What if Kashmir went to Pakistan during partition?

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    Jan 28, 2004
    The Raja of Kashmir Hari Singh decides that disappointing Pakistan is
    worse than disappointing India and he makes an early decision to
    accede to the Islamabad government. He figures that if he delays,
    he'll get picked on by both. If he picks India, the Pakistanis are
    sure to raid and cause disorder. If he picks Pakistan, the Indians
    will be disappointed but are likely to have the self-restraint to not
    maraud the province. The Indians grudgingly accept the decision as
    they look at the expense of campaigning for an area that is mostly
    Muslim without having any political entrée at all.

    The efforts of Hari Singh and Jinnah keep the partition associated
    violence in Kashmir lower than in other areas. Still, many Hindus
    move out. Gujarat on the coast becomes the most dangerous border
    province for Hindu-Muslim relations.

    In the fifties, India, as in OTL leads the non-aligned movement.
    Pakistan, as in OTL, is concerned with its northern frontier, and help
    against an India that is still very large, so it commits to the
    US-backed SEATO and CENTO alliances.

    In the early 60s, the Pakistanis find that the Chinese have seized the
    Ladakh salient from their Kashmir province, and used it to build a
    road between Sinkiang and Tibet. They are ticked, and the US
    increases its military assistance. In the meantime, decent
    Chinese-Indian relations continue. The Chinese have a territorial
    claim on India's northeast frontier agency, but its far less important
    than the territory they took from Kashmir, so they never do a military
    incursion into India as in OTL. The Chinese do beat back Pakistani
    probes and advance some into Pakistani territory to prove who is boss,
    before returning to their Ladakh position. Pakistan has the option of
    invoking the SEATO treaty at this point and calling for US aid.

    And that's as far as I got. Thoughts on the plausibility so far?
    Thoughts on how things would play out over time. For instance, it
    looks like China and Pakistan won't be partners, so Pakistani
    nuclearization in the 90s sounds difficult. Anything else?