the collaps of the Soviet Union


A newspaper clippings collection by ten-year old me.


Sabot Cat

Aww, that's adorable and very much in line with my interests with the historiography of this event and how it was seen at the time it happened. Will we be seeing more?


Really cool! A nice piece of history.

It would be an interesting challenge to do a TL in this authentic newspaper clipping style, where it starts out OTL but then diverges...
Really cool stuff. It's always fun to see the point of view from people who are living through major historical events.

I also second Thande's idea to make this a TL format.


Thanks for the comments.

Thande said:
A nice piece of history.

Cutting the internet up and taping it to a book just isn't the same.

This is pretty cool. It's way more detailed than what I knew as a ten-year-old.

Well I did win the school geography bee the next 4 years (elementary 5th + 6th grades, Junior High 7th and 8th - the year I did this I was in 4th grade and finished 3rd in the school). :cool:
Seeing your scrapbook makes me wish I'd saved more newspaper articles from when I was young and green. :( Still, it's nice to see that someone had the foresight to save these. :D