The VT-BAM project

Can we actually agree colors for Disputed boundaries, Unrecognized boundaries and fourth level administrative divisions.
I'm currently using 51 112 159 and 190 for administrative divisions.
I really don't like the lighter gray fill color, but I do like the lighter first level divisions, though I do find them a bit too light
I do think that having some way to distinguish reservoirs from lakes would be useful for making historical maps
the main issue with that being that some reservoirs are on top of natural lakes.
I would suggest this compromise to have fourth levels not be too light
80 120 160 200
With claims perhaps being 100
80's still quite dark, but it's still relatively distinguishable. For reservoirs, what about 131, 184, 227, and 3, 3, 3, for the borders?


Actually, i’m still with the gray values, since it won’t look weird, we’ve been doing grays since the Qbam

Greece fourth levels

Southern Anatolia


I had a lot of trouble verifying the borders of the districts but the subdistricts should be OK