the best movies never made


Black Hawk Down: The story of the death of Black Hawk and his army at the Battle of Bad Axe River.

The Final Countdown: The USS California (BBBN-81) is transported back in time to June 3, 1942; just two days before the American Seventh Fleet is ambushed at Midway in a nighttime assault by the Japanese battleships.

Grey Wolf

All from my collection :-

Minority Report - the Life and Times of Supreme Court Judge Scalia

Altered States - the story of the CSA's victory in the ACW

Die Hard - a comedic ensemble of famous deaths during sexual intercourse

Grey Wolf
Thande said:
Shouldn't that be 'polyandry'?
Polyandry is a form of polygamy, distinguished from the more familiar (Muslim and Mormon) form of polygyny. And the title of the movie should be One Bride for Seven Brothers. Forgive the error.
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"Howard's End"* (biopic): the story of British Dictator-for-life Michael Howard, from his rise in Thatcher's shadow and takeover of Downing Street in the wake of her resignation in 1990, to his overthrow by the Democratic Coalition in 2003. The movie adheres to the controversial theory according to which his subsequent suicide before he could be brought to trial was "assisted" by US secret agents.

"There's Something about Mary"* (biopic): the troubled life of Mary, Queen of Scots, seen from the perspective of her retainers.


Grey Wolf said:
Die Hard - a comedic ensemble of famous deaths during sexual intercourse
"Die Hard 1" would have to be about French President Félix Faure, who died in the arms of his mistress in 1899.
"Die Hard 2" would be about... well, there is someone we all know who has 'died' during intercourse...
The Replacements - The story of the American cricket team which became the first side to win a Test cricket series in Australia for 11 years in 2004. The title refers to the fact that seven of the original touring party refused to Australia, due to a contract dispute. This led to the recall from retirement of Al Johns, the legendary American batsman who had led the US to its first World Cup cricket title in 1996, as well as the selection of leg-spinning sensation Yash Reddy, at the age of 19.

Bowling for Columbine - Charming teen comedy, based on the acclaimed novel by Dylan Kiebold, describing his upbringing in the town of Columbine. Directed by comedy king Michael Moore.
KILL BILL - Director Michael Moore's Controversial 2004 Golden Globe winning bio of Presidential Assassin Leon Czolgosz (Sean Penn) and his life leading up to the shooting of President William "Bill" McKinley (Brian Dennehy) in `1901. :mad:

Moore also caused a firestorm when he alleged that VP Teddy Roosevelt (William Berrenger)planned out the Murder with the help of a sinsiter cabal of industrialists (Quentin Tarantino, David Carradine, and Harvey Keitel). :eek:

Penn portrays the little known Czolgosz with a tinge of understanding and sympathy that gives the historically challenged viewer a better of the man overshadowed by Lee Harvey Oswald, Sara Jane Moore, and John Wilkes Booth...

Uma Thurman plays Roosevelt's Wife who tries to reason out her Husbands scheme and is frustrated by Post Victorian Mores regarding a Woman's place in the American Gilded Age. Her performance helped win her a Oscar Nomination as well...

Look for Richard Dreyfus in a small role as Secretary John Hay, Former Disney Child Star Stevie Nicks as McKinley's tragic epileptic Wife, and Singer Winona Ryder as Czolgosz's childhood sweetheart Janiska in a cameo as well :eek:

KILL BILL is noted more for its Soundtrack which features such artists as Sheryl Crow and The Natalie Maines Trio doing moving covers of 1900's era tunes
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My Movies

Titanic (HISTORICAL)-This is the movie that did more than anything to wreck Oliver Stone's career. Made in 1997, the movie alleges that the White Star Line switched the nameplates on the Olympic and the Titanic so that they could replace the damaged former ship with the latter. Then, Captain Smith was encouraged by Bruce Ismay, the Star Line president, to run through the ice fields fast so as to strike an iceberg. This cost about $100 million to make and it was a deserved flop. Indeed, it ended Stone's career in Hollywood. James Cameron showed how it could be done with the film A Night to Remember two years later.

City On Fire (DOCUDRAMA)-This movie details the nuclear terrorist attacks on New York City on 9-11 by North Korea and Al-Qaeda and the response to the attack by the McCain administration. Several scenes are really graphic and disturbing in nature. This examination of the events before, during, and after the attack is the best documentary so far on why the attacks happened.

Farenheit 9-11 (DOCUMENTARY)-Probably the worst documentary about the 9-11 nuclear attacks on NYC, the makers use dubious evidence and even steal scenes from City on Fire. The movie implies that the attacks were allowed to happen so that the US could construct a Central Asian pipeline and get rid of the North Korean threat. The film wrecked Michael Moore's career. Read Christopher Hitchens's piece in The New Yorker effectively refuting this theory. In addition, the film was withdrawn from theaters after the makers of City on Fire sued the makers of this movie. Avoid this if you can.


"Six Days, Seven Nights" (political thriller): based on the memoirs of Krishna Gosvatra, a former Indian diplomat, this film offers an insider's perspective on the high-level, high-strung negociations between Britain, China and representatives of both the Congress Party and the Muslim League in 1946-1947 that would lead to the independence of India as a unified state. The negociations culminated in a nonstop weeklong session in March 1947, one of the most intense diplomatic moment in the history of the 20th century. The film reveals how China's diplomatic clout narrowly avoided the attempt, covertly supported by the British, to create a separate Muslim-majority state.

"One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"* (war): the story of the Allied bombing raid on Berchtesgaden, which killed Hitler on August 30, 1944, and led to the surrender of Germany two weeks later.
Canadian Bacon - An inside look at Kevin Bacon's attempts to be a convincing Cannuck. Co-Stars William Shatner, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey & Mike Myers. Sound track features Alanis Morrisette, Bryan Adams & Avril Lavegne.
The day after tomorrow: Tom Hanks is the mad sientist that is out to create a doomstayweapon to destroy the sun and destroy the earth. Meg Ryan is his wife that tries to talk him out of it. Leonardo Di Caprio plays the CIA agent that leads the hunt.

Catch me if you can: Kevin Bacon is Adolf Hitler as he escapes from his bunker during the end of ww2 and how every allied agent is hunting him, Sean Connory is the brittish MI6 agent that has to team up with a younger american agent played by Ben Affleck. Jodie Foster does the best Eva Braun ever seen. The movie ends just before the trial and continues in

Nuremberg: Kevin Bacon returns as Adolf Hitler as he stand trial for crimes against humanity and Alec Baldwin playes justice Robert H. Jackson that leads the trial. Brian Cox make Goering look like the troubled man he was testifying against Hitler to save his life. The ending with Hitler in Mosocow Zoo fighting a chmapnsee actually happened, although the fight didnt end like in the movie
FIELD OF DREAMS - Steven Spielbergs homage to the Tuskegee Airmen and how they overcame Racism, Government Opposition, and Military Incompetence while training in Alabama. Starring Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Ossie Davis as General Benjamin O. Davis, and Kathy Bates as Eleanor Roosevelt

DEAD CALM - Nicole Kidman's breakout role as a Australian Police Detective sent to San Francisco to help out recently divorced and bitter S.F. P.D. Detective (Billy Zane) in tracking a Female Serial Killer (Sharon Stone) who murdered an Australian Counsulate Official (Sam Neill) with her weapon of choice - an monogrammed ice pick...Kidman is put through a series of psychological Cat and Mouse games by Stone's clever and methodical killer. Jerry Goldsmith's Musical score is one of the most effective parts of this movie especially when Kidman confronts Stone on a disabled Sailboat in Frisco Bay in a thick fog....

DEAD CALM also caused a huge storm of controversy for portraying both Kidman and Stone's characters as closeted Lesbians whose neuroses are a result of their hidden lifestyle....Both Actresses would later appear in the apology film BASIC INSTINCTwhich told of Virginia Woolf's (Kidman)romance with an American Writer (Stone) in 1920's England... :D


"O Brother, where art thou?" (biopic): a fictionalized account of the life of President Jack Kennedy (1964-1972), who lost his brother John, the first Kennedy to run (unsuccessfully) for the White House, to disease in 1965. A highly popular President, his two terms coincided with an unprecedented period of prosperity in US history.

There's a movie called "The Two Towers". Does anyone know what it's about?
The Empire Strikes Back: The award winning movie describing the campaign orchestrated by Augustus in his declining years to re-conquer Germania after the defeat of the Varus' Legions.
Star Wars: A movie depicting Hollywood infighting during the government's purge of anti-Communist activists.
Crocodile Dundee: Bio-pic of Allan Dundee, the trade union worker who led the Communist uprising in Australia in the eraly 1930s. Nicknamed the Crocodile because of his ferocious temper, he is seen as one of the most influential figures in modern Australian history. Chronicles his life as a Sydney dock worker, to his setting up of the Sydney Soviet, to his death in 1934 during the Battle of Bondi Beach. Stars Russel Crowe as Dundee, Charlize Theron as his wife Mary, Nicole Kidman as his mistress Sarah James, and Anthony Hopkins as Australian Prime Minister Joseph Lyons.


"Elektra"* (drama): Lars Von Trier's adaptation of the eponymous play by Sophocles, starring Keira Knightley as Elektra, Johnny Depp as Orestes and Harvey Keitel as Aegystus. Directed according to the stringent rules of Dogma, and entirely played in the original classical Greek, this 2003 film surprisingly failed to attract a significant audience despite the all-star cast. Critics have unsuccessfully pondered why Lars Von Trier decided to introduce the character of Tiresias, the blind seer, in the story, and to have him have an affair with Elektra.
Hendryk said:
There's a movie called "The Two Towers". Does anyone know what it's about?

i have seen it. its a documentury about the twin towers that hold the bridge over Gibraltar and how some terrorist organisations tried to destroy it last year with a oiltanker.
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At least!!!

Casablanca (in US The White Castle)- old spanish movie about bittered escapee from Germany, wrecked by Soviet invasion in 1938, meeting his long-lost love in a neutral country. The movie title refers to meaning of name of nation's capital, Belgrade.