Wasteland Memories: Photos from the Fallout Universe


Page from the June 2034 edition of Tesla Science Magazine discussing the usage of decommisioned mine shafts as possible cities of the future. While drastically different designs would end up being used, certain simulaties between many early proposals for Project Safehouse and these articles would not go unnoticed
Consider that for many residents, the TL in the aftermath would resemble the post-apocalyptic films of the 1970s/1980s:


Consider this as a model of what New York City would look like, complete with gangs similar to The Warriors or Escape from New York.....
An extremely rare photograph of the Ruins of the World Trade Center, taken just two weeks after the Great War.

(The OP features the Twin Towers, so I'm taking it as if they existed in this universe)

Picture of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

The Revolutions of 1989 would be considered the end of the first phase of the Cold War, as the Soviets' grip on Eastern Europe would come to an end, along with communism in general in Eastern Europe (with the expectation of Yugoslavia). The 1990s and early-2000s would see reduced tensions worldwide, but the mid-2000s would see China replace the USSR as the United States' main rival.
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Pre-war map of North and South Korea.

During the Sino-American War, North Korea invaded South Korea. The US sent small units to assist South Korea. On the eve of the Great War, the US and South Korea had driven the north out of the south and pushed toward Pyongyang. Both nations were hit by the bombs in the Great War. And with that, the dream of a United Korea was officially dead.

Seoul rubble.jpg

Rare photograph of Seoul after the Great War.


Rare photograph of Pyongyang after the Great War.
Two videos about protection in the event of a nuclear war

In the United States and Canada, the 1970s instruction film Protection in the Nuclear Age would be one of the many pieces of media to address citizens of the dangers of a potential nuclear war. The film would be shown in classrooms and on various television stations across the United States and Canada from the 1970s up until the Great War in 2077.

Across the pond over in the United Kingdom, Protect & Survive was first created in 1974 and would be used up until the Great War. Protect & Survive was intended to inform British citizens on how to protect themselves in the event of a potential nuclear attack. The campaign comprised a pamphlet, newspaper advertisements, radio broadcasts, and public information films that aired on various British TV stations.

I know that since these two things came out in the 1970s and might be a little too new to fit into the Fallout Universe, they at least fit into the themes of the series about nuclear war.

“Project COLLIE” was U.S.S.R.’s answer to RobCo’s Robobrain program. Whereas the American research focused on transplanting primate brains into a robotic chassis the Soviets, building on 20th century experiments conducted by Dr. Demikhov, opted to transfer whole canine craniums into artificial bodies. As a result of these two contrasting scientific approaches and differing brain chemistry the Soviet “Collies” possessed weaker mental faculties yet were less prone to go rogue when compared to their RobCo counterparts.

By the start of the Third World War a limited number of Collies were deployed by the Soviets in military, industrial and space research roles. To this day these robots could occasionally be encountered wandering the Russian wastelands, operating on half-corrupted subroutines and attempting to fulfill orders given to them by their long-dead masters.

(Credit for the artwork goes to Tony Sart)

The famous 1951 United States Civil Defense short film Duck and Cover: Bert the Turtle. It and other similar films would be shown in the United States up until the Great War.
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Rogue KPA soldiers near Kaesong preparing to raid an isolated farm, 2081. In the aftermath of the Great War, North Korea's command and control systems dissolved, leaving many units to operate entirely of their own initiative. Many units devolved into raider bands but many remained on their bases, some of which became new towns. Conditions in these settlements varied wildly, with some being well functioning communities with solid defenses to holdings of small time warlords. In some of these more dictatorial towns, the Kim Dynasty has become the figure of cult worship.


Cuban troops shooting at sea raiders, 2105. The Caribbean had problems for decades with raiders that operated using pre-existing or custom made watercraft. These pirates operated from bases in hidden coves. This group is firing at a group of raiders using speedboats armored with iron plating and carrying anti personnel weapons. Some of these raiders dwell in Cuba itself, whilst others have dens in the Florida Keys or Florida itself.
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An 'Amazon' of Kyiv being trained in the use of a sniper rifle by her mother, 2115. Formed by women who were serving in the Soviet Army at the time of the Great War, the group that became the Amazons quickly established themselves as a faction that earned the begrudging respect of factions below and above ground. They maintain good relations with most of their neighbors in northern Kyiv and see much benefit in the idea of making the city the capital of a reborn Ukrainian state floated around by other groups such as the 'Green Wolves.' Despite the legends, their home turf of 'Themiscyra' is not solely inhabited by women. Men deemed worthy by the Amazons are allowed to live in their domain and many pass down their own combat experience to their daughters. While strength is something that would reflect well on the prospective husband of an Amazon, they have been growing increasingly interested in men from the communities that have sprung up around the universities. The steady supply of doctors and engineers these communities produce would be a great boon for the Amazons, though many still believe they are attempting to create their own Nuka Cola.
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