”

12:18 P.M. EST

“Oh, the humanity! More news folks! We have just received word from the Prussian, formerly Rheinish, Reuters News Agency [6] that Paris and Rome have also been hit by nuclear weapons and burnt to the ground. The main line of the House of Bonaparte, including Napoleona I and the heir to the throne Napoleon VII, as well as other members of the central government including French Prime Minister Gerard Antione Messier and Marshal of France Nicholas Sarkozy [7], are said to be safe in a bunker complex under Paris, which is rumored to be connected to the famous catacombs of the city. What became of Pope Julius V and the rest of the men of the Papacy is yet unknown! We, as of now, have no idea who started this quagmire! However, the CBC’s news team has ways of finding out. Our networks’ phones to most of the major cities of the world are still operational, save those connecting to the nuked cities. As I speak to you we are attempting to connect with Richmond, among several other major cities such as Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Milan, St. François, Cairo, Tokyo, Batavia [8] and Cape Napoleon. We expect to be connected with the central government in Richmond momentarily.”

12:56 P.M. EST

“It has come to my attention that the connection to Richmond was a success! It also appears that our crew has a senator, yes, Senator Archibald Bulloch Gomez on the line to Richmond to talk about this whole unfolding mess of a situation. Senator Gomez are you there?”

“Yes. I am! Everything is fine in Richmond so far, but the President’s scrambling to get the city, and country, under control in case this thing should spiral any further out of control. I can see outside right now! Landships rolling through the streets, soldiers coming out of the woodwork, everyone forced to stay indoors. The place is already starting to look deserted. Only a few people left outside! I see some infantrymen telling a couple and their young daughter to get indoors, and they better obey!”

“Yes, I understand perfectly. Anyways, what is your opinion on this whole mess?”

“Well, Stew there are many theories going around the halls of government here in Richmond. You gotta understand, we are trying to process all this info and it’s all coming in all so quickly! One theory is that the Empire could have decided to cut the head of the snake so to speak and destroy the LASR by nuking Schigagwa and “Anti-Rome”, which is a strong message symbolically. Then, Chuckie Jr. and Reverend Billy decided to strike back at the Empire and hit Boston, and by extension FARNE, for good measure. Another theory is that things escalated along the LASR-FARNE border and that the LASR destroyed Boston as a direct result, which made the Imperials decide to strike Shicagwa before the things got any further out of hand. Then the LASR retaliated by bombing Paris and Rome. Yet another theory is that the LASR decided to destroy Paris, Rome and Boston in an effort to, how do they say, "Complete their Manifest Destiny". Lastly, others say that the Russians may have destroyed Paris and Rome. Honesty, I don't buy that crap theory! The Russians gain nothing from destroying these cities! The LASR on the other hand, humph, they get what they’ve wanted since '96 and before! Old Billy Boy kept calling Paris and Rome “the new Sodom and Gomorrah”. Real subtle I know! Not to mention nuking Boston gets him one step closer to re-uniting the old American Empire! Still you'd think they'd nuke most every city on earth if they really wanted to create real havoc? Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. I personally believe the second theory, but that’s just me. I’m not going to get into it Stew. There’s no time.”

“Thank you for your import Senator Gomez. Has the government been contacting other cities in the world?”

“Are we ever! The President and General Staff are trying to get in touch with every city in the country! That’s a priority! As for the world, we’ve contacted Madrid in order to get some answers, but the Iberian Minister [9] was just as clueless as we are! We’re trying to get in contact with a number of cities, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Keybeck City, Oshkosh, among others, as we speak! Anyways, important business in Richmond! Everything’s under control so far! Gotta run!”

“Thanks for speaking to this station Mr. Gomez.”

2:31 P.M. EST

“Breaking News! Coming in from our phone line to Cairo! The United Arab Empire under Sultan-Emperor Mohammed, who as we know came to the throne after the death of his father Ismail III in 1997, has mobilized his nation's troops along the borders of the Italian, Imperial and Prussian African colonies. The Sutlan-Emporer seems to be using the now unfolding chaos in Europe as a way to make some sort of a land-grab in Africa. All I can say is that the UN nations won't take this without a fight! I wouldn't be surprised if Cairo, Mecca and Khartoum went up in smoke!”

3:29 P.M. EST

“Our lines to Caligiari have bought in new news! The United Nations is calling an Emergency Meeting! We have received this news from Italo Lanza, the Italian ambassador to the UN. The diplomats from all UN nations are all gathering to discuss the recent outbreak of nuclear war. Whether their respective governments will still be in one piece after the meeting is over has yet to be seen. Viewers, if they ain't in one piece by the time its over, that meeting would sure have been for nothing!”

4:00 P.M. EST

“Oh the humanity! Oh the humanity! It is official! It is official! Richmond and Newport News, one once our capital and the other once our most prosperous industrial hub, have both been hit by nuclear weapons! Nuclear Weapons! Two of our most prized cities are dust! Our lines to Richmond have gone dead! Dead! Whether President Washington and the rest of our government have managed to survive is unknown. We can only hope they did! We desperately need leadership in this trying time! Speaking of which, Georgia governor Oscar Stevens went on a number of televisor networks and stated that if the central government was not declared safe within 24-hours, he would declare the army units in Georgia to be under his command and make use of emergency powers. Berlin and Moscow have also been destroyed by nukes! Nukes! No word on who did it either! Rumors state that border skirmishes occurred in Poland, East Prussia and Finland between Prussia and Russia, allegedly leading to the nuclear attacks. Another rumors state that Romanov ordered all out invasion of Europe striking at not only the aforementioned Prussian regions, but also Romania and Galicia-Lodomeria, both regions of the Empire, as well as Italian Greece. Whatever happened, the Romanov Family is assumed to be dead. Only seven years away from 400 years of rule, and it all came to this. No word on what became of the Kaiser and the House of Hohenzollern-Wettin either. Our sources seem to have no opinion on weather said royal family and the rest of the Prussian government made it to some underground bunker or whether they went up in dust with the rest of Berlin! Whatever the case, we hope for more news from Europe soon!”

4:47 P.M. EST

“People of Columbia the situation becomes more and more dire by the second! More news coming in as we speak! One of our phone lines from the Prussian city of Königsberg states that the aforementioned city has been mobilized to face a potential Russian invasion, and that the local government under Mayor Adolph Strauss has things under control! All of our lines to Russian cities have gone dead, so only God knows whether the Ruskies marched into Europe or not! Whatever the case, governments in Europe appear to be collapsing as we speak! We have phone lines to a number of European cities, and its all the same. Local monarchs, dukes, governors and the like are attempting to keep the peace by taking full control over their jurisdictions as the central governments of Europe appear to be withering away! We can only imagine what kind of concussion and bloodshed is currently unfolding!”

5:42 P.M. EST

“Almost two hours and still no words from the bunker in Richmond. No news from Newport News either!”

6:01 P.M. EST

“More news from Europe! The chaos continues to unfold! A number of violent uprisings broke out in the Tripartite Imperial state of Iberia! Catalan separatists began rioting in Barcelona and surrounding cities only a few hours ago as contact with Paris went dead. There are also reports of similar violent and chaotic instability in the Basque country and in Portugal, especially in the cities of Lisbon and Oporto. In Santiago, Galician separatists look to the streets as well, though things do not seem to have escalated there just yet. Probably will soon though. Viewers, it seems as if the two-hundred year reign of the Bonaparte dynasty is coming to an end.”

6:37 P.M. EST

“O glory bee! Word has been received from Richmond. Congressman James deMille has contacted our station via a telephone in the bunker complex under Richmond. As of now, we don't have his exact words on record, but he says that most of the government managed to make it down into the bunkers complex before the bomb detonated! Folks, they knew Richmond was in danger. However, President Washington is nowhere to be found! Perhaps he made it into another part of the bunker complex! Perhaps he flew to some other haven! We can only hope my viewers. We can only hope. As for the most of the rest of the Washington family, they are all on vacation in Imperial Porto Rico [10]. They have been there since this weekend, and the President was planning on joining them sometime later this week. What a time to take a vacation! Anyways, what is going on in Porto Rico, and the rest of the Caribbean for that matter, is as of yet unknown. We can only hope that the family is doing okay.”

6:59 P.M. EST

“Well my viewers, I have a message sent to me straight from Governor Stevens! Stevens has just been authorized from the Government Bunker in Richmond to make use of his emergency powers and bring the Confederate Military in Georgia under his wing. In this time of crisis, Stevens controls the state, its military and its media. In the face of this crisis, our news broadcast will no longer be able to air. All broadcasts and notifications on the unfolding Second World War/Nuclear War will be brought to you by select stations owned by the government of Georgia. All other stations are being shut down. Stevens states “I have been given permission by the remnants of the central government in Richmond, in this time of unthinkable crisis, to seize the media and use it to warn and inform our citizens about the unfolding crisis and how to help them survive it. All stations save for state owned stations being used for the aforementioned purposes are being shut down. In a time of crisis such as this, there is no time for frivolous diversion. We must survive and weather the storm. Only after that can we worry about the things we took for granted. I don't know how long we'll have to go through this, but If we are, we need to have our priorities in check.” Godspeed Governor! Protect this state and her people! Well my viewers, it with sadness that I, and the rest of the team her at Channel 2 News, say goodbye. May God have mercy on us all! May God have mercy on us all!”


This transcript you have just read was discovered in 2094 (88 years after the bombs fell) by members of an archaeological team working for Phillip McCoy, leader of the Federation of American States. The team discovered this transcript while exploring the ruins of Atlanta, and more specifically, found in a tin box in a bunker under the ruins of Atlanta's CBC Building. Some pages of the transcript seem to be missing, but however wrote it (no name was found on the transcript) seemed to keep in the tin box as a means of preserving it for future generations, so they could see what things were like the day the bombs fell. If that was the case, the transcript certainly did its job, giving valuable information to archaeologists and historians of the 2090's and 22nd century. As of the 2110's, the transcript lies in the files of the Archival Building of the Federated Empire of the Americas (FEA).


[1] Gilgamesh Dalton was mentioned in the "Cure for the Betters of Society" chapter of the timeline.

[2] Late-night talk shows ITTL began in the Southron/Columbian nations, the first being the Late Show with Benny Jackson in 1953, which ran until the begging of the World War. After the war, NUSA stations began to imitate the late-night talk show and began making a number of their own, the first being Night Time with Willard Jensen in 1960. Late-night talk shows returned to new Columbia televisor stations in 1976 with the formation of the Confederacy of Columbia.

[3] In the years after the establishment of the LASR, late-night talk shows took a more serious and less comedic turn, reflecting the attitudes of time, what with all the fear of impending nuclear doom. Unsurprisingly, people became tired of late-night talk shows after this, and Jimmy Masterson's show was on of the first to be cancelled on November 30, 1999, after fifteen years on the air.

[4] Born in Bulloch, Georgia (OTL's Jackson, Mississippi) on June 22, 1940, Stuart J. Williams was host of the CBC's Channel 2 Afternoon News from 1989 up until 2006.

[5] The Southron nations began founding their own talkiebox stations in the late-1890's with the advent of said invention. With the establishing of CEMA in 1925, all of the individual stations merged to form the Columbian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.

[5] Abbreviation for Confederacy of Columbia Military.

[6] IITL Paul Reuter stays in Germany, IITL the Rheinbund, and founds his news agency in the Rheinish capital of Frankfurt. Reuter also remains Jewish, due to the Rheinbund's Napoleonic laws allowing for religious toleration, Jews included.

[7] Messier is a fictional character. Meanwhile, the real-life Sarkozy is Marshall of France, having seen action in UN peacekeeping missions in Central America and Mexico, the French invasions of the Sikh Empire and Ceylon in the 1970s, and again in UN peacekeeping missions in Nepal and Tibet.

[8] OTL's Jakarta. ITTL the name was kept by the white protestant minority-rule government of the Republic of Indonesia. IITL it is still the capital of Indonesia.

[9] The Minister of Iberia, the Minister of Spain until 1958, is an office comparable to the First Minister of Scotland. There are also First Ministers in the other constituent states of the Tripartite Empire.

[10] IITL, Puerto Rico, known IITL's Anglophone nations as Porto Rico, became a French colony in 1827 following the collapse of the Spanish Empire. The local culture remains dominant, but some aspects of French culture do seep into the local culture. By the 20th century, the Imperial colony of Porto Rico became a popular vacation spot.
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List of Popes of the Roman Catholic Church

Pius VII (Barnaba Niccolò Maria Luigi Chiaramonti) (1800-1823) [1]
Leo XII (Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiorre Girolamo Nicola Sermattei della Genga) (1823-1829)
Pius VIII (Francesco Saverio Castiglioni) (1829-1830)
Gregory XVI (Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari) (1831-1846)
Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti) (1846-1878) [2]
Sixtus VI (Lucien Bonaparte) (1878-1909)
Pius X (Johannes Katschthaler) (1909-1914) [3]
Sixtus VII (Andrea Carlo Ferrari) (1914-1920)
Innocent IX (Désiré-Joseph Mercier) (1920-1926)
Clement XV (Alfred-Henri-Marie Baudrillart) (1926-1942)
Urban IX (Theodor Innitzer) (1942-1955)
Innocent X (Enrique Pla y Deniel) (1955-1968)
Julius IV (Giacomo Baldovino Bartalotti) (1968-1971) [4]
Gregory XVII (Radovan Havel Jedlička) (1971-1984)
Clement XVI (Xosé Antón Rocha) (1984-1992)
John XXIII (Lazzaro Nicolò Ermacora) (1992-2003)
Julius V (Sergi Ignaci Mateu) (2003-2006) [5]

[1] Present at Caesar Napoleon I's coronation in 1804. Imprisoned by Napoleon I from 1809-1813. In 1813, he was released after agreeing to a compromise on the status of the Catholic Church in the French Empire with Napoleon I.

[2] First Pope to rule under the Vatican State (essentially Rome as an independent Papal City state), which was established on December 20th, 1850.

[3] First non-Italian Pope since the Dutch Pope Adrian IV (1522-1523).

[4] All Popes here and after are fictional.

[5] Killed in the 2006 nuclear attack on Rome.
Wonderfully dystopian, Zoidberg

Thanks! :D Thats kinda what I wanted to get across.

Anyways, heres the first part of a simple timeline of events in the Madnessverse. It's gonna take a while to finish so heres the everything up to 1804. If theres anything I forgot, i'll edit it later.

Red indented text are the POD's, while blue text are relevant events that also happened OTL. The non-colored text are the events of the timeline which are different than OTL which come after or as a result of the POD's.

A Timeline of Madnessverse​

By Zoidberg12

13.8 Billion Years Ago
The Big Bang occurs, thus creating both the universe we live in, sometimes known as OTL (Our Timeline or Original Timeline) and the universe of "What Madness is This?", known as the "Madnessverse". These universes are two distinct and separate universes from the get-go. However the Madnessverse remains a carbon copy our our universe for centuries upon centuries of history. Everything is the same. However, this all begins to change in the middle of the 18th Century, when the first changes in the Madnessverse's history begin to occur.

October 5th: American preacher, philosopher, theologian and maternal grandfather of Aaron Burr II Jonathan Edwards born in East Windsor, Connecticut.

November 2nd: Phillip Jonas, the adoptive father of Aaron II and friend of Jonathan Edwards, is born in Boston, Massachusetts (POD).

January 4th: Aaron Burr I, father of Aaron Burr II, born in Fairfield, Connecticut.

February 22nd: George Washington born in Westmoreland, Virginia.

October 30th: John Adams born in Braintree, Massachusetts (OTL's Quincy).

January 14th: Benedict Arnold born in Norwich, Connecticut.

August 14th: Willard Crawford born in NYC (POD).

George Washington does not contract smallpox. As a result, Washington does not become sterile and will be able to have biological children (POD).

1755 or 1757
January 11th: Alexander Hamilton born in Charlestown, Nevis in the British West Indies. At some point throughout his life, Hamilton becomes a more villainous/crafty character, perhaps due to a childhood event or different life experiences in general (POD).

February 6th: Aaron Burr II born in Newark, New Jersey.

September 24th: Aaron Burr I dies in Princeton, New Jersey.

February: Jonathan Edwards does not get a smallpox inoculation, and as a result does not die (POD).
April 7th: Esther Edwards Burr, mother of Aaron Burr II dies. Soon after, two year old Aaron Burr II is sent to live for with his maternal grandfather Jonathan Edwards, how raises Burr to be radically Calvinist and anti-British.
May 5th: Future admiral Nathaniel Butterworth born in NYC (POD).
October 24th: British General Wilbur Whitehead born in Tavistock, Devonshire, England (POD).

March 18th: George Washington II born as a result of George Washington I not being sterile.

August 12th: King George IV is born in London. He inherits his father King George III's mental illness, which will become a known and serious problem in his adult life (POD).

October 23rd: Death of Jonathan Edwards in a carriage accident. Soon after, nine year-old Aaron Burr II is sent to live with Phillip Jonas of Boston, a radical patriot and close friend of Edwards.

August 15th: Napoleon Bonaparte born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France.
December 11th: Scottish-Canadian General Phillip McDonald born in Montreal (POD).

April 19th: The American Revolutionary War begins. Daniel Shays killed at Battle of Lexington, thus butterflying away Shays' Rebellion (POD).

July 4th: The Declaration of Independence is ratified by the Continental Congress, thus declaring the United States of America independent from Great Britain.

January 15th: Vermont Republic established.
February 22nd: Georgian lawyer, soldier, and statesman Archibald Bulloch doesn't die (POD).
December 19th: Beginning of Valley Forge. Aaron Burr II, a soldier in the Continental Army, is present (POD).
December 22nd-26th: British scouts and sharpshooters begin attacking American soldiers at Valley Forge (POD). Aaron Burr II survives the attacks after nearly getting killed every time. General Washington gives Burr multiple awards and medals as a reuslt.

February 20th: Benedict Arnold takes a bullet for Aaron Burr after the British resume attacking at Valley Forge, saving Burr's life and dying in the process (POD).

March 1st: Articles of Confederation ratified.

April 11th: The American Revolutionary War ends.
June 21st: Theodore Burr born to Aaron Burr II and his wife Theodosia Bartow Prevost, the child male as opposed to female (POD).
September 3rd: Treaty of Paris signed.

November 28th: US Declaration of Independence signatory William Whipple doesn't die (POD).

May 25th: The Articles of Confederation are amended (instead of discarded) to allow for four year Presidential terms with no limits on how many times someone may run for President (POD).

December 15th, 1788-January 10th, 1789: George Washington elected President of the United States of America in Congress Assembled. Washington picks the Federalist Adams as his running-mate.

April 30th, 1789-March 4, 1797: George Washington is President of the United States of America in Congress Assembled. John Adams is his Vice President.

July 14th: Storming of the Bastille and beginning of the French Revolution.

April 17th: Benjamin Franklin doesn't die due to being in somewhat better health (POD).
July 25th: US Declaration of Independence signatory and NJ Governor William Livingston doesn't die (POD).

March 4th: Vermont Republic admitted to the US as state.

April 20th: French Revolutionary Wars begins. Europe will continue to be at war for most of the next 22 years.
July 18th: John Paul Jones doesn't die in Paris, thus returning to the US later in the year (POD).

September 5th, 1793-July 28th, 1794: Reign of Terror in Revolutionary France.

April 11th: Edward Everett born in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
November 19th: Madison Treaty (OTL's Jay Treaty) signed, averting war and facilitating trade between the USA and Great Britain.

February 29th: Madison Treaty effective.
August: Federalist Party National Convention at Fruances Tavern in NYC
September 1st: Articles amended to allow Presidents to be elected by popular vote.
September 3rd: Ben Franklin dies after falling from the steps of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Federalists conspirators allegedly to blame.
November 4th-December 7th: Federalist John Adams elected President of the United States. Federalist Alexander Hamilton is his running-mate. Democratic-Republicans Jefferson and Madison defeated, suspect Federalist cheated (they were right).

March 4th: President John Adams and Vice President Alexander Hamilton inaugurated.
March 20th: Capital of the United States moved from Philadelphia to the Federalist hub of New York City.
July: RST Affair over French Foreign Minister Talleyrand's demanding USA repeal Madison Treaty with Great Britain and pay ransom to France. President Adams and US public furious.
August 4th: Meinrad Beutel born in Darmstadt, Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt.

June: South Carolina newspaper editor Joshamee Worthington is arrested for sedition. Other similar incidents make the people wary of Adams encroaching on their rights.
July 4th: Pinckney Affair; French navy captures USS Trenton and Charleston, casualties include prominent Federalist Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.
July-December: Tensions rise between United States and First French Republic in the aftermath of the Pickney Affair.
September: Aaron Burr II, suffering from head trauma which resulted from being to close when a cannonball hit during the Revolutionary War, begins experiencing a long series of dreams which inspire him to found his own church.
October: George Washington and John Paul Jones brought out of retirement to lead Army and Navy respectively in preparation for war with France.

January 1st (New Years Day): Franco-American War begins. USA unprepared for the war with France and her ally Spain.
March 5th: US troops under Washington march into Spanish Louisiana. Battle of Alligator Ridge against scouts, some Spanish but mostly Creole and Indian, US victory.
March 20th: Battle of Boggy Swamp, battle proves indecisive.
March 28th: Battle of Port Richelieu, including small naval debacle.
June: After a series of indecisive naval battles, Admiral Jones is sacked in favor of Admiral Nathaniel Butterworth.
June 21st: Admiral Butterworth and the US fleet attacks a French fleet south-west of the English Channel. Butterworth loses half his ships. The US Navy fleet not seaworthy for over a year. US Navy crippled as a result.
July 10th: Aaron Burr establishes the American Fundamentalist Christian Church in Philadelphia.
October 9th: Napoleon Bonaparte returns from Egypt to France.
November 9th: Coup of 18 Brumaire; Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the French Directory and becomes First Consul of France. End of French Revolution. Napoleon unhappy about war with America.
December 10th: George Washington killed by Indian scout in Louisiana. Morale of American soldiers decreases as a result.

USA defeated, crushed and bankrupt as a result of Franco-American War. Mobs, some led by Revolutionary War veteran Willard Crawford, grow in NYC outside Presidential Mansion. Violence escalates in Boston and Philadelphia as Federalists officials lynched.
May 15th: Second Treaty of Paris signed ending Franco-American War. Economic payments to Spain cripple American economy further.
October 31st-December 6th: John Adams and Alexander Hamilton cheat their way into office once again during the 1800 Election. Almost all the votes are for Jefferson and Madison, so almost all the votes are rigged in favor of the Federalists. This time the people know Adams and Hamilton cheated and the unrest explodes.
December 20th: Virginia becomes the first state or states to secede from the USA as the Republic of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison first President and VP respectively.
December 29th: Charles Goodyear I born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Riots and unrest continue in New York, Boston and Philadelphia and other major US cities.
March 21st: Sir Ralph Abercrombie survives the Battle of Alexandria.
March 26th: Maryland secedes from the USA as the Chesapeake Republic of Maryland. Samuel Chase first President.
May 18th: Carolinas secede from the USA as Confederation of the Carolinas, Andrew Jackson made Emergency Chancellor. West Carolina (OTL's Tennessee) also part of Confederation.
May 26th: Georgia secedes from the USA as the Republic of Georgia. Revolutionary War veteran and governor Archibald Bulloch first Prime Minister.
June 8th: West Florida Republic established after successful revolt against Spain. WFR quickly becomes Georgian puppet state and libertarian wonderland.
June 15th: Rebel militia attacks guards at NYC Presidential Mansion. Half of mansion burned to the ground. Willard Crawford made leader of the rebel forces in NYC.
June 16th: Rebel forces led by Willard Crawford capture NYC from government troops.
June 18th: Adams and Hamilton captured while attempting to flee to Canada. Imprisoned in Livingstone Sugar House in Manhattan with the rest of the Federalist government, including Tom Pinckney and Rufus King.
July 4th: The Treason Trails, largely a show trail, begin in New York City, presided by John Jay. Alexander Hamilton, Rufus King, Tom Pinckney and others executed by hanging. John Adams tarred and feathered by mob. July 4th becomes "Liberty Day".
July 11th: Work begins amongst delegates from the former US states that did not secede from the central government in the creation of a new constitution. Said constitution will take four years to fully complete.
July 19th: Vermont secedes from the USA as the Green Mountain Republic of Vermont, also known as the Second Vermont Republic. The GMRV becomes a libertarian paradise just like WFR.
August 28th: The former US states agree to unite as "The Republican Union of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania", or the Republican Union for short.
August 30th: A Consulate System is established in the former US states, patterned on Revolutionary France. Two Consuls of the Republic, serving for four year terms, represented each state, and there were two Chief Consuls of the Republic which act as Heads of State and Government simultaneously. State or Territorial Consuls (one per state) act as governors. Willard Crawford and Aaron Burr II elected unanimously as First and Second Chief Consuls.
September 10th: Philadelphia made temporary capital of the new Republican Union.

March 25th: French Revolutionary Wars end.

February-August: Skirmishes begin between Spanish Louisianan troops and British Canadian troops, distracting the insane King George III from conquering Vermont.
May 1st: The Republic of Virginia's Constitution is officially ratified.
May 18th: Great Wars of the Empire aka Napoleonic Wars begin.
October: France, with the help of Spain and Southron volunteers, defeats the Haitian revolutionaries in French Saint-Domingue. As a result, Napoleons plan for an Empire in the Americas becomes all to plausible.

December 2nd: Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself Caesar of France.
December 18th: King George III collapses in his palace from madness and stress relating to the wars against Napoleon, then dies. King George IV become King of Great Britain. However, George IV is even more insane than his father and is stark raving mad. The British Royal Family quickly becomes the laughing stock of Europe.
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Excellent work, Zoidberg.:) I kind of knew that the untimely death of Daniel Shays had something to do with this timeline, since Shays' Rebellion was one of the main factors in scrapping the Articles of Confederation, which still continued until the collapse of the United States ITTL. I also might contribute something to this thread in the near future.
Excellent work, Zoidberg.:) I kind of knew that the untimely death of Daniel Shays had something to do with this timeline, since Shays' Rebellion was one of the main factors in scrapping the Articles of Confederation, which still continued until the collapse of the United States ITTL. I also might contribute something to this thread in the near future.

Thanks! :D I knew Shay's Rebellion not happening was a POD since I first read the timeline when it was new two years ago! Great minds think alike.

Edited the timeline a bit and added new events, including that Archibald Bulloch doesn't die in 1777. All in all, this timeline has 17 POD's (unless theres any I forgot)! Also can't wait to see what you contribute!
List of First Chief Consuls of the Republican Union

Willard Crawford (Democratic-Republican-NH) (1801-1807)
Aaron Burr II (Democratic-Republican-NY) (1807-1813)
Oliver Walcott Jr. (Democratic-Republican-CT) (1813-1819)
Daniel D. Tompkins (Democratic-Republican-NY) (1819-1825)

Richard Rush (Centrist-PA) (1825-1831)
Lewis Cass (Democratic-Republican-IW) (1831-1837)
Aaron Burr Peyton (Centrist-NJ) (1837-1843)*
John P. Hale (Democratic-NH) (1843-1849)
John M. Clayton (Centrist-DE) (1849-1855)
William L. Dayton (Centrist-NJ) (1855-1861)

Horatio Seymour (Democratic-NY) (1861-1867)
William Allen (Democratic-CS) (1867-1873)

Oliver P. Morton (Centrist-IW) (1873-1879)
Roscoe Conkling (Centrist-NY) (1879-1885)
James G. Blaine (Centrist-PA) (1885-1891)

George Armstrong Custer (Manifest Destiny Party-PA) (1891-1925)†
William Jennings Bryan (Manifest Destiny Party-IW) (1925-1927)
Joseph Custer Steele (Manifest Destiny Party-IW) (1927-1956)†
Charles Custer Oswald (Manifest Destiny Party-MA) (1956-1957)

* Fictional Character
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List of Second Chief Consuls of the Republican Union

Aaron Burr II (Democratic-Republican-NY) (1801-1807)
George Clymer (Democratic-Republican-PA) (1807-1813)
Joseph Bloomfield (Democratic-Republican-NJ) (1813-1819)
James Fenner (Democratic-Republican-RI) (1819-1825)
John Samuel Peters (Democratic-Republican-CN) (1825-1831)
Francis Granger (Democratic-Republican-NY) (1831-1837)

Zachary Gibbs (Centrist-PA) (1837-1843)*
Levi Woodbury (Democratic-NH) (1843-1849)
William L. Dayton (Centrist-NJ) (1849-1855)
Hannibal Hamlin (Centrist-MA) (1855-1861)

James Rood Doolittle (Democratic-MI) (1861-1867)
Henry Wilson (Democratic-MA) (1867-1873)

John F. Hartranft (Centrist-PA) (1873-1879)
James G. Blaine (Centrist-PA) (1879-1885)
Levi P. Morton (Centrist-NY) (1885-1891)

William Jennings Bryan (Manifest Destiny Party-IW) (1891-1925)
Vacancy (1925)
Theodore Roosevelt (Manifest Destiny Party-NY) (1925-1926)†
Vacancy (1926)
Warren G. Harding (Manifest Destiny Party-PA) (1926-1927)
Franklin Martin Roosevelt (Manifest Destiny Party-NY) (1927-1954)†

Vacancy (1954)
Charles Custer Oswald (Manifest Destiny Party-MA) (1954-1956)
Vacany (1956-1957)

* Fictional Character
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The fact that the RU even had a Centrists is hilarious, though I guess the leftover Federalists had to go somewhere. Is there any major difference between the Centrist and the Democratic-Republicans?

Really should get off my ass and post some of the EU stuff I'd worked on.
Amazing work, Zoid! I mean, woah. :D That's a brilliant summary of events, something I always wanted to write but never got around to. Only mistake I noticed was calling them the Treason Trails. Really spectacular, and looking forward to more. :D:cool:
Amazing work, Zoid! I mean, woah. :D That's a brilliant summary of events, something I always wanted to write but never got around to. Only mistake I noticed was calling them the Treason Trails. Really spectacular, and looking forward to more. :D:cool:

Thanks dude! :D Though why is the Treason Trails incorrect? Thats what the trails were Adams and Hamilton were called weren't they?

Heres more of the timeline; the rest of the Great Wars of the Empire. Speaking of what was posted before, I made some minor edits, added some POD's and such.

Napoleon establishes embassies in the American successor states, expect for Vermont and West Florida. Relations with Virginia and Maryland friendly, especially so with Georgia.
January 22nd: The Republican Union's constitution is officially ratified, working out all the kinks in the new nation's government. Philadelphia becomes de jure capital. Crawford and increasingly revanchist Burr II kept Chief Consuls.
September 23rd: Death of Phillip Jonas.
October 21st: Battle of Trafalgar; British victory despite death of Lord Nelson.

Ties between Georgia and France strengthened. French uniforms, music, food and culture all the rage in Georgia.
March 30th: Napoleon's older brother Joseph made King of Naples. Other family members appointed to various posts.
November 21st: Berlin Decree; Continental System enacted by Napoleon in an effort to cripple British economy.

January 15th: The Revanchist Aaron Burr II becomes First Chief Consul of the RU. George Clymer becomes Second Chief Consul.
July: Treaties of Tilsit signed between Caesar Napoleon I of France and Czar Alexander I of Russia. Napoleon forces Prussia and Russia to ally with him against Great Britain and Sweden.
November 19th-30th: Franco-Spanish invasion of Portugal. Portugal occupied by France and Spain.
December 27th: Prince Frederick and Prince William attempt to lock King George IV up so Frederick can become regent and return stability to the British government. However, King George IV kills Frederick and injures William with shots from flintlock pistols. George then kills himself by falling on his sword. William IV becomes King of Great Britain as a result.

Britain's prestige ruined and economy in depression due to King George's Fratricidal rampage and Continental System. Russia develops closer ties to France and becomes fully committed to the Continental System. House of Hanover and British aristocracy laughing stock of Europe even more so than before.
February 21st: Finnish War begins between French allied Russia and British allied Sweden.
March 22nd: Lavrenitos Marinos born in Athens, Ottoman Greece.
April 10th: Portuguese Confederation, a Napoleonic French puppet state, is established. Spain annexes central part of country, Portuguese Confederation joins Continental System. France takes over New Portugal.
May 1st: Brazilian Republic, a Napoleonic French puppet state, established.
December 31st: William Whipple dies in Concord, New Hampshire.

March 29th: Gustav IV Adolf deposed due to Finnish War.
September 17th: Finnish War ends in Russian Victory, Finland annexed by Russia as Grand Duchy of Finland.

December 26th: Willard Crawford dies in Philadelphia.

January 6th: Treaty of Pairs between France and Sweden, Sweden joins Continental System, becomes part of Napoleonic Alliance and declares war on Great Britain.
January 24th: Spain sells Florida to Georgia.
May 10th: Spain sells Louisiana to France, returning the area to French rule after almost fifty years. North American republics terrified at Napoleon gaining foothold in the Americas, RU sends troops to Louisianan border.
September 29th: William Livingston dies in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Planning for Franco-Allied Invasion of British Canada begins.
March 20th: Napoleon II, "King of Rome", born.
November 20th: Admiral Nathaniel Butterworth dies in Boston.

May 1st: The War of 1812 or War of the Sixth Coalition begins, Franco-Spanish-Russian Armada attack British fleet under Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, said British fleet having been damaged in storm.
May 3rd: Battle ends. Cuthbert paralyzed by Russian cannonball and taken as POW. Morale of Royal Navy destroyed. Dutch ships land at Truro, Cornwall, General Wilbur Whiteham bungles British counter-assualt. Franco-Danish fleet from Iceland defeated by Scottish sailors, Scots shaken up by attack. Franco-Allied armies invade Irish cities of Cork and Crosshaven, Allied Invasion of Ireland begins. British caught off guard due to preparation for Canadian invasion. General Arthur Wellesley in command of British Army in Ireland.
May 6th: Battles of Ballycotton and Ardmore in Ireland, high causalities.
May 8th: Royal Navy ships at Rosslare Harbor sunk by Franco-Russian ships.
Wellesley, his staff and regiments fall back to Killarney. Irish militias form in Derry, Donegal, Monaghan etc.
May 11th: British PM Spencer Perceval assassinated. British morale suffers as result.
May 16th: Marshal Michel Ney takes command of Franco-Allied Army in Ireland. Thrust to Clonmel begins.
May 20th: British regiments sailing from Canada to Ireland sunk in the Atlantic by Allied American fleets.
May 23rd: Wellesley forces way to Limerick.
Late May: Scottish-British General Thomas Graham planning to take Derry from Irish rebels.
June-October, 1812: Repeated Georgian expeditions to take Bahamas from Britain.
June 25th: Marshall Ney and Allied Army defeated by British after attempting to take Thurles and Newcastle West.
July 2nd: Wellesley defeated at Battles of Cashel and Callan, flees from Limerick to Derry to meet up with General Graham.
October 8th: Georgian Navy under General Arthur Alexander assaults Nassau.
October 9th: Failed beach landing at Nassau, General Alexander regroups.
October 24th: Georgian Army joined by Carolinian Army under Thomas Bragg for new attack on Bahamas.
December 24th-30th: Georgian-Carolinian troops invade Bahamas. British General Edward Michael Pakenham chased out, flees to Jamaica on the 30th.

January 2nd: Georgian, French and Spanish ships, the Georgian under General Alexander, lay siege to Jamaica.
January 5th: Mutiny of Pakenham’s militiamen in Jamaica, Pakenham and English soldiers handed over to Allies.
February 2nd: Republic of Jamaica established as Georgian-Carolinan satellite state, Henry George Boniface first Prime Minister.
February 15th-March 29th: Carolina invades and annexes Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, the Virgin Islands, and Antigua and Barbuda.
February 20th-April 1st: General Alexander invades and annexes Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and the Cayman Islands for Georgia.
April 4th: Carolinas annex Saint Lucia.
May 10th: Franco-Dutch Caribbean colonies sold to the Carolinas.
May 13th: Virgin Island’s Confederacy established as semi-independent satellite state of CoCaro, Thomas Bragg first Governor-General.
May 14th-June 19th: Constitutional Crisis in CoCaro over status of Virgin Island’s Confederacy. Establishment of Virgin Island’s Confederacy agreed upon. Caribbean Theatre of War over.
July 18th: Allied soldiers under General Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr begin invasion of Cornwall.
September 21st: Allies invade Isle of Mann.
October 4th: Republican Union joins France, Southron Nations and the Allies in preparation for Canadian invasion. Union reluctant to ally with Southrons, promise of new territory seals deal.
October 23rd: Republican Union attacks New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
October 23rd-29th: Allied fleet barrages Nova Scotian coast. Troops in Halifax and Fredericton suffer heavy casualties.
October 30th: Zebulon Pike defeated badly by General Phillip McDonald outside of St. John, New Brunswick.
November 2nd: RU asks for assistance from Allies in the face of Pike’s defeat. French troops en route, albeit in small numbers, Virginia and CoCaro preparing, Georgia, WFR and Spain ambivalent to Union’s fate.
November 12th: Princess Charlotte Bonaparte dies in carriage accident at age 11.
November 13st: General McDonald begins invasion of RU, ploughs through militias of New England.
November 20th: Drummond joins British Invasion of RU, crosses RU-Canada border.
November 26th-November 7th: Drummond’s Army skirmishes with Vermont militias, government of Vermont flees southward.
December 8th: Generals Drummond and McDonald meet in northern Massachusetts.

January 22nd: Battle of Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts between Anglo-Canadians under Drummond and McDonald and Americans under Zebulon Pike, death of Zebulon Pike in battle.
January-March: Canadian militias come down from northern New York, Anglo-Canadians lay siege to Boston.
March 24th: Fall of Boston, city burned to the ground by Anglo-Canadian Army. Begging of the “End Times Era”.
April 22nd: Battle of New York, Anglo-Canadian Army defeated by Union-Southron armies.
Late April: Anglo-Canadian army retreats along the New York-Pennsylvania border. Jut southward into Pennsylvania.
May 2nd: Anglo-Canadian Army defeated at Battle of Clarion. Drummond and McDonald retreat to Canada.
May 14th: Arthur Wellesley captured in Ireland and made prisoner, Ireland under Allied occupation. British Theatre of the war over.
May 16th: Kingdom of Ireland and Republic of Wales declare independence. Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Naples and Sicily, the Two Sicilies, made King of Ireland. His daughter Zénaïde made Queen of the Two Sicilies. Braith Nash made first Prince-President of Wales.
May 29th: Franco-Allied soldiers begin invasion of Canada. Southron and RU armies soon follow.
August 12th: McDonald captured by Allied Army and executed by RU Army for War Crimes.
October 20th: Republic of Scotland declared independent.
December 18th: Last Anglo-Canadian armies defeated by Allies. Canadian Theatre of War over.
December 25th (Christmas Day): End of the War of 1812 and the Great Wars of the Empire (Napoleonic Wars). Pax Napoleonica begins. French Empire annexes Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands.
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Heres a list of RU states up until the World War. Listed are the states and abbreviations, capitals and dates of admission, in that order. Don'y worry guys, I'll try and write/post something more narrative based soon. :D

  • 1. Massachusetts-MA (including OTL's Maine): Boston: January 22nd, 1805
  • 2. Rhode Island-RI: Providence: January 22nd, 1805
  • 3. Connecticut-CT: Harford: January 22nd, 1805
  • 4. Delaware-DE: Dover: January 22nd, 1805
  • 5. New Hampshire-NH: Concord: January 22nd, 1805
  • 6. New Jersey-NJ: Trenton: January 22nd, 1805
  • 7. New York-NY: Albany: January 22nd, 1805
  • 8. Pennsylvania-PA: Harrisburg: January 22nd, 1805
  • 9. Iowai-IW (OTL's Illinois and Indiana): Shicagwa (OTL’s Chicago): January 1st, 1825
  • 10. Nova Scotia-NS: Halifax: October 12th, 1826:
  • 11. Michigania-MI (OTL's eastern Michigan): Oshkosh (OTL’s Detroit): May 30th, 1830
  • 12. Chersonesus-CS (OTL's Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula and northern Minnesota): Crawford (OTL’s Madison, named after Willard Crawford): September 16th, 1830
  • 13. Vermont-VT: Burlington: May 20th, 1898
  • 14. East Lewisiana-EL (roughly OTL's Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and parts of eastern Kansas) : New Shicagwa (formerly New Orleans): January 5th, 1902
  • 15. West Lewisiana-WL (roughly OTL's Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of Colorado and New Mexico): Pershing (OTL’s Oklahoma City, originally Ville de Bonaparte IITL): April 11th, 1902
  • 16. North Dakota-ND (roughly OTL's Minnesota, the Dakotas, eastern Montana and parts of southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta): Custer (OTL's Fargo): July 1st, 1902
  • 17. South Dakota-SD (roughly OTL's Iowa, Nebraska and parts of Wyoming): Monkstown (formerly Des Moines): August 31st, 1902
  • 18. Oregon (OTL's Montana, parts of Idaho and Colorado and parts of southern Alberta and British Columbia): Idaho Falls: October 20th, 1903
  • 19. Guatemala-GT: Guatemala City: March 27th, 1905
  • 20. Honduras-HD (including OTL's Costa Rica): Silver City (formerly Tegucigalpa): June 14th, 1905
  • 21. Nicaragua-NI (including OTL's Nicaragua): Waterville (formerly Managua): September 24th, 1905
  • 22. Panama-PN: Panama City: November 25th, 1905
  • 23. Hawaii-HI: Hawaii City (formerly Honolulu): December 1st, 1905
  • 24. Texas-TX: Goodyear (OTL’s Austin, formerly Cuidad Santa Anna IITL): January 10th, 1910
  • 25. Korea-KR: Metropolis (formerly Seoul): April 28th, 1915
  • 26: North Mexico-NM: MacArthur (formerly Hermosillo, named after General Arthur MacArthur): April 1st, 1922
  • 27. Durango-DR: Durango City (formerly Victoria de Durango): July 26th, 1922
  • 28. South Mexico-SM: Mexico City: October 15th, 1922
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Heres more of the timeline, the rest of the 19th century......

February: Gordon Drummond flees to British India. RU angered they could not execute him.
March 26th: Construction of Fort Scotia begins in volatile area of Scotland close to Ireland.
April 2nd: Ralph Abercomby becomes first president of Scotland.
April 3rd-July 22nd: Hundred Days; Arthur Wellesley escapes from Irish prison and with other officers plots to peacefully overthrow King William IV. Wellesley defeated by Williamite troops at Waterly on July 22nd, captured by Franco-Irish troops and imprisoned in Falklands.
November 23rd: King William IV abdicates the throne of England, his cousin Edward VII “the puppet” becomes King, proves subservient to French.

February 25th: Bombay Principality established by France in India.
April: France sends expeditions into Sikh Empire.

June: Maratha Confederacy conquered by British East India Company.
July: Muslims and Mughal remnants in India submit to France, Franco-Sihk War begins.
August 16th: City of Shicagwa officially founded.

April 2nd: Brazilian mob storms Brazil government headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, mob massacred by Swiss mercenaries, marital law declared in Republic of Brazil by Napoleon.
May 24th: Queen Victoria born to King Edward VIII and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.
June: 25 year-old Edward Everett becomes Deacon of the AFC church in Boston.
July 1st: Aaron Burr III, son of Theodore Burr and grandson of Aaron Burr II, born.

January 20th: American Fundamentalist Christian Church officially established by Reverend Aaron Burr II, each individual AFC Church given number.
April: Civil disorder in Republic of Brazil ends.
May 1st: Fort Scotia completed.
August 2nd: Death of Arthur Wellesly of arsenic poisoning and stomach cancer in the Falklands/Malouines.
October 8th: Irish-Catholics attack ACF Church in Boston, five killed, 30% of Church burned down. Construction begins almost immediately on new Cathedral.

The RU government begins tricking improvised Europeans, mostly Catholics and Orthodox Eastern Europeans, to come to the RU for a better life. However, these immigrants end up in factories earning nothing and becoming forced laborers, "New Slavery" begins.

September: Prison castles built in Ohio region of Pennsylvania for nonconformist and rebellious immigrant workers, birth of Ohio Country "Reeducation Camps."

August: British East India Company holdouts in Bengal surrender to French.
September 1st: Maratha Confederacy re-established as French puppet state.
October: Bhutan becomes French puppet state.

February 20th: Cuban Revolution begins.
July 5th: Cuba declares independence from Spain. Cuba blockaded by Virginian/Carolinian ships.
July 5th-October 15th: The World Congress of Vienna; RU, wanting all of Canada, given only Nova Scotia, Finland becomes independent Duchy due to Russo-Swedish conflict, territorial exchanges in India, Africa, Asia and elsewhere, Principality of Hyderabad established by France on July 27th, Australia officially divided between France and Holland, Holland given sovereignty over Malay Archipelago, Frederick Augustus I, King of Saxony and Grand Duke of Warsaw, made Grand Prince of Finland.
October 31st: Explosion of RVS Madison. Southron nations at war with Spain, Southron ships attack and invade Havana.
November 2nd: Republic of Cuba established as Virginian puppet state. Cuban Revolution ends.

April 13th: Spanish-Allied War begins over unpaid Spanish debts. French troops invade Spain through Andorra. Armies from all over French-allied Europe soon follow.
April 29th: Dutch crush Spanish at Battle of La Coruna.
May 9th: Gran Columbia declares independence from Spain. French Navy provides assistance.
May 18th: Dutch invade Philippines.
May 20th: Austrians assault Gibraltar.
May 27th: Spanish abandon Portuguese provinces to reinforce Madrid.
June 8th: Ferdinand VII, last Bourbon King of Spain, commits suicide. Spanish-Allied War ends, France and her allies begin occupation Spain.
June 15th: Napoleon II made King of Spain, Empire of Spain established, restoration of pre-1809 Portuguese borders.
October 23rd: Confederated Empire of Mexico established by Augustin de Intrubide, the so-called "Mexican Napoleon".
October 27th: Augustin de Intrubide declares himself Emperor Augustin I of Mexico.
November 12th: Mexican Republic of Panama declared by Columbian radicals.

Meinrad Beutel publishes The Anarchist Way. Ideology of Buetelism founded (comparable to what would be called Anarcho-Communism IOTL).
January 1st (New Year's Day): Slavery officially abolished in RU.
February-April: Franco-Georgian armies invade Mexican Texas. Intervention doesn't last long due to Mexican disapproval.
June 28th: Franco-Brazilian armies invade Argentina.
July 2nd: Mexican soldiers begin fighting Spanish loyalists in Gran Colombia.
September 25th: Agustin I declares himself absolute leader of Mexico, declares Mexican Empire stretching from Panama to Texas and California. Franco-Mexican Land Race begins.

August 1st: Argentina made French colony.
October 6th: Argentine revolutionary Jose de San Martin executed by Franco-Brazilian soldiers.

April 7th: Texan Civil War begins between Mexican loyalists and Texan separatists, the latter led by militia leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.
June 21st: Battle of the Alamo between Mexican and Texan armies. Battle ends in Mexican victory, Santa Anna flees.
June 30th: Republic of Peru declared independent in Lima, General Antonio Jose Estevez first President.
July 4th: Georgia intervenes in Texan Civil War.
July 21st: Texan Civil War ends. Texas declared independent from Mexico.
November 1st: AFC Cathedral in Boston completed after ten years of re-construction.

February 2nd: Republic of Chile declared.
September 29th: Gran Colombian war of independence ends.
November 23rd: Peru annexes short-lived Republic of Chile.

April 20th: Democratic-Republic of Texas established, Santa Anna first Prime Minister.
July 1st-October 20th: World Congress of 1832 in Berlin; Friedrich Wilhelm III proposes to Maria Augusta of Saxony, Poland and Finland in effort to gain more land/power for Prussia, new inventions including first light-bulbs (Glühbirnes), and the train Eisenbahn Prinz Wilhelm displayed at newly-built Königin Louise Hall of Glass, Eisenbahn Affair over train plans allegedly stolen from Charles Goodyear by the Prussians at the 1826 Congress, RU unsuccessfully attempts to gain land in Canada, South American matters debated, French agree to send more support to King Edward VII of England, new trade routes in Dutch Asia, Dutch invasion of Indochina approved, African matters debated, France allowed land in Saharan Africa, Prussia allowed land in sub-Saharan Africa, United Empire of Brazil and Rio de la Plata established.
October 1st: Green Mountain War begins; RU invades French puppet state of Vermont. Virginian-born Union general James K. Polk commands invasion force.
November 1st: Green Mountain Republican Army defeated by Union army. Vermont militias establish Skull and Bones society, begins brutal guerrilla war against Union.

January, 1833: End of Green Mountain War, Skull and Bones Society banned, but continues to be problem for years.
October: Charles Goodyear publishes, Plans for Rapid and Stable Industrial Growth and the Maximization of Profit, calling for large scale use of immigrant labor to further industrialize the Republican Union.
November: Charles Goodyear brought before RU Inter-State Committee to discuss how to institute his ideas proposed his aforementioned tome.
December: Charles Goodyear moves to Shicagwa to set up his businesses.

January 5th: Napoleon I dies in Paris, allegedly the victim of an anarchist poisoning.
January 21st: Hessian Anarchist Wilhelm Lukas Hofmeister, Napoleon I’s former butler and servant, arrested by Parisian police for assassination of Napoleon I.
January 22nd: All known anarchists in Paris imprisoned, ethnic Hessians monitored by French secret police, lynching of anarchists begins across Europe.
January 25th: Hofmeister dies in custody, Parisian police and French Army begin inspection of rooftops based on Hofmeister’s last words.
February-August: Serbian Famine.
February 18th: Coronation Plot; Coronation and attempted assassination of Napoleon II by Army Private Tristan Langlais, Napoleon II injured in right leg, Langlais shot dead by Imperial Guard, Paris put under martial law by Paris Police and Imperial Army, Foundation of future European Totalitarianism.
Spring-Summer: Charles Goodyear, the “Caesar of Shicagwa”, launches wave of new companies from Shicagwa, hires mercenary armies to keep order, continued growth of the “New Slavery”.

March 22nd: Kaiser Franz of Austria dies in Vienna, Napoleon II named heir to Austrian throne due to influence of French Dowager Caesarina Marie Louise over Kaiser Franz, Archduke Franz Karl enraged, Civil War in Austria imminent.
April 28th: Napoleon II and Franco-Spanish-Swiss army marches into Vienna. Archduke Franz Karl and Prinz von Metternich meet with Napoleon II. Second treaty of Vienna signed, Austria-Hungary/Austro-Hungarian Empire established, Franz Karl allowed to become Emperor of AH, plans for dynastic union between France and Austria-Hungary, Austria-Hungary becomes subservient to France as result. Prince Ferdinand, original heir to Kaiser Franz, disinherited of throne.
October 28th: Friedrich-Wilhelmsville (OTL's Libreville, Gabon) founded by Prussian colonists.

October 13th: Neue Berlin (OTL's Port Gentil, Gabon) founded by Prussian colonists.
December 25th: Christmas Day Massacre in Shicagwa; striking employees working on new town hall massacred by Goodyear’s private armies.

Drogomir’s Cabin published in Virginia, becomes best seller in Southron nations, banned in RU.
May 15th: Charles Goodyear given title of “Colonel” by RU government.
June 1st: Colonel Goodyear enterprises established.
July 4th: Begging of World Congress of 1838 in Paris, assassination of Kaiser Karl and Kasierien Sophie of Austria by Dutch anarchist Fons Elbert Spijker, who had intended to kill Napoleon II and his fiancée Eugenie.
August 2nd: Napoleon II and Eugenie marry, adopt Hapsburg children, United Empire of France and Spain/Franco-Spanish Empire established. World Congress cancelled and disbanded in future.
August 20th: Third Treaty of Vienna signed between Napoleon II and Regent of Austria-Hungary Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, Napoleon III, when taking the throne, to become monarch of Austria-Hungary, adding it to his empire. Radetzky von Radetz loyal to Bonapartes.
October 16th-October 19th: Goodyear Carriage Company Strike in Shicagwa.
December 3rd: Meinrad Beutel executed by Rheinish government.

April 19th: Aaron Burr II dies in Philadelphia at the age of 83. Theodore Burr succeeds his father as "Reverend-Colonel" of the AFC.
April 20th-December 20th: Burr Monument built in Boston.
May 3rd: Greek protesters massacred by Ottoman Turks.
August 14th: Napoleon III born in Paris.
December 5th: George Armstrong Custer born in New Rumely, in the Ohio region of Pennsylvania.

January: End of Pacific land race between Mexico and France. By this point, Mexico owns California while Russia owns Alyaska, both blocking French from Pacific. Tensions continue between France and Mexico.
July: French troops sent to Franco-Mexican border to protect Louisianan trailblazers from Mexican bandits. Louisianans resentful over having to house French soldiers.
September 21st-September 29th: Goodyear Rail Company Riots in Shicagwa.
October 10th: Beginning of Greek Revolt.
December 21st: Princess Victoria of England marries Prince Alexander of Russia.

April 14th: Republican Union Military Police (RUMP) established to fight gang wars between Protestant Americans and Irish and Slavic immigrants, corrupt William J. Worth made first head of RUMP.
April-December: RUMP begins collaborating with Goodyear’s "Company Men", begins running tabs on immigrants, birth of police state in Republican Union.
May 20th: Theodore Burr resigns as Reverend-Colonel of AFC, goes into politics. Edward Everett becomes Reverend-Colonel of AFC.
June 28th: Laâyoune/El Aaiún founded by Franco-Spanish colonists.
September 30th: Cape Napoleon (OTL's Cape Bojador) founded by Franco-Spanish colonists.
October 29th: Mad Czar Victor born to Prince Alexander and Princess Victoria of Russia in St. Petersburg.
November 21st: Neue Potsdam (OTL's Doula, Cameroon) founded by Prussian colonists.

Beginning of colonial and imperial rivalry known as "Great Game" between Franco-Spanish and Prussian Empires, mostly in Africa, but also in Asia and other regions.
June 13th: Von Zietensville (OTL's Beua, Cameroon) founded by Prussian colonists.
October 14th: Stadt von Afrika (OTL's Omboue, Gabon) founded by Prussian colonists.

September: Telegraph perfected by Virginian inventor Henry Wilson.

January 5th: First telegraph message, "What Hath God Wrought", sent from Newport News, Virginia in Wilson Code.
May: First talkiebox (radio) invented in Atlanta, Georgia.
June 15th: Colonel Goodyear Enterprises Workplace Security Force (CGEWSF) established.
October 4th: Greek citizen tries to assassinate Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I. Greek Civil War begins.

January 14th: Greek general Lavrentios Marinos storms Athens and sets up new Greek republican government, Balkan Wars officially begin in Ottoman Greece.
February: Republican Union, Prussia, Denmark-Norway and Kingdom of Italy send support in form of weapons, armies, navies etc. to Greece.

RU adopts Roman Military symbols and philosophy.
September 2nd: New Aarhus founded by Danish colonists in the Nigeria region.
October 19th: “Battle of Chattanooga” between Georgian and Carolinian surveyors in West Carolina, war averted.

Roman Salute first adopted by RU.
RU army adopts Roman style aquilae, or aquilas.
February 13th: Lord Randolph Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough, born in London, England.
May 28th: Death of Charles Felix I of Sardinia. Prince Ferdinand of Austria becomes King Ferdinand I of Sardinia, House of Hapsburg-Savoy born.
August 12th: Franco-Spanish Empire begins invasion of Ottoman puppet state of Algeria.
November 14th: Treaty of Oran, Algeria annexed by France-Spain as a colony.

January 1st (New Year's Day): Balkan Wars; Romanian revolution against Ottomans begins.
January 5th: Georgia annexes West Florida Republic.
February 11th: Balkan Wars; Bulgarian revolution against Ottomans begins.
March 2nd: Balkan Wars; Albanian revolution against Ottomans begins.
June 30th: Balkan Wars; Macedonian revolution against Ottomans begins.
July 11th: Balkan Wars; Serbian revolution against Ottomans begins.
August 2nd: Balkan Wars; Montenegrin revolution against Ottomans begins.
October 12th: Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia dies. Prussian Empire established with coronation of Wilhelm I, uniting the crowns of Prussia, Saxony, Poland and Finland. Prussia poised to become an up and coming world power.
October 25th: The Confederation of the Rhine, a.k.a. the Rheinbund, reformed with increase in power and stronger government, Prince Francis Joseph becomes Kaiser Franz Joseph of the Rheinbund.
October 27th: Prince Maximilien made King Massimiliano I of Italy.
October 30th: Prince Charles Louis made King Charles Louis of Andorra.
December 22nd: Sovereign Vatican State established in the city of Rome.

March 29th: Macedonia annexed by Greek Republic.
October 6th: Lodewijksville, future capital of South Africa, founded by Boer leader Andries Pretorius.

August 16th-December 5th: Prussian explorer August Kappler makes his first expedition down the Congo River.

February 14th: St. Valentine’s Day massacre in Shicagwa; CGEWSF forces under Commander Abraham Aaron Lincoln massacre rioting workers.

April 23rd: Balkan Wars end due to impending revolution in Constantinople (Istanbul). New Eastern European nations granted independence.
April 30th: Kingdom of Romania established, King Simion I first monarch.
May 8th: Kingdom of Bulgaria established, Tsar Timotei I first monarch.
June 1st: Kingdom of Albania established, Joakim I first monarch.
June 14th: Serbian Republic established.
July 5th: Albania annexes Montenegro, United Kingdom of Albania and Montenegro established.
September: An adolescent George Armstrong Custer joins Edward Everret on his AFC revivals.
September 20th: Newport News Telegraph Company begins telegraph wiring of Virginia with support of Virginian government and army.

January 11th: The undeclared California War begins between France-Spain and Mexico over a number of border disputes and other tensions in Mexican California.
February: First trains come to Virginia.
November 16th: France occupies most of California.

The political ideology of Fascism born in the revanchist Republican Union.
January 18th-November 30th: Willard Crawford Monument built in Philadelphia Harbor.
February 10th: California War ended between France-Spain and Mexico, France-Spain annexes California as colony.
June 30th: Serbian Republic overthrown by General Ivan Radovan Ateljević, Kingdom of Serbia established with King Ivan as first monarch.
July 2nd-August 10th: Louisiana Tax Riots in French Louisiana.
July 26th: Paul Octave Hébert arrests French soldiers who fired on rioting civilians during Tax Riots. Paris announces Herbert arrested for treason, more riots brake out as result.
September 28th: The Knights of the Golden Circle, a pro-slavery Louisianan reform organization, founded by Paul Octave Hébert in New Orleans, French Louisiana.
October: George Armstrong Custer begins serving as an evangelist for the AFC.
October 27th: Theodore Roosevelt born in Manhattan, NYC, New York.

July 12th: The Colony of Dutch South Africa established, Lodewijksville capital, Andries Pretorius first governor.
October 19th: Death of Emperor Agustin I of Mexico. Mexico almost immediately descends into civil war.
October 28th: Napoleon IV born in Paris.

March 19th: William Jennings Bryan born in Salem, Iowai.
April: George Armstrong Custer joins RU Army at age 20.
September 18th: Napoleon II issues Emancipation Proclamation, banning slavery in the Tripartite Empire, including Louisiana, Brazil and Saint Domingue. KGC radicalized into revolutionary group as a result.
October 9th: Leonard Wood born in Winchester, New Hampshire.
October 22nd: KGC under “Grand Master” Hébert seizes New Orleans.
October 25th: Emergency Congress of Louisiana called, Hébert elected Chancellor. French Navy of Caribbean blockades New Orleans, French soldiers in northern Louisiana march south to confront rebellion, First Louisiana Rebellion begins.

January 13th: French government offers Louisiana becomes satellite Kingdom. KGC refuses.
February 11th: French government offers Louisiana become satellite Kingdom again, but with ten year manumission period. KGC refuses again.
April 18th: Emergency Congress declares Republic of Louisiana, Hébert made President.
April 29th: Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard appointed head of all Imperial soldiers in Louisiana.
May 17th: PGT Beauregard and his army crosses Pearl River, sails across Lake Pontchartrain.
May 18th: PGT Beauregard and his army begin besieging New Orleans. Battle of Tallulah, Hébert’s mansion raised by Franco-Spanish and Swiss troops, companies of Louisianan militia routed.
September, 1861: Disappearance and assumed death of Prussian explorer August Kappler during his second expedition down the Congo River.
October: New Orleans starving, besieging and blockade continues. Northern Louisiana firmly in French control.
November 12th: French Army of Canada, assisted by Sioux raiders, meets up with Beauregard’s army. New Orleans stormed by French armies, Emergency Congress and KGC members arrested. Hébert smuggled into Republican Union.

October: RU General George Armstrong Custer leaves Philadelphia, moves to Shicagwa.

March: Custer resigns from the military, joins Army Reserve and founds Custer's Company, a private-army/mercenary force inspired by CGEWSF, with his brothers Tom and Boston.
May 20th: Charles Goodyear II born in Shicagwa, Iowai.
June, 1865: Custer’s Company begins patrolling rural areas of RU and rounding up so-called “inferiors” into ghettos and reeducation camps in the Ohio region of Pennsylvania.
November 2nd: Warren Gamaliel Harding born in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania.
November 4th: Czar Nicholas I of Russia dies, Alexander II becomes Czar, mentally insane Viktor, inheriting said insanity from his maternal Hanoverian ancestors, becomes Crown Prince.
December 25th (Christmas Day): Custer’s Company grows to 2,000 soldiers.

June 23rd: A.A. Lincoln becomes Head of the RU Military Police upon the death of William J. Worth.
June 27th: A.A. Lincoln gives “Our Struggle” speech in Shicagwa.

October 10th: Theodore Burr dies in Philadelphia.

September 12th: Russian Empire abolishes Serfdom.

Custer’s Company grows to 8,000 men.
January 1st (New Year’s Day): American Standard Dictionary 1870 edition published and defines for first time, “Betters of Society” and “Inferiors of Society”, birth of Union Caste System.
March: Sioux insurgency against French Louisiana begins.
April 27th: Constriction begins on Citadel of Columbia near Georgetown, Maryland (OTL site of Washington D.C.).
July 12th: Moscow Opera House Bombing, Prince Nicholas and Prince Alexander of Russia killed. Anarchists blamed, Mad Prince Viktor actual mastermind.

July 4th: Calvin Coolidge born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont Territory, RU.

May 6th-October 28th: France-Spain begins military expedition in Horn of Africa, conquers much of northern Somali Emirates and Yemeni islands of Socotra.
November 1st: Sicilian soldiers under Giuseppe Garibaldi, with the help of French and Swiss regiments, invade Swahili city states, Sicilian-Swahili War begins.

January 3rd: Italian-Swahili War ends, Sicily annexes Swahili city states.
April: Prussia begins colonizing what would become the colony of Kaiser Wilhemsland.
November 30th: Winston Churchill born to Lord Randolph Churchill and Jenny Jerome, an American-born fascist sympathizer, in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England.

April-November: Congo River Basin land colonized by Prussian Empire.
May: Tom Custer and Boston Custer retire from Custer’s Company and begin living as rich men in Oshkosh, Michiginia (OTL's Detroit, Michigan).
July: Rules of popular new sport of Baseball defined at the "Hoboken Committee" in Hoboken, NJ, RU.

January 3rd: Princess Catherine Romanov, only child of Prince Viktor, born in St. Petersburg.
January 30th: Citadel of Columbia completed.
August 26th: Death of Elizabeth “Libbie” Bacon Custer, G.A. Custer’s wife, in childbirth. Custer never remarries, but continues to have affairs and wedlocked children with multiple women.

December 24th: Napoleon V born.

January 4th-June 10th: Hoboken Park, the worlds first baseball stadium, built in Hoboken, NJ, RU.
February 20th: Prince Lucien Bonaparte, a Sicilian member of the House of Bonaparte, becomes Pope thanks to his family connections, taking the name Sixtus VI.
April 2nd: Thomas Alva Edison, former CGE employee, forms Edison Electric Light Company of Newark in aforementioned city in New Jersey.
July 16th: The Hoboken A's play their first game in Hoboken Park against the Shicagwa Bears, A's win 8 to 7.
October 12th: Thomas Edison returns to GCE, made CEO of Colonel Goodyear Air, a division of GCE, in an effort to help Goodyear invent an "airship".
December 18: Ioseb Jugashvilli born in the inferior slums of Shicagwa. "Officially" Joseph Custer Steele, originally Micheal Custer, is born somewhere in Shicagwa to unknown parents.
December 25th (Christmas Day): As the "official story" goes, a week old child is found on the steps of Custer's mansion in Shicagwa. He adopts the child as his son and names him Micheal Custer.

August 26th: Philadelphia Yankees Baseball team established.
December 28th: Custer, accompanied by members of his company wearing white hoods resembling dead Revolutionary War soldiers punishing inferiors, rapes and kills the mother of Ioseb Jugashvilli, unsuccessfully attempts to kill his father Besarion, and kidnaps one-year old Ioseb, renaming him Micheal Custer, in order to have an son and heir.

July 27th: Zulu tribes massacre defenseless Boer caravan, Lodewijskville government outraged.
August 2nd: Dutch-Zulu War begins.

April 28th: Dutch-Zulu War; Battle of New Gronignen, climactic Dutch victory over last Zulu outpost.
May 20th: New Gronignen (OTL's Durban) founded by Afrikaner settlers and Dutch army over aforementioned battle site.
October 1st: Prussian colony of Kaiser Wilhelmsland established. Colonial capital of Port Wilhelmsland (OTL's Walvis Bay) also founded.

September 28th: Construction begins on Luanda-Maputo Railroad in Portuguese Middle Africa.

May 8th: Veteran American actor Harry Truman born in Crawford, Chersonesus (OTL's Madison, Wisconsin).
July 4th: Slavery is banned in Virginia, and by extension the Republic of Cuba, by President John Pope thanks to campaigning by Burgess Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson I.
September 30th: George Armstrong Custer, still head of Custer's Company, announces his intention to go into politics.
October 16th: Galvin Gilchrist Greer born in Dundee, Scotland.

May 28th: Slavery banned in Maryland.
July 4th: Manifest Destiny Party (MDP) founded in Philadelphia by George Armstrong Custer.
December 24th: Flight of the Edward Everret Airship, the first successful Airship flight in history, witnesses include Charles Goodyear I, Charles Goodyear II, First Chief Consul James G. Blaine, Thomas Edison and Rheinsh inventor and ambassador to the Republican Union Rudolf Diesel.
December 25th (Christmas Day): At midnight, the Edward Everret flights over Philadelphia

June: Prussian colonists in the Congo first come into conflict with Msiri and the Yeke kingdom of the Katangaland.
September 23rd: Dominic III of Ireland born in Dublin, Ireland.

December: Virginian author, humorist and politician Samuel Clemens publishes "The Emperor's Folly", an essay critical of European Imperialism.

Italian Senegal completely colonized with finalized borders.
February 1st: Stars and Bars flag of Virginia adopted.

April 20th: Adolf Von Brunau born in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria, to Alois Von Brunau, a civil servant and retired general.
June: Prussian colonial army and Portuguese volunteers under Rudolf Carl von Slatin conquer Yeke Kingdom, Msiri killed in his capital of Bunyeka, Katangaland subsequently colonized by Prussians and Portuguese.
July: Custer begins his campaign under the MDP for the office of First Chief Consul of the RU. William Jennings Bryan becomes his right hand man and running mate for the office of Second Chief Consul.

March 5th: Shicagwa University students Calvin Coolidge and Englishman Winston Churchill, 17 and 15 respectively, attend an MDP Rally at the Shicagwa Colosseum. Both men are inspired by the rally, which includes speeches by MDP bigwigs William Jennings Bryan and Party spokesman Warren G. Harding, especially Churchill, who becomes interested in politics as a result of said rally.
July 13th: Tsar Alexander II of Russia dies, Mad Czar Viktor becomes Czar of Russia. Pogroms against Jews begin almost immediately.
September 10th: Georgia under Prime Minister John B. Gordon declares the importation of new and selling of old slaves illegal.
November 3rd: Border between Prussian Kaiser Wilhelmsland and Dutch South Africa finalized between Prussia and Holland.
December 10th: Consular elections begin in RU, G.A. Custer/W.J. Bryan of MDP and Aaron Burr III/Andrew Wilkes of Burrite Party are main contenders, election heated.
December 23rd: A.A. Lincoln announces Aaron Burr III as winner of election at Independence Hall. Custer furious, storms out and refuses to recognize Burr as winner.
December 23rd-December 31st (New Year’s Eve): Riots brake out in a number of major RU cities over result of elections.

January 1st (New Year’s Day): Custer declares himself “anti-consul”, begins “March on Philedelphia” with Blueshirts and members of Custer’s Company and battles Burrite loyalists. Custerites storm Domed Palace, Aaron Burr III and Andrew Wilkes captured. Burr imprisoned and revealed by Custer to be extremely corrupt, as Custer had actually won the election.
January 3rd: A.A. Lincoln killed by gunshot wound. Anarchists to blame, actually Custer's goons. Custer’s goons murder other government officials around this time as well.
January 4th: Hiram Grant, a local tavern owner, businessman and staunch Burritte, is killed, “officially” suicide by hanging. Anarchists again to blame, actually Custer’s goons again.
January 15th: Custer becomes First Chief Council of the Republican Union.
January 22nd: William Jennings Bryan becomes Second Chief Consul of the Republican Union. All Burrites imprisoned by this point.
March 25th: New RU constitution adopted, Custer’s Company reforms into the Office of Racial and Religious Affairs (ORRA).
May 6th: Imperial-Abyssinian War begins after months of skirmishing between French and Abyssinian troops around Somalia.
August 29th: French Foreign Legion, and Imperial infantry and artillery units begin bombardment of Addis Ababa, Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia surrenders, Imperial-Abbysinian War ends.
September 3rd: Abbysinia made protectorate of Franco-Spanish Empire.
November 8th: Border between Franco-Spanish North-East Africa and the Prussian Congo agreed as being portion of Nile River under Khedive of Egypt.

The ORRA’s aeroforce begins patrolling RU-French Canadian border, as well the borders of the Southron nations and French Louisiana.
August 29th: Fourth-Russo Persian War begins when Russian Imperial Army, on Mad Czar Viktor’s orders, invades Persia. Campaign of genocide and scorched earth tactics begins.
September 24th: Tripolitanian War begins between alliance of the Two Sicilies and Sardinia, seeking to annex the Ottoman Barbary States, and the Ottoman Empire.
October 19th: Greece under aging Chief Citizen Marinos enters Tripolitanian War on the side of the Sicilians and Sardinians, creating new “Triple Alliance”.
November 18th: Queen Victoria dies in Buckingham Palace in London, Mad Czar Viktor poised to be King of England.
December 2nd: National Republican Congress meets in London under Lord Randolph Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough, to establish English Republic, asks for support from Napoleon II, who says he will give it.

January 24th: Commonwealth/Republic of England declared by Churchill and Republican Congress in London. Victorite loyalists attempt to storm Congress but fail.
January 25th: France-Spain sends its North Atlantic fleet into the Kattegat to blockade Russia, Swedish Navy joins blockade, Standoff commences between Franco-Spanish-Swedish and Russian navies, Czar Viktor at a standstill.
April: France-Spain sends reinforcements to Triple Alliance armies in Barbary states, more successes emerge for Triple Alliance as a result.
May 1st: Standoff between the navies continues, officers of the Russian Imperial Army storm Winter Palace and depose Mad Czar Viktor, shooting him twenty times/killing him in his bedroom. Pictures taken of bloodied bedroom and the Czar’s cadaver in civilian clothing for propaganda purposes. Russian military declares they are launching full coup and military junta.
May 14th: Russian Czarists announce counter revolution in Karelia centered on 17-year old Princess Catherine. Fighting between Czarist and Juntaist forces in the region continues for a year.
May 20th: Princess Catherine flees to Prussia and renounces claims to Russian throne.
June: Tear gas invented by Goodyear Chemical Company (CCC).
August 8th: Khedive Isma'il Pasha of Egypt, fearing subjugation at the hands of the Triple Alliance, declares Egypt independent from Ottoman suzerainty.
September: Tunis and most of Tripolitania occupied by Triple Alliance.
October 10th: Slavery abolished in the Republic of Georgia.
October 17th: Treaty of Malta signed, end of Tripolitanian War. Tunis made Sardinian colony, Tripolitanian regions split between Two Sicilies and Greece.
October 20th: Russian Junta offers Princess Catherine Romanov ceremonial and hereditary title of Prime Minister alongside elected President.
December 1st: Catherine Romanov accepts Junta’s offer of becoming Prime Minister.

May 1st: Catherine Romanov arrives in St. Petersburg. Russian Republic established, 18 year-old Catherine Romanov given ceremonial title of Prime Minister, Aleksey Kuropatkin made first President, fighting ends in Karelia.
July: The term "The Great Game", referring to the Franco-Spanish-Prussian colonial rivalry, first coined by English writer, journalist and politician J.R. Kipling.
August: A number of Ottoman generals meet in secret to discuss how to prevent further Ottoman decline, talks of coup, generals agree to bide time.
September: Contribution begins on Philadelphia Grand Ballpark, "the House that Custer Built".
December 24th (Christmas Eve/Remembrance Day): A 16 year-old Michael Custer delivers his first speech on behalf of the MDP.

January 1st (New Year's Day): Mobster John Edgar Hoover born in Georgetown, Maryland.
January 2nd: Treaty of Samarkand signed, Russo-Persian War officially ended, Persia economically ruined by the war.
January 9th: Persian Shah Naser al-Din Shah Qajar assassinated by disgruntled and insane Persian soldier.
March 2nd: Isma'il I of Egypt dies. His son, but 21 years-old, becomes Sultan-Emperor Abbas I of Egypt.
June: Protests/riots begin in major Arab cities of the Ottoman Empire, protesters mostly Arabs and Christians.
July 27th: Slavery abolished in CoCaro under Chancellor Nathan Bedford Forrest.
October 28th: Queen Liliʻuokalani deposed by Hawaiian Army.
December 25th (Christmas Day): A 17 year-old Michael Custer, while on his beat as military policeman in the ghettos of Shicagwa, meets his biological father Besarion Jugashvili. Besarion tells Michael his real name and the truth behind his real family and Custer’s kidnapping of him. Michael Custer does not believe Besarion and kills him. After discovering that Besarion was telling the truth by finding a photo of him as an infant with his parents, Michael, a sociopath and spoiled brat, does not care, destroying the photo and any and all evidence of his true identity.
December 29th: Charles Goodyear I's 95th birthday is celebrated.

Spring: Arab-Christian riots and rebellions put down by Ottoman Army.
July 20th: Merina Kingdom in Madagascar made Imperial Protectorate.
July 21st: Madasgcar split between Franco-Spanish and Prussian Empires, northern half Franco-Spanish protectorate, southern half annexed by Prussia.
September 6th: Napoleon II dies at the age of 85. Napoleon III becomes Caesar, Tripartite Empire of France, Spain and Austria-Hungary established.
October 12th: Coronation of Napoleon III.
October 14th: Maxwell "Max" Cross, the legendary American actor, is born in Columbus, Pennsylvania.
November 2nd: Death of Greek Chief Citizen Lavrenitos Marinos, power struggle between generals begins in Greece.
November 19th: The Luanda-Maputo Railroad completed.

January 1st (New Year's Day): The Luanda-Maputo Railroad is opened in Portuguese Middle-Africa, connecting the Eastern and Western coasts of the African continent.
January 15th: Explosion and sinking of RUS Titania, Battle of the Gulf of Mosquito between American and Mexican navies. Custer and RU government blames Mexico for attack on Titania, actually false flag operation staged by Custer to justify war against Mexico.
January 18th: RU declares war on Confederated Empire of Mexico, First Mexican American War begins. RU armies begin storming Tampico, Cozumel and Panama.
February: Mexican Army driven out of Central America by RU Army.
April: Leon, Teotihuacan, and Pueblo under RU army under General Nelson A. Miles.
June: RU Long range guns begin firing on Mexico City.
July 4th: General Miles begins attack on Mexico City, RU Army enters city, mass executions of Mexican government.
July 8th: Mexico City under full American control.
August 1st: Mexican Republic established as Union puppet state.
August 8th: Treaty of San Antonio; First Mexican-American War ends, Central America annexed by RU and broken up into military districts, Mexico made American puppet state. Popularity of RU government skyrockets back at home.
August 15th: George Washington VIII born in Richmond, Virginia to General and socialite George Washington VII.
October 1st: Construction begins by the RU government on the Panama Canal.
October 29th: Joseph "Joey" Goebbels is born in Boston, Massachusetts, RU, the son of crypto-Catholic immigrants from the Rheinbund.

January: Egypt under young Sultan-Emperor Abbas I begins a major series of reforms in the government, civil service, city infrastructure and public works of Egypt.
April 18th: General Stathis Raptis becomes Chief Citizen of Greece, begins violently purging rivals.
June 6th: Charles Goodyear II, 33 years-old, made RU Secretary of Industrial and Agricultural Affairs.
Summer: Minor riots break out in Ottoman regions of Anatolia and Mesopotamia.
October: Panama Canal 65% complete, canal having been built using slave labor of local Hispanics and Indians as well as imported Irish, Slavs and others, noventenarian Charles Goodyear I major backer of canal construction.

June: Rebellion breaks out in Morroco against pro-European Sultan Abdelaziz.
July 14th-September 22nd: Prusso-Omani War, Prussia annexes number of Omani islands and lands in Persia.
August 13th: English-American director Alfred Cromwell Hitchcock born in London, England.
October 16th: Tripartite Empire recognizes new Hawaiian Congress.
November 19th: Hungarian merchants massacred by Moroccan rebels in Tiznit, Morocco.
November 21st: As a result of Tiznit Massacre, Tripartite Empire gives full military support to Sultan Abdelaziz in fighting Moroccan rebels.
December 24th (Christmas Eve/Remembrance Day): Panama Canal deemed safe, secure, and completely usable
December 28th: Panama Canal Opened in Ceremony attended by Consuls Custer and Bryan and the aging Goodyear I, ceremony filmed by "motion-picture camera."

January 2nd: Charles Goodyear III born in Shicagwa, Iowai, RU.
January 3rd-24th: Imperial French soldiers battle against Sioux Chief Red Cloud and his followers near the Louisianan-Canadian border, battle ends in Imperial victory, Red Cloud captured and most of his followers exterminated. End of Sioux Insurgency in French Louisiana.
April 10th: Hawaiian-American War begins, airship Gustavus Adolphus commences bombardment on Honolulu, marines totting Coffee Grinder Guns (known IOTL as Machine Guns) establish beachheads, 400 Hawaiian soldiers and militias and dozens of islanders killed.
April 12th: RU marines destroy remaining Hawaiian armies and seize 'lolani Palace, mass executions of Hawaiian government.
April 26th: Regicide of Hawaiian Royal Family by ORRA soldiers. End of Hawaiian-American War.
May 1st: "Pacification of the Pacific" begins, RU begins conquering one Pacific island chain after the other in "island hopping" campaign.
May 9th: Death of Charles Goodyear I over the area near Philadelphia at the age of 99. His soon to be 35 year-old son Charles Goodyear II, who unknown to the public murdered his father by pushing him over the ledge of the blimp, becomes CEO of Colonel Goodyear Enterprises.
Summer: The Panama Canal is in full operation.
October: The RU occupies all of Polynesia not already colonized by European powers. RU tells Peru, who had already claimed Polynesia, to withdraw their claims there. Peru backs down, not wanting war with RU.
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January 1st (New Year's Day): The world celebrates the beginning of the new 20th Century.
January 13th: Sioux Chief Red Cloud executed in Paris.
July 13th: Riots by Americans and Pro-Americas in Imperial Louisiana, rioters massacre Imperial soldiers guarding New Orleans City Hall, 83 year-old governor P.G.T. Beauregard killed in crossfire.
July 16th: Louisiana erupts into revolution, Second Louisianan Rebellion begins. Custer mobilizes RU Army on Louisianan border, announces support for mostly Protestant Louisianan rebels, demands Imperials withdraw from Louisiana.
July 30th: The Treaty of Pittsburgh/Louisiana Purchase; the Tripartite Empire sells Louisiana to the RU.
August 1: Tripartite Empire withdraws from Louisiana, RU armies march in, General John Joseph Pershing marches his army through New Orleans, bans Knights of the Golden Circle, Catholic Louisianans orders to live in high end ghettos known as “French Quarters”, those who want to leave are allowed to.
August 20th: Rebellions against Sultan Abdelaziz in Morocco end.
September 20th: Louis Napoleon II of Holland announces self-ruling government for South Africa within a year’s time.
October: RU Secretary of War Warren G. Harding proposes idea of "Youth Brigade" to rest of RU government. Custer eventually approves of new "Youth Brigade" after having his name attached to it.
October 25th: Custer Youth Brigade established in Philadelphia. Theodore Roosevelt made first Headmaster.
December 30th: Morocco becomes an Imperial Protectorate.

January 1st (New Year's Day): Most native Hawaiians reported as being members of the AFC.
May 5th: Cornwall Reclamation; Cornwall given back to England after 88 years of French occupation.
May 18th: Kingdom of South Africa, a Dutch puppet state, established.
July 4th: Custer Youth Brigade makes first public appearance at the massive "Youth Brigade Jamboree" in Philadelphia.
July 30th: The RU’s Pacification of the Pacific ends.
August 6th: Death of aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright in Cleveland, PA, RU. Many abandon fixed-wing aircraft as a result, focusing more on pre-existing airships.
October 13th-October 29th: Protests occur in Constantinople calling for the adoption of an Ottoman Parliament.
October 24th: Custer sends letter to Napoleon III asking for disputed and colonized land in Africa, promises hefty sum.
October 31st: Treaty of Halifax singed between RU, Tripartite Empire, Lucca and Piombino, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, recognizing American ownership of formerly disputed African land, RU joins Race for Africa.
November: Reformist politicians and military officers in the Ottoman Empire begin meeting on how to shape new Ottoman parliament.
November 14th: American Commonwealth of Liberia established in Africa with the founding of the colonies capital of Custersville (OTL's Monrovia), Leonard Wood made first governor.

February 5th: Begging of "Bloody February", 20,000 members of Chinese terrorist organization known as "Great Harmonious Society" attack western settlements in China, burning ships and cargo and having 2000 Imperial and Dutch missionaries and their families killed, raped and beheaded. Napoleon III and Louis Napoleon II declare war on Chinese Empire and their puppet state Korea as a result, Missionary War begins.
February 6th: Dutch Army begins invasion of China from Dutch Indochina.
February 13th: Romanian engineer Traian Vuia and his French partner Louis Bleriot make the first successful airplane fight.
February 28th: Tripartite Empire begins invasion of China from Imperial Australia by storming beaches of southern and central China.
March 2nd: Imperial and Dutch armies meet in China for first time.
March 21st: Korean GHS army lays siege to RU embassy and church in Pyongyang. 50 defending marines and 15 children slaughtered by the 500 man-strong GHS army. American public outraged. Custer takes to the talkiebox, denouncing the attacks and declaring war on China/Korea, RU joins Missionary War.
March 24th: Michael Custer enlists for military service in the Missionary War using the alias “Joseph Steele”, an inside reference to his birth name.
April 1st: Russia joins the Missionary War over earlier massacres of Orthodox missionaries, Catherine Romanov personally leads newly begun invasion of Mongolia.
April 4th: Russian Army begins invasions of Xingjian and Manchuria.
April 12th-18th: Battle of Seoul; Union army uses mustard gas on city, entire garrison dies as result, Unions new “Big Bertha” airships used in battle for first time, battle ends in Union victory, 50,000 Koreans die in battle, Seoul rechristened “Metropolis”.
July: Reformist politicians and military officers in Ottoman Empire decide to launch coup against Sultan next time opportunity arises.
September 4th: Protests break out in Constantinople calling for Sultan Abdul Hamid II's abdication. Reformist military officers join protesters and oust Abdul Hamid II, who abdicates and flees to French Malta, Mehmed V becomes new Sultan.
September 12th: Ahmed Muhtar Pasha becomes Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.
September 30th: Arab Republic of Iraq declared in Baghdad by Arab nationalist Nadir Abdulrashid.
October 13th: Free State of Kurdistan declared in Diyarbakır by Kurdish nationalist and regimental leader Bahman Muhammad.
October 21st: Ottoman Armies seeking to meet with Iraqi government attacked by Iraqi militias, Ottoman Empire declares war on secessionist Iraq and Kurdistan as a result.
October 26th: Emirate of Kuwait declares independence from Ottoman Empire.
November 1st: Napoleon III dies in Paris, Napoleon IV becomes Caesar of Tripartite Empire.
November 6th: Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire over their persecution of Orthodox and Christian minorities, Tenth Russo-Ottoman War begins, Russian Caucasus Army under Nikolay Iudovich Ivanov and Alexi Brusilov march into Ottoman Anatolia.
November 20th: Russian Caucasus Army reaching Bartin and Malatya. Greece under Chief Citizen Raptis joins the Tenth Russo-Ottoman War.
November 25th: Greek Army under General Adelphos Demetrios invades Cyprus.
November 28th: Greek Army reaches Nicosia.
November 29th: Russian Navy begins shelling Constantinople.
December 1st: Ottoman Empire surrenders to Russia, Mehmed V abdicates and Ottoman Empire abolished by Ahmed Muhtar Pasha, Turkish Republic established.

January 5th: Treaty of Antioch, Tripartite Empire and Prussian Empire, signed, end of Russo-Turkish War, Russia annexes Armenian and Pontic Greek land in Anatolia, Greece annexes Dodecanese Islands and Cyprus, neutral Jabal Shammar annexes Hejaz, Turkish Republic, Iraq, Kurdistan and Kuwait all recognized, numerous population exchanges begin between some aforementioned nations.
May 7th: Battle of Pyongyang begins when RU armies begin attack on the city.
May 21st: Fall of Pyongyang; during battle Corporal Michael Custer/Joseph Steele grabs MDP Flag, sprints through enemy fire, climbs wall of city and raises flag over the Pyongyang Capital Building, this proving to be his crowning moment during the war. Korean morale breaks as result of Custer’s/Steele’s actions, end of Battle of Pyongyang, Pyongyang rechristened “New Philadelphia”.
July 10th: Russia occupying Mongolia, Manchuria and Xingjian. Catherine Romanov appointed Grand Marshall of Russia.
August 30th: Newly crowned king of the United Kingdom of Albania and Montenegro Konstandin I abolishes the 1856 constitution and creates a new one, doing away with the Elective Monarchy and making the UK a Constitutional Monarchy, Konstandin’s son Flamur made first Prince of Albania, office of Prime Minister created, Pavli Dibra made first PM of the UK or UKAM.
September 20th: American Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere, consisting of all non-Hawaiian Pacific Islands conquered by RU, established as territory.
October 29th: Siege of Peking begins.
November 7th: Russian, Dutch and Imperial Armies with several Union detachments converge on Peking and storm the city, Qing Imperial Family killed, large part of city burned.
November 9th: GHS leaders executed by beheading by Allied Armies.
November 15th-November 18th: Allied Armies hold massive Victory Parade in Peking.
December 2nd: The Tripartite Empire celebrates the Centenary of the crowning of Caesar Napoleon I. Morale is high in the Empire due to the celebrations and their nation’s success in the Missionary War.

January 1st (New Year's Day): End of the Missionary War declared by Allied armies in occupied Peking. RU annexes Korea, Russia annexes Tuva, Mongolia, Manchuria and Xingjian, occupies Inner Mongolia, Empire occupies Northern China, Holland occupies South China.
June: Zionist Movement founded by Rhienish Rabbi, historian and writer Anshel Mendelsohn. The movement becomes popular for a few decades but later declines in popularity.
August: Caesar Napoleon III given a Waterloo Motorworks 1905 Zegepraal from his cousin Louis Napoleon II of Holland, becoming the first Caesar to own an autocarriage.

April 18th: St. François Earthquake, one of the worst natural disasters of the 20th century, occurs in St. François, Imperial California.

April: The Tripartite Empire becomes the first nation to develop metal military helmets.
May: Second Saudi State conquered by Emirate of Jabbal Shammar/Rashidi Arabia, beginning of Saud insurgency against Rashidis.
July 8th: Augustus Octavius Romney born in Salem, MA, the son of politician Gaskell Romney.
September 9th-15th: First Muslim Modernist rebellion breaks out in Persia.
October: Joe Steele returns home from Korea to the Republican Union.

January 5th: The Russian Republic becomes the first nation on earth to give women the vote.
May: Southron/Columbian companies modeled on the Union’s Mercurius Motors first manufacture Autocarriages, called automobiles, in the Columbian nations.
June 8th: Debauched Kaiser Sigismund killed hung-over in wildebeest stampede in Dutch Africa.
June 22nd: Kaiser Eitel Wilhelm I crowned in Berlin.
July 1st: Midas Goldstien, the “Black Jew of Camp 222”, born in NYC.
August 27th: Lyndon Baines Johnson born in Plano, Democratic-Republic of Texas, the son of CGE Oil executive and tycoon Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr., a native of Iowai.
August 28th: Texan Civil War begins between Texan government and private armies led by mostly American Oil Barons. Charles Goodyear II becomes leader of the faction of Oil Barons.
October 15th: Elvan Terzi Pasha, a former Ottoman general, elected Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic.

October 26th: Shelling of Galveston, the capital of Texas, begins by Goodyear II’s mercenary armies.
November 19th: Pope Sixtus VI dies in Rome at age 81.
December 9th: Goodyear II’s mercenary armies march into the shelled ruins of Galveston. Republic of Texas proclaimed by Goodyear II and the Oil Barons, begging of genocidal campaign against native Texans.

January 2nd: Texas admitted as a Republican Union state on the invitation of the Oil Barons in Texas, RU army subsequently sent into Texas.
February: Native American religious figure "The Prophet", also known as "The Chosen One" "The Great Chief" and "Tom Smith" establishes a monastery in the Rocky Mountains, in the Imperial Reservation Lands, where his followers begin practicing the "Ghost Dance".
March 30th: Small army of the Mexican Resistance Movement joined by Texan exiles invades Union Texas, burning oil fields and slaying 200 oil workers.
April 14th: Custer declares war on the Union puppet government of Mexico in response to the attacks on Texan oil fields, Second Mexican-American War begins.
April 16th: Union Embassy deploys its security detachment into Mexico City, burning the city to the ground and executing all members of the Mexican government.
April 28th: Death of former Polish soldier Casmir Polanski, aged 115, the last surviving veteran of the Great Wars of the Empire.
May 2nd: Jurgen Ailes born in Pontiac, Michigania, RU.
June: Sound Movies first invented in the RU.
July: First elections held in the United Kingdom of Albania and Montenegro.
September 28th: Battle of Guadalajara begins, 3rd and 4th legions begin attacks, attacks last for over two days.
October 1st: Battle of Guadalajara; reinforcements from the 11th Legion arrive and launch new attack, Mexican forces crushed for last time, Battle of Guadalajara ends, Mexico's independence abolished by RU, unofficial end of Mexican-American War.
October 20th: Construction begins on Custer’s Tomb in Patriot’s Rest in Philadelphia.

October 20th: Custer’s Tomb in Patriot’s Rest completed after exactly a year of construction.

January 1st (New Year's Day): All RU citizens required to have a birth certificate, exceptions only made for those in the most rural areas.
May 1st: The Russian Army becomes the first army in the world to accept women.
July 20th: During the 1912 Georgian Prime Ministerial Elections, Patriot Jeremiah T. Codd physically attacks by caning and threats to shoot Log Cabinite Wilson Spooner over an insult.
October 28th: Last Mexican resistance put down, Second Mexican-American War officially ends.

January 9th: Richard Milhouse Nixon born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
March 6th: Custer declares this date to be “Scottish-American Pride Day”.
July 14th: Leslie Lynch King Jr. born in Shicagwa, Iowai, the son of Second Mexican-American War veteran Leslie Lynch King Sr.
August 20th-29th: Second Muslim Modernist rebellion breaks out in Persia.

January 1st (New Year’s Day): Napoleon VI born in Paris.
April 14th: Assassination of 76 year-old Maryland President John Wilkes Booth in Annapolis by anarchist Jack Roberts.
June 8th: Death of Ahmed Muhtar Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Turkish Republic, Mehmed Talaat Pasha becomes Grand Vizier.

January: Islamists under Terzi Pasha, in coalition with Nationalists, win Turkish election for Grand Vizier.
May 29th: John Fitzgerald Kennedy born in the Irish Ghetto of Shicagwa. "Officially" Charles Custer Oswald born in Shicagwa.
October 15th: New Turkish constitution ratified, Grand Vizier and Prime Minister combined into single office of “Grand Leader”, Terzi Pasha first Grand Leader, Islamic Republic of Turkey established, Turkey turned into Fascist Islamic Theocracy.
December 24th: (Christmas Eve/Remembrance Day) Scottish soldiers march in Remembrance Day parades in Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

May 1st: Dutch Southern Africa joins Kingdom of South Africa due to high amount of white settlement.
June: Non-Muslims made second class citizens in Islamic Republic of Turkey.
August 5th: RU government begins policy of rewarding families who have as many children as possible.
October 13th: Thor Von Kohler born in Graz, Austria, Austria-Hungary, Tripartite Empire.
November 7th: William “Billy” Graham born outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, CoCaro.
November 16th: President of England Randolph Churchill dies in London.
December 8th: Economic recession begins in England.

M1919 Assault Rifle, known by North American gangsters as the "Shicagwa Woodpecker", first built by Tripartite Empire.
October 11th-27th: Third Muslim Modernist rebellion breaks out in Persia.

Begging of unprecedented worldwide growth of Urban Centers and Baby Boom.
March: First Goodyear "Mobile Aerial Landing Deck", an airship carrying planes for military purposes, sold to RU Army, christened RUS Warren G. Harding.
April: Virginian airship company "Air Belle" launches the Columbian Queen, the world's first luxury cruise airship.
July: Virginian billionaire Buford Lodge Beatty begins construction on the "Beatty Building" in Newport News, Virginia.
October 25th: Actress Mary-Jane Mundy born in Concord, New Hampshire.
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Okay, I'm still working on the timeline of events (still need to go back to the last two posts and edit some minor things here and there), but in the coming days I'll be posting some short stories, biographies, book snipets such as the one below, among many other things.

This is something I decided to write based on the alternate ending of the timeline. This is stuff only touched upon in the main timeline, so I decided to expand upon it. Honestly, the more I wrote this, the more I wanted the NUSA dominated world to be destroyed by a meteor strike or aliens or something. :p Anyways, enjoy!

The March of Conquest

Excerpts from Manifest Destiny: Stage Four (1974-2014) by James Alan Rockford, Shicagwa University Press, October, 2014

In October of 1974, the old world lay in shambles as a result of the recently ended European War of Succession. […] The NUSA, mostly unaffected by the war, had come to fill the gap in the new power vacuum on the world stage and further fulfill her Manifest Destiny. The NUSA had in fact already begun doing so on August 29th, 1974, when American armies stationed in Liberia began the invasions of a number of nearby European colonies in Western Africa, which were now separated from their shattered mother countries. […] The Republican Union of South Africa, one of the NUSA’s staunchest allies, followed suit. […] By New Year’s Day of 1975, the NUSA and her armies had completely occupied Prussian Nigeria, Prussian Gabon, Italian Senegal, the coast of Imperial Northwest Africa and Imperial Morocco, as well as the aforementioned Pacific colonies. Military campaigns by the American armies were continuing in Russian Alyaska, Prussian Congo, Prussian Angola and French Algeria. […] Meanwhile, Europe itself lay in a nuclear ruin. […] With the state of affairs as it was that New Years’, President Oswald met with his general staff in Philadelphia to decide what exactly to do next. The Alyaska Campaign remained a priority, and to make things more complex the campaign was not going as expected. […] However, as General Carter J. Herman pointed out during the conference, what little order currently existed in Siberia was quickly collapsing. As a direct reuslt, reinforcements would stop pouring in from Siberia out to Alyaska, which would make the American conquest of the region much easier in the near-future. […] Oswald and the General Staff agreed to invade certain targets in Europe within no less than a year's time. Invasions of Japan and Manchuria were also approved for some undetermined point in time in the upcoming year of 1976. […] The fate of Peru remained a hot button issue, due the likelihood of the country still holding nuclear weapons. […] In the end, an invasion of Peru was being planned and scheduled for no latter than 1990. […]

By April 1st, 1975, the Alyaska War had grounded to a halt, and a long stalemate had begun. NUSA armies had made in no further than the Mackenzie River in the north and a month previously were pushed back by Russian armies just a few miles away from Glacier Bay, a city the American armies under General Alistair Sturgess were determined would not fall into Russian hands again. […] Meanwhile in Africa, the coast of Algeria had been completely subjugated, the NUSA armies deciding to leave the wild south of the country alone. The eponymous campaigns continued on in the Congo and Angola, which due to tropical disease and stiff resistance on the part of European settlers and natives alike, proved tough nuts to crack. […] Nevertheless, Oswald and the General Staff decided the time had come to strike Europe for the first time. On April 16th, NUSA armies, made up mostly of marines, landed at Jutland, the coast of Portugal and Gibraltar. […] An invasion of Norway and Sweden began on May 20th, an invasion which was more than welcomed by the pro-American far-right in both nations.

[…] The NUSA’s only major obstacle to conquering Europe, besides nuclear fallout, was the West European Confederacy, a confederation of European states ranging from Madrid to Hamburg, formed on May 1st, 1976 by the 67 year-old French World War General Jacques Pierre Durand. Durand was a veteran of the Western Front and had shown great bravery leading his men against the Prussian Army. […] He was also a close of friend of the late General Charles de Gaulle. […] On May 1st, the same day the Confederacy itself was established by him, Durand declared himself "President of the Confederacy", with near-absolute powers. […] Durand formed the WEC in response to the NUSA’s recently begun invasion of Europe. […] Durand had visions of unifying what remained of Spain, France Germany, Italy and other Western European nations into a strong confederacy opposed to expansion on the part of the NUSA. He predicted he and his successors could unify what was left of Western Europe by 2010 had “all moved smoothly”. As fate would have it, this was not to be.

By October of 1976, over a year and a half after the First Invasion of Europe, things had very much changed. The Congo, or at least the areas not affected by nuclear fallout around the Congo River Basin, and Angola had been pacified, though sporadic resistance continued well into the 1980s. […] Oswald ordered the invasion of Japan and Manchuria from military bases in Korea on October 14th. Japan was a nuclear wasteland, which made the islands both an easy target and a hard target for the invading American armies. On one hand, the people were too demoralized to put much of a fight, yet nuclear fallout made sure that when invading much of the country the invading armies had to be wearing Hazmat suits and similar wear when on the march and in the fight. The Invasion of Japan ended on December 15th, 1976, America controlling the country mostly through military bases. […] Manchuria, surprisingly, proved a much easier target and was conquered by the end of October, though resistance on the part of Han Chinese and Manchus alike continued for some months. The formerly Russian city of Vladivostok, founded in 1905 after the Missionary War, was renamed Ailestown in honor of retired General and World War hero Jurgen Ailes. […]

[…] The Zoning Act of 1980 was signed into law by President Oswald on August 1st, 1980. The law established a system of Zones of Control (ZOC) and Police Zones (PZ) in newly conquered territories. Zones of Control were areas firmly under American control and were eligible to become territories if the President and Military found it suitable to do so. Zones of Control were areas under heavy Millitary/ORRA control. […] Newly conquered territories becomes Police Zones, then Zones of Control, then Territories, then States. […]

[…] By October, 1984, a full ten years after the European War of Succession had ended, much of Western Africa, the Congo River Basin, the Pacific Islands, Japan, Manchuria, Eastern Siberia, Scandinavia, Jutland, the islands of the Baltic Sea, the coast of Portugal, Gibraltar, Algeria and Tripolitania were under NUSA control. […] The Alyaska War had gained quite a bit of traction. By October, 1984, most of the region was occupied by the NUSA Army, save for the most rural interior regions and a number of off-shore islands, islands in the hands of numerous warlords, which the High Command ordered be conquered at some later point. […] Durand had died of natural causes in his private capital two years previously. His successor was Antione Rimbaud, a veteran of the World War on the Eastern Front, fighting alongside General Von Brunau against the Prussians, Romanians and Bulgarians. […] The Peruvian-American War began on July 10th, 1981, and would end until 1986. […]
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National Holidays in the Republican Union

January 1st: New Year’s Day/March on Philadelphia Day
January 18th: Manifest Destiny Day [1]
January 20th: AFC Day [2]
January 22nd: Constitution Day
February 6th: Aaron Burr II’s Birthday
February 14th: Valentine's Day
February 20th: Patriot-Saint's Day [3]
March 6th: Scottish-American Pride Day
May 29th: Charles Oswald’s Birthday
July 4th: Liberty Day [4]
July 26th: Dutch-American Pride Day [5]
August 14th: Willard Crawford’s Birthday [6]
August 30th: Consolidation Day [7]
September 3rd: English-American Pride Day [8]
September 15th: German-American Pride Day
October 1st: Green Mountain Day [9]
October 12th: Lief Erickson Day/Scandinavian-American Pride Day [10]
October 28th: Veteran's Day [11]
The final Thursday in November: Thanksgiving
December 5th: George Armstrong Custer’s Birthday
December 18th: Joseph Steele’s Birthday
December 24th: Christmas Eve/Remembrance Day
December 25th: Christmas Day
December 29th: Charles Goodyear I’s Birthday
December 31st: New Year’s Eve

[1] Commemorating the RU's Declaration of war on Mexico in 1897.

[2] Commemorating the official establishment of the AFC in 1820.

[3] An AFC Holiday, the same day Benedict Arnold died taking a bullet for Aaron Burr II at Valley Forge.

[4] Commemorating the Execution of John Adams and Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalists.

[5] Intentionally on the same day as the 1581 Act of Abjuration.

[6] Ironically the same birthday of Caesar Napoleon III, born on the same day in 1839.

[7] Commemorating the formation of the RU's government in 1801.

[8] The same day the Treaty of Paris was signed and the American Revolutionary War ended.

[9] Commemorating the begging of the Green Mountain War in 1832.

[10] Invented by the RU government in 1906 as a replacement for Columbus Day, a holiday which was seen as too Catholic for the RU government's liking. Scandinavian-American American Pride was juxtaposed as Lief Erickson was Scandinavian.

[11] The same day that the Second-Mexican American War, the last of the "Wars of Custer" officially ended in 1912.
Just a short story I wrote up. I'll probably continue it later. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 9th, 1905
Shicagwa, Iowai, Republican Union (OTL's Chicago, Illinois, United States of America)

It was a cloudy day in Shicagwa, the hustling and bustling metropolis of the western Republican Union. Charles Goodyear II sat calmly in the velvet chair at his desk in his luxurious office at Colonel Goodyear Enterprises headquarters, smoking a Sumatran cigar. On the wall behind him was a portrait of his father, painted back in '86 by Allan Pinkerton, the famous Scotch painter, God bless his soul. To his immediate right were two busts, one of Willard Crawford and the other of Aaron Burr II, both in Greco-Roman style togas, and a window overlooking the city of Shicagwa. Well, the good looking part anyways. To his immediate right was a glass cabinet filled with Native American artifacts from Chersonesus, Iowai, Imperial California and Mexico, a framed reproduction of the Declaration of Independence, and a banner that belonged to a Mexican Infantry Battalion defeated at the Battle of Cozumel, a personal gift from First Consul Custer for his 34th birthday. To his front was a small couch for guests and over it a large painting depicting Aaron Burr II's Martyrdom at Valley Forge, the artist whose name escaped him at the moment. On his desk were a number of things both practical and decorative; a ball-point pen, a miniature globe, an ashtray, a golden clock adorned with an Eagle, a box of cigars (the one he was smoking came from that), a bell for his servants, a note pad, a statuette of General Polk, a 1901 talkiebox, among others. The room was large and ornate, with walls of red and gold, fancy oil lights and a a fireplace and mantel to his farther left as ornate as any owned by the hated House of Bonaparte.

Charles Goodyear II looked at his pocket watch. "Ten more minutes until that damn appointment!" he thought harshly to himself. The multimillionaire CEO of Colonel Goodyear Enterprises was about to turn forty in less than a fortnight. "Forty. Forty!" He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't believe it. Not just that he was going to be forty soon. He'd been staring at the small calendar on his desk for over a minute. "May 9th." he though solemnly to himself. Five years, half a decade has passed since that fateful day. The day his pops kicked the bucket. "Kicked the bucket? More like fell off a blimp a hundred something miles to his doom." the younger Goodyear though smugly to himself once again. He knew he did the deed, but not another living soul knew, so what did it matter? Even if anyone did suspect something, he could always call on the friendly neighborhood ORRA man to come to the poor sap's house and arrest for him for slander or something like that. "Only me and Jehovah know, and I'm willing to answer to the big guy for what I did!"

He remembered it all very well. When the whole thing was said and done, he was top dog of the one of the biggest, most successful companies on earth. This was the same company that brought the Union out of the gutter and gave this ungrateful 20th century world so many of the innovations it was taking for granted. Yes, his father’s death has been quite convenient for the younger Goodyear. "Gotta hand to you Pops..." Goodyear whispered to himself and he looked behind him at his father's portrait and puffed out some smoke. "You laid a great foundation for me to make something of myself". Goodyear knew he had done the right thing five years back, well, right for himself anyway. When he heard from Dr. Hansson, his father's personal physician, back in '99 that pops would likely live to be at least 110, he knew he couldn't just sit, lollygag and wait for doomsday any longer.

As Goodyear continued smoking and waiting for his appointment, a ring came from just outside the door. "Come in!" Goodyear shouted. His negro butler, the ever faithful Cicero, came in. "Mister Goodyear." he said rather eloquently. "Mister Garfield his running late. His autocarriage broke down outside of town." Goodyear pondered the matter over a second and said; "Very well. Telegraph his company in Rockford, saying that if hes not here by three at the latest, the appointments off! I'm a busy, busy man!"

"Your orders Sir." Cicero replied. He then left the room and closed the door. "James Garfield, late to this appointment out of all of them?! That won't do at all!" Goodyear ranted to himself as he threw down his cigar in his ashtray and forcefully opened a right-side drawer, looking for some important papers. He found said papers, put them on his desk and turned on the talkiebox. "This is Gregory Hightower on Uncle Sam's TalkieBox Station, live from Philadelphia!" Goodyear started smoking his cigarette again. "The time is 3:30 PM in Philadelphia and 2:30 PM in Shicagwa. Our show this afternoon is "King Lear", coming in thirty minutes, but first the National News! Two Buetlists were arrested in Newburgh, New York for distributing seditious literature. The two men, James Crawford and Melvin Gibb, are currently in custody. 5,000 Union men, woman and children have signed up so far this year to emigrate to Liberia. The report comes...."

Just then another ring came from just outside and Goodyear turned the talkiebox off. "Open up!"

Cicero opened the door. He then walked over to Goodyear's desk and handed him a telegram. Goodyear took it from his servant and opened it up with a letter opener he had on his desk. "Good God!" he exclaimed. "Cicero, telegraph the Garfield Publishing Company in Rockford and tell them the apportionment with Mr. Garfield is postponed until tomorrow afternoon! Same time!" "Yes Sir." Cicero replied. He then left the room hastily, closing the door as he left.

Goodyear threw the telegraph envelope into the nearby trash-bin and put the telegraph itself into a drawer. "Good God." With that, he just sat in his chair and began to think the whole thing through.

Within about twenty minutes, another knock came at the door. Cicero opened the door once more, and in came Alice, Charles' wife of almost eleven years, wearing a fur coat and holding ever so gently their five year old son, Charles Goodyear III. "Cicero, take Charlie to the private room upstairs and do take care of him." Alice said softly. "Yes Miss." Cicero said as he left the room. Alice closed the door behind her and put her fur coat on the nearby coat rack.

"Hello my darling!" Charles Goodyear II said as he got up from his seat, put down his cigar, walked to his loving wife and spread his arms, ready to embrace her, which he of course did. "Thank you Honey!" Alice said. She was a young woman, only twenty-nine years of age, and was known both in and outside the Union for her beauty. She had long brunette hair, glowing blue eyes, soft cheeks, and a big smile.

Before she could speak, Goodyear put his two fingers over her lips and softly said; "Not a word." He then went on; "Honey I have important business to attend too. The Chief Consuls should be here within the hour!"

"Custer and Bryan themselves!? Is this true!?" Alice exclaimed.

"Yes my dear. Wait with our son or return to the hotel or the mansion or something or somewhere. This meeting is most important, and is supposed to be held in the utmost secrecy!"

"Okay Honey." She paused and sighed to herself. "I just hope to God the governments not going to send you off to some exotic middle of nowhere again!"

"Relax my dear. You enjoyed Hawaii didn't you? Look at me, that wasn't just about us. Heck, Charley the Third got some good, clean air down there! Helped him grow up good and all!"

"Yes. I did enjoy Hawaii. Since you mention it, I did notice how much our son enjoyed the place as well."

"See!" Goodyear responded happily. "Look, if I'm ever sent to one of our Union's overseas lands, I'll talk to the government about it all. But don't me mistaken!" He said suddenly and harshly. "I'll go where ever and when ever I'm needed! If it wasn't for me spending those four years in Hawaii, the place would have taken much longer to submit to our God-given occupation!"

"I understand Honey." Alice said harshly.

"I know you do dear. Anyways, as I was saying, I could arrange some things. Things such as a shorter stay wherever I'm sent, or, if that isn't at all possible, a villa for us and our child, just like the one in Honolulu!"

Alice looked awkwardly at her husband. Goodyear than said enthusiastically; "Whatever happens, we'll be ringing in nineteen-hundred and o'six in a nice, comfortable place, just like we do every New Years!"

"I hope you're telling the damned truth this time! This better not be Panama back in '98 all over again!"

"Calm down Dear! Who even knows if this is even about that. It could just be about my business endeavors and how they relate to the state or something of that nature. Look, whatever the case, we'll have to talk about this later!"

"You have a point dear." Alice replied, having calmed down considerably. "All right, I'll go check up on Charlie." With that, Alice Davidson Goodyear left the room and went upstairs. After his wife left the room, Goodyear walked slowly back his desk. He then sat in his chair, and began smoking his cigar once more. "Whatever they want to see me about, this better be important, and if I know our government, it will be!" he then thought to himself.
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So yeah, I'm still alive! :p The holidays are finally over, I'm moving to a new position at Walmart with a much better schedule, and I expect to be on here more often. Yay!

Also, holy crap, Zoid, it's going to take me forever to catch up, lol. And I'm giving you permission to write as you please. You possibly know more about this timeline than anyone else, including me, lol. :D