The Tricolor and the Dragon

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“Monsieur President, all communication seems to have been jammed with other countries”

Emmanuel Macron grimaced.

“I must declare a state of emergency, and I order attempts at contact through other means, perhaps a thermonuclear war is underway.”

With regards to nuclear weapons, there was an issue, there was none to be found. Reportedly the army was clashing with strange units East - resembling the Wehrmacht and SS of WWII. Fortunately, the lines were cut through like butter, making desert storm seem like a hard match.

“Monsieur President, look at the reports in Italy”

Evidence of mass impaling was shown. A strange flag with a dragon appeared. This couldn’t have been real. No, his cabinet must have been doing some twisted joke, and they were all in on it. The issue was, what had been shown couldn’t have been some DIY production. Something was very off. Even Putin would not reach that level of evil. The Wehrmacht has reappeared, and that was indisputable. There was of course the issue of what to do when Berlin was captured, if there was a Berlin at all.

“Gather the German ambassador. This man may is no doubt the most prominent of the Germans we have access to. Undoubtedly, he is necessary for any efforts we may pursue in Berlin. Ready any vehicles in storage for use in the frontlines. See any material we could use to create a warhead. It seems our Arsenal is gone at the moment. And watch out over the Italian border, what I see there is beyond a concern.”

His staff nodded.

Oh, how his plans must change. Germany is now the most pressing issue - politics must not be a blood sport, and whatever world they had entered, France remained a nation of the 21st century. Regardless over any border changes, a chance was there to reverse the fate of Königsberg. There is no space for expulsions in a modern Europe, though it was clear that territorially, Germany must be neutered. Perhaps a Prussian Free State? This could be decided later. And what on gods name was going on in Italy? Something had to be done in regards to there. First though, rationing must begin. The economic minister was needed, Macron thought.


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