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M-BAM currently lacks these features, which is why I am developing the HEART map which will show rivers and glaciers as well as fix the projection issues inside M-BAM
I started to fix these issues in M-BAM but realized it was such a massive task I might as well remake the whole map in robinson projection (this is kind of similar to the RQ-BAM project)

You can check the HEART thread in my bio if interested though development is still in its infancy :)
I really like your project and waiting for it, good luck & patience to you
Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic December 1940
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I don't believe this is correct either. This overlay isn't perfect but you can see there are obvious differences in shape that can't be accounted for by that.

Again some old ass maps that I managed to clean up:
The Burgundian State


in accordace with this colous scheme.

And Inner, Outer & Further Austria


See You all in an incredibly long time when I again have time to do anithing😔
I see at least one error for the Inter German border.
The border between Lower Saxony and district of Schwerin was following more the Elbe, with the municipality of Amt Neuhaus being part of Schwerin.
Here with left being just after reunification and right being the modern state borders.