Wasteland Memories: Photos from the Fallout Universe


The aircraft carrier USS Bastogne on fire after a direct hit from a Chinese Missile Boat north of the island of Luzon, circa 2072.
This feels more like Red Alert 3 then Fallout. I can buy Japan going hard on technology to save them but being able to challenge China and the USA to such an extent feels rather wank-y
Less so Japan advancing and more so the United States and China bleeding each other dry. IIRC the casualties on both sides during the Sino-American War were in the millions (before the bombs), both nation’s economies are entirely focused on the war, and both teetering on societal collapse. If the bombs didn’t drop, I really doubt either power could ever fully recover.

Traffic Warden turned raider trying to hide their ghoulification beneath a crude mask


Test demonstration of the K1 Crusader Robot, 2067. A British attempt at homegrown military robots to compete with the likes of the american Protectrons or chinese Liberators, the K1's also served as a desperate attempt at keeping to keep law and order and the economy afloat as the European Commonwealth tore itself apart. Manufacturing and deployment of the K1's were stymied by the Resource Wars and ever increasing energy rationing, with most of their limited numbers being assigned to the protection of high priority or top secret locations. Even after the atomic fire of the Great War, many of these metal monstrosities still prowl the wastelands fulfilling their duty to King and Country

Ronald Reagan, 36th President of the United States. Reagan got his start in politics in 1962 when he ran for Congress for California's 26th district as a Democrat. He managed to upset James Roosevelt, son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and was easily elected to two terms in Congress. He established himself as the leader of the "hardline hawks" faction within the Democratic Party and formed a close personal relationship with his Senate counterpart, Scoop Jackson.

Reagan gained more notoriety in 1966 when he pulled off his second upset of his career and narrowly defeated incumbent governor Pat Brown in a bitter primary, and managed to defeat former San Francisco Mayor George Christopher in the subsequent election.

As the 1968 Democratic National Convention neared, Reagan emerged as one of the strongest contenders, fighting for the nomination against Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey and New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes. Reagan ultimately prevailed after securing support from both the southern delegations and labor unions (as a former union leader himself), and selected Washington Senator and longtime confidant Henry M. Jackson as his running mate. Reagan and Jackson swiftly won the 1968 presidential election, ending 16 years of Republican rule.

The Reagan years would be remembered for the United States' greatest economic performance in history, being revered even after the Great War. The Soviet-American detente also began under the Reagan administration, as well as thwarting the People's Republic of China from ousting Taiwan from the United Nations, a decision that would rupture relations between Beijing and Washington for decades to come. Ultimately, the Taiwanese Crisis of 2026 would end the dispute and the communists would take over Formosa/Taiwan, and take the Chinese seat in the United Nations.

Reagan would be succeeded by Scoop Jackson in the 1976 election, who would go on to serve one term as president.

An Air-Terrainean Fireflash taxing through the busy New York International Airport, 2051. Designed and built by ArcJet Systems, the hypersonic Fireflash was considered the pinnacle of civilian aircraft design, its tail mounted engines capable of pushing the plane to speeds of Mach 6 and able to crossing entire oceans or countries in virtually no time at all and in the height of luxury. However, several accidents, terrorists incidents, the deteriorating global relations and collapsing energy market as a result of the Resource Wars would doom the Fireflash as many of its most popular and profitable routes and customers disappeared overnight. The failure of the Fireflash would bring ArcJet to the verge of bankruptcy and push the company into making several risky gambles on US government contracts such as the Stingray Deluxe fighter program and the USSA Mars Shot Project

A photograph of the M29 Davy Crockett, which was the US Military's Standard Issue battlefield nuclear launcher from 1962 until it's replacement by the M65 Fat Man in 2033.

British survivors seconds prior to gunning down a Strangler. A large, mobile (if slow) carnivorous plant, Stranglers plague the British countryside with the ability to spit corrosive poison and powerful flailing root appendages. Despite their deadly nature, several useful materials can be harvested from them including flammable oils and poisons.
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