the best movies never made

We should expand this thread and let it live like the crosstime sweeper, instead of letting it die like the alternate video games thread. I suggest that we hold nominations for the best proposed movies in this thread a few weeks from now.

well on mine i have the genre, and the awards any film won (the Oswalds or Owens or Oscars). so a standardisation woulld be to say its genre, and any awards, w. actors/production notes extra.
These are quite fun; and great for getting story ideas, too. I'm thinking of doing a story on the Little House on the Prairie one, and maybe the Dawn of the Dead one, too. Anybody think that would be interesting?

i quite like my Pearl Harbour one, and am composing the final two films as i speak. if anyone could do posters then that would be good to.
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You forgot Escape From New York.

That is actually a comedy written and directed by the Canadian director David Croneberg. Its a dark comedy/comedy of errors about a charter bus full of businesspeople trying to get out of NYC just before the 4th July weekend, and to a convention in Atlantic City.
who can forgett Alfred Hitschcocks WW2 trillogy

A New Hope: The nazis have taken Brittain and now the USA has decided to land a force to retake the islands. The story is told from the point of wiev of a member in the glorious 1st armoured gunship division that took London with heavy casualities on both sides

The Anne Frank diaries: The shocking story about the dutch resistance leader and later nobel prize AND litterature winner who stole a lot of nazisecrets and help win the war

A bridge to far: the final assult on Berlin and how a operation that seemed to be doomed when the 18th para division landed on one of the Oder bridges instead of in Berlin and shows how they took on the german 6th army and created a diversion so that the allies could take Berlin

or the Drama Kramer vs Kramer two men struggle to find acceptance for their homosexuall love in Victorian England.

I like Fatherland: the story about a group of Hitlerjugends that is sent to stop Sjukovs army at the Seelow heights and their horrors as they are sent to laborcamps in Siberia. It has a happy ending with all of them returning to Germany, a true story about the life of chairman Kohls youth

Apollo 13: the dramatisation of the first trip to Mars

The Miracle on the ice(ooc:eek:riginally about the US hockey team win in the olympics in Lake Placid): The olympic rivallry between Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding before the 92 olympics in Ostersund in Sweden

Slapshot: the shot that was heard around the world. Late in the thrid period in the hockeyquaterfinal in the 2002 olympics in Salt Lake city Peter Forsberg fires a shot from behind his own net and goes in behind the Russian goalie Tretjak the younger. The story is about a underdog swedish team going for gold without superstars. A wery moving end when the old swedish king cries in the stand as the swedish team recives the gold medals
Crossroads: Whilst on a road trip Brittney Spears & friends suddenly find themselves at a motel on the outskirts of Brimingham (not the one in Alabama!) which is populated by people even more 1 dimensional & superficial than they are. They are menaced by wobbling walls & one of them vanished whilst looking for some sugar. Eventually the whole place goes up in flames on bonfire night but they all somehow escape & end up on the QE2. :D
"Lord of the Rings" '96 (Horror/SciFi) PG13 A mad scientist creates comtaminated wedding bands, and creates an army of undead zombie warriors/newlyweds. starring Dan O'Herlihy, Terry Farrel, and Arnold Vosloo. 98 min.

Some more film ideas

Saving Private Narayan - Bollywood tale of the rescue of a young man from an arranged marriage so he can marry his true love.

Waterloo - One man's determination to rescue his family from a London rush hour paralysed by a 0.1cm snowfall.

The Ten Commandos - Cut off by an Egyptian attack into Sinai, a group of Israeli soldiers seek refuge on Mount Sinai.

San Demetrio, London - an everyday story of an Italian restaurant

The Archers - A family saga of the Hundred Years' War

Deep Throat - A young White House intern goes beyond the call of duty while exposing a mole in the government.

All Quiet on the Western Front - dramatisation of the best-selling diary of a german soldier in France from July 1940 -May 1944.
What a Cool Concept !

The Breakfast Club-(1984) Drama/ Story about the clandestine meetings of the Kreisau Circle prior to the sucessful 1944 overthrow of the Third Reich

Sean Connery as General Beck Richard Gere as Von Stauffenburg

Days of Thunder- (1992) Action/War Fast Paced Flick about Lee's victory at the battle of the Susquehanna during the 1862 offensive.

Martin Sheen as Robert E Lee, Val Kilmer as James Longsteet and Matthew Broderrick as George McClellan

Ghost- (1990) Documentary The life and times of John Singleton Mosby
Silence of the Lambs - A coming of age feel good movie set on an Australian sheep station, staring Anthony Hopkins as a kindly sheep herder.

The Lion in Winter - A Disney film about a lion who escapes from a zoo in Fargo and spends the winter searching for his lost home.

Star Wars - A dark comedy about two Hollywood actors competing for the role of a lifetime.

Sideways - The adventures of two mismatched explorers who travel from one alternate world to another.

Million Dollar Baby - And the infant son of a billionaire oil baron who is kidnapped for a million dollar ransom.

Cromwell - A biop of Henry VIII's nortorious advisor, Thomas Cromwell.

The Godfather - a slapstick comedy of a man trying to make it to the baptism of his best friend's son on time and his many misadventures of the way.
The Postman (Bio): A feel good story about a mentaly handicapped man who overcomes all obstacles and becomes the mailman for his neighboorhood.

Animal Farm (Comedy): A hilarious sequel to the critacaly acclaimed Animal House. In this movie, frat boys from the Delta Tau Chi Fraternity travel to a rural Nebraskan farm.

Scream (Doc.): This documentary chronicles the life of Norweigan writer Edvard Munch, famous for his horror novel Scream.

The Magnificent Seven (War): This gripping (also controversial and graphic) war story follows units of the Seventh Armored Regiment as they fight their way through the Anglo-Canadian trenches during the War of 1922.

The Birth of a Nation (War): This war movie is set during the War of Succession, following General Bearuguard from his victories at First Manassas to the Siege of Balitomore.

Band of Brothers (War): This medieval war movie is set during the First Hundred Years' War, and ends with King Edward IV adressing his troops before the climactic Battle of Agincourt.
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"The Manchurian Candidate" (biopic): An inside look at the unsuccessful campaign by Liu Xingjian, the Howard Dean-esque leader of the Progressive Party, during the 1977 general elections in China. The title refers to his Northern origins, in Dongwang--a city sometimes referred to by its former name, Vladivostok.

"Good Morning Vietnam" (comedy): A hilarious depiction of daily life in the US embassy in Vietnam during gaffe-prone Barry Goldwater's stint as ambassador from 1971 to 1976. Goldwater, a onetime politician, was offered the cozy position as a "golden handshake", and it has remained since then something of a tradition to offer the ambassadorship in Vietnam, an uneventful, friendly country within China's sphere of influence, to retiring political figures.

Can someone come up with something witty about "When we were Kings"?


"West Side Story" (comedy/drama). One of the first films from Yakutia to meet international success, this 1990 movie set in the waning days of the Cold War tells the story of Soviet soldiers deployed on the Western shores of the Ienisei, across the Yakutian border near Krasnoiarsk, who watch with disbelief the military and political structure that sent them there fall apart, while on the other side of the river prosperity and consumer lifestyles become ever more conspicuous. The soldiers are played by Yakutians of White Russian descent; one of them, Alexander Lebed (Colonel Bogdanov in the movie), has since then made a name for himself in Hollywood.

Okay, the last few ideas I've come up are all related to my "Superpower Empire: China" TL. If I come up with ideas for movies either in someone else's TL or some unspecified ATL, I'll put an asterisk.
"South Pacific"-(War)- A gritty war drama, covering the Austro (Australian)-Japanese war during the Australian invasion of the philippine island of Luzon, also includes vintage war time footage of the Australian landings in Saigon, and in Indonesia. We the viewer follow the story through the eyes of two outstanding soldiers, Chief Petty officer Wiliam O'Donnely, of the RAS Alice Springs, the famous Aircraft carrier, accreditted with stemming the tide of Japanese agression at the gates of Port Moresby, and with Seargent Alan Keys, of the 42nd mountain division, famous for its exploits during the Siege of Manilla in 1938, we now find them on the brink of the greatest amphibious invasion of all time, the invasion of Malasya. This movie's very real portrayl of warfare at its most gritty, and bloody, is compared to its american counterpart, Saving Private Ryan, following the exploits of Private James Ryan of the 101 Airborne Division during the american invasion of occupied Europe, during the 1940-46 German war of Agression.
Can someone come up with something witty about "When we were Kings"?

Documentary about royal families swept from power in "spring of nations" in 1989.

The Wizzard of Oz. Documentary about witchcraft in Australia
Wild Things. Documentary about nature's most dangerous animals
Fierce creatures. Sequel to Wild Things.
The Patriot. Comedy about crew of Patriot AD battery in Kuwait.
The Untouchables. Heart rendering drama about people with leprosy.
Ray. Sci-fi flick about deadly cosmic rays threatening to destroy life on Earth.
All President's Men. Gay porn.
Night of the living dead. Examination of claims that in late 1980s around 100 people were buried alive.
Goodfellas. Docu-drama about soul group from 1970s
Patriot Games. History of US version of Olympic games.
The Sum of all Fears. aka Fear 7. Promised to be last in series of horrible slasher movies.
While You Were Sleeping. Comedy about couple of burglars who burglarise houses while their owners sleep.

Leo Caesius

Actually, you've given me an idea, Luka. Here's one for robert6165:

All the President's Men (Drama, 2005 - Dir. Oliver Stone): As the war between the states reaches its apex, Abraham Lincoln (Kevin Spacey), the sixteenth President of the United States, is forced to resign when his affair with White House intern Joshua Speed (Leonardo DeCaprio) is uncovered and publicized by Pinkerton detective Kenneth Starr (Willem Dafoe). Soundtrack by Electric Six.
THE AVIATOR (BIO) Steven Spielbergs Epic Tale of Aviatrix Amelia Earhart (Geena Davis in her Oscar Winning Role) during 1932-1969 and her adventures in Surviving her 1937 Crash off of Howland Island, China, Her Missions with Air America, and battle with Alcoholism. John Williams won another Oscar for his grand score and featuring Lucy Liu as Madame Chiang Kai Shek.... :cool:

MILLION DOLLAR BABY (TRUE LIFE - ACTION) Details Figure Skater Tonya Harding's (Kirsten Dunst)battle against corruption in the USFSL and her survival from a near crippling attack from goons out to silence her. Morgan Freeman stars as Charlie Rangel who took up her cause in DC and helped in her success in becoming Senator in 2000. Also starring Hillary Swank as Nancy Kerrigan who pleaded guilty to her role in the 1992 attack and confrontation scene with Harding in the Court Room rivals that of Charles Laughton & Marlene Dietrich in WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION. Skillfully directed by Clint Eastwood...

RAY (SPECULATION) - Oliver Stone's comeback film starring Billy Bob Thorton as the alleged assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr James Earl Ray . Jamie Foxx stars as Dr. King and Viveca Fox in her Golden Globe Nominated Role as Coretta Scott King. Thornton plays the befuddled yet determined Ray as he tries to maintain his innocence with the help of Chris Rock as King's son. Their efforts are hampered by a silent conspiracy from Washington DC and Alan Alda plays a sinister Southern Senator out to stop them with the help of a Federal Judge (Nicole Kidman in a cameo)...
Mississippi Burning- A chilling story of the events leading up too the horrific francophone napalm attack in the 2nd colonial war.

Moonraker-A spoof documentary on the squat miners in the height of the frontier era. Regarded as the pinnacle of the sinister era arthouse now, it was at the time of release called unpatriotic and ungodly and widely panned by critics.
Philadelphia - the epic retelling of a decisive XVIth-century battle in which the Byzantine and Hungarian troops finally overcame the Ottoman advance in Asia Minor. Of some note is what appears like primitive helicopters above the musket-armed troops on the cover...

Independence Day - A powerful, emotionally gripping coming-of-age story of group of four teenage orphans, set in the ruins of post-World War II San Francisco.

Apocalypse Now - An in-depth study of heavy metal's rise from its humble beginnings to a culture-crossing phenomenon. Featuring all-new interviews with the likes of Bon Scott, Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, and three surviving members of Black Sabbath.

Waterworld - A hit comedy about three bumbling friends' misadventures at the Florida attraction. Featuring Ronald Reagan's last performance as the park's unscrupulous owner.
A Few More

Wayne's World 1992 (War) Action Flick about Major John Wayne's expliots in the Army Air Corps and his dropping the 1st atomic bomb on the Ruhr in 1944

Harrison Ford as John Wayne

Superman 1978 (Drama) German Film about 1st Fuehrer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler and his life as leader of the victorious axis 1889-1959

An Officer and a Gentleman 1982 (Biography) Story of British General Robert E Lee of the Dominion of Virginia focusing on his efforts during the Crimean War.

Sir Alec Guiness As Robert E Lee
One Wife for Seven Brothers: a scandalous musical about fraternal polygamy in Oregon.

Pearl Harbour: the final days of the life of Lt. James Cook, RN.

Meet the Ockers: an American fugitive hooks up with an Australian girl and is taken in by her family.

Motherland: a pseudohistorical account of a Cheka officer's quest to show an ignorant world the true horrors of the Final Pogrom in Czarist Russia.