What if the Eurozone Crisis Escalated?

The Eurozone Crisis escalates, leading to rebellion on the backbenches. Cameron is forced to call an election, which results in the following:

2012 UK General Election
Conservative Party, 300
Labour Party, 277
UKIP, 62
Liberal Democrats, 28
Scottish National Party, 17
Plaid Cymru, 2
DUP, 9
Sinn Fein, 6
Independents - 8

A rainbow coalition led by Miliband is rejected - instead, Cameron is voted out and replaced by David Davis, who forms a coalition with the UK Independence Party:

Prime Minister - David Davis, C
Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary - Nigel Farage, UKIP
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Bill Cash, C
Foreign Secretary - Ian Duncan Smith, C
Defence Secretary, Lord Pearson, UKIP
Education Secretary, Paul Nutall, UKIP
Justice Secretary/Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove, C
Work and Pensions Secretary, Douglas Carswell, UKIP
Environment Secretary, Bernard Jenkin, C
International Trade and Development Secretary, Priti Patel, C

Around 70 Conservatives resign, either joining the Liberal Democrats (30), forming the Democratic Party (16) or sitting as independents. The coalition, now a minority, crumbles after just five days - the Lib Dems, Labour, 9 independents and Caroline Lucas. Cameron is reinstated as Conservative Leader, with the Democratic Party rejoining. However, Davis, Cash, and Smith, along with 19 others join UKIP.