The Great Humiliation in New York

Arnold's campaign into Quebec is successful and is complimented by further campaigns into Ontario and later Nova Scotia.

Cornwallis takes heavy loses to Gates at The Battle of Camden including the death Rawdon . Gates's loses are minimal. Johann De Kalb survives and the strategic victory comes from de Kalb. Gates and de Kalb continually repulse British advances from the South and force a weakened unsupported Cornwallis to capitulate what remains of his battered army.

Washington and Rochambeau siege New York. Clinton is forced to capitulate due to a French fleet blocking a possible escape.

The French/American Navy launch various raids in The British West Indies. In some areas the invasions are meet with no resistance. The various slave-holding colonies see UK's defeat as French-American ascendancy and send delegates to The Congress join the Americans.

Fearing more losses, especially a potential loss of India The UK offer to recognize not only the thirteen colonies, but cede all of British North America to US with the exception of Florida that's ceded to Spain.

This peace deal is rejected by American and French delegates. They demand the British Carribean to America and French is to be given their possessions India. The Treaty of New York is finalized in 1785. A British newspaper says of it: "This document produced in the City of New York is a great humiliation to The Crown, Parliament, and The British People. It is clear as day that Americans no longer view themselves as kin to Britions. These United States of America have declared themselves French in all but name."

What would you speculate about the British monarchy and development of UK if such events took place where Britian lost the BWI to America, and France given India?
( I don't exactly think this very likely at all to have come about, just something that occurred to me as something interesting to think about.)