Talons Outstretched: A Tale of Two Americas

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2020 Pacific States Presidential Race info Pre-Oregon and Green and Godspeed Polling
Full List of Presidential Candidates for the 2020 Pacific States Presidential Race

Vice President Alec Baldwin (D-LI)
Governor Steve Jobs (D-OR)
Representative Lin Manuel Miranda (D-PR)
Former Senator Willard Romney (I-UT)
Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)
Former Governor Martin Anthony Gravel (D-AK)
Businessman Zoltan Istvan (D-CA)
Businessman Alex Rodriguez (D-LI) (ENDORSED BALDWIN)
Mayor Jay Inslee (D-WA) (ENDORSED JOBS)
Former Representative Marriane Williamson (D-CA) (ENDORSED MIRANDA)
Attorney General Ron Reagan Jr. (D-CA) (ENDORSED BALWIN)

Former President Dwayne Johnson (R-HI)
Former Governor Roger Hedgecock (R-CA)
Governor Peter King (R-LI)
Businessman Sam Hagar (R-CA)
Colonel Lisa Jaster (R-AZ)
Governor Mia Bourdeau (R-PR)
Former Representative Ben Lujan (R-NV)
Former Governor John Kitzhaber (R-OR)
Territorial Governor Kelsey Grammar (R-VI)
Doctor Matt Shea (R-WA)

Senator Ricardo Rossello (R-PR) (ENDORSED BOURDEAU)
Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) (NO ENDORSEMENT)
Representative Adam Laxalt (R-NV)
Senator Mat Erpelding (R-ID) (ENDORSED HEDGECOCK)
Representative Lee Zeldin (R-LI) (ENDORSED KING
Author Michelle Robinson-Ferry (I-LI) (ENDORSED JASTER)
State Attorney General Kenny Inouye (R-HI) (ENDORSED JOHNSON)

State Senator Lisa Murkowski (G-AK)
City Councilman Kurt Cobain (G-WA)
Professor Howie Hawkins (G-CA)
Farmer Pro-Earth (formerly Marvin Richardson) (G-ID)
Governor Mike Simpson (R-ID)
Reverend Stephen Colbert (R-NV)
Lawyer Kamala Harris (R-CA)
Businesswoman Marillyn Hewson (I-CA)
Singer Marshall Mathers (I-NV)
Professional Poker Player and Author Craig Fiato (I-NV)
Mayor Richard Riordan (I-ID)

List of Primary and Caucus Dates

Oregon Primary 2/15
Alaska Caucus 2/18
Hawaii Caucus 3/9
Idaho Primary 3/23
Utah Primary 3/23
Washington Primary 3/23
US Virgin Islands Primary 3/23
Arizona Primary 3/23
Puerto Rico Primary 3/23
Long Island Primary 3/23
Guam Caucus 4/6
Nevada Caucus 4/20
California Primary 4/27
American Samoa Caucus 5/4

Oregon Primary 2/15
Alaska Caucus 2/18
Long Island Primary 3/16
Guam Caucus 3/16
Utah Primary 3/16
Hawaii Caucus 3/23
Idaho Primary 3/23
Washington Primary 3/23
US Virgin Islands Primary 3/23
Arizona Primary 3/23
Puerto Rico Primary 3/23
Nevada Caucus 4/20
California Primary 4/27
American Samoa Caucus 4/27

All States and Territories hold Primaries on 3/9

All States and Territories hold Primaries on 3/26

Excelsior College Poll 2/9 Sample: 1400 Green Party Members Nationwide
Lisa Murkowski 42%
Kurt Cobain 37%
Howie Hawkins 15%
Pro-Earth 2%
Undecided 4%
Boise State University Head to Head Frontrunner Poll 2/3 Sample: 250 Green Party Members Nationwide
Kurt Cobain 52%
Lisa Murkowski 48%
Internal Murkowski Poll 2/3 Sample: 688 Green Party Members in Alaska
Lisa Murkowski 61%
Kurt Cobain 29%
Howie Hawkins 9%
Pro-Earth 1%
Excelsior College Poll 1/29 Sample: 500 Likely Godspeed Voters Nationwide
Simpson 76%
Colbert 11%
Harris 2%
Undecided 11%
Dem, Rep, and GE polling will be up another time ;)
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Pre Oregon Primary Polling
Crystal Clear Politics Generic Democrat vs Generic Republican, 2/11, among 700 nationwide voters
Republican 45%
Democratic 42%
Undecided 13%
Redwood University “Would you most likely vote for this person over a generic nominee of the opposite party?”, 2/9, among 1000 nationwide voters
Johnson 55%
Hedgecock 47%
King 50%
Hagar 49%
Jaster 48%
Baldwin 50%
Jobs 50%
Miranda 46%
Romney 41%
Murray 50%
Excelsior College poll “Who would you vote for if these were the candidates?”, 2/9, among 1000 nationwide voters
Johnson 39%
Baldwin 36%
Murkowski 6%
Simpson 4%
Hewson 2%
Riordan 1%
Undecided 12%

Excelsior College poll “Who would you vote for if these were the candidates?”, 2/9, among 1000 nationwide voters
Jobs 40%
Hedgecock 36%
Cobain 5%
Hewson 2%
Colbert 1%
Riordan 1%
Undecided 15%

Forward America Poll Istvan vs Generic Republican poll, 2/1, among 250 nationwide voters
Istvan 67%
Generic Republican 33%
UPortland Oregon Republican Primary Polling, 2/12 among 1200 Registered Oregon Republicans (28 Delegates at Stake)
Dwayne Johnson 27.6% 9 Delegates
Peter King 17.2% 5 Delegates
Roger Hedgecock 15.2% 4 Delegates
Lisa Jaster 14.4% 4 Delegates
Mia Bourdeau 8.1% 2 Delegates
Sam Hagar 7.1% 2 Delegates
Matt Shea 4.9% 1 Delegate
John Kitzhaber 3.4% 1 Delegate
Kelsey Grammar 1.2%
Ben Lujan 0.9%
UPortland Oregon Democratic Primary Polling, 2/12 among 1200 registered Oregon Democrats (28 Delegates at Stake)
Steve Jobs 33.6% 10 Delegates
Alec Baldwin 24.7% 7 Delegates
Lin Manuel Miranda 20.2% 6 Delegates
Willard Romney 9.1% 3 Delegates
Patty Murray 8.3% 2 Delegates
Martin Anthony Gravel 2.3%
Zoltan Istvan 1.8%
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Aggregate News Headlines from 2/13
Mainstream Pacific News Stories
Los Angeles Times:
Four White Guys Walk into a Bar: The lack of diversity in this years Democratic Political Race by Elizabeth Heng
Los Angeles Times: In the Hall of Guns and Sorrow: The Story of One Victim of the Dangerous Culture of Yreka Military Academy by Joan Smith
San Francisco Herald: Everything you need to know about tomorrow’s Oregon Primaries by Butch Hartman
Seattle Observer: The Orcas vs The Blues: Everything you need to know about the years biggest Association Football Match, this weekends Daisy Cup by Hedy Fry
STAR News: The Land of Fries and Smiles: Inside Provo’s newest hit restaurant, Fryday by Jim Matheson
Portland Examiner: The Coldest Winter Yet: The Where, When, Whys, and How’s about this Weekends Upcoming Storm by Benjamin Backer
Mainstream Workers States News Stories
New York Worker:
The Privilege to Vote Liberal by Colin Powell
New York Worker: Actress Susan Ford dies in Car Accident by Connie Chung
Montreal Rose: Pro Independence State Legislator Simon Jolin-Barrette arrested for Corruption by Michel Trudeau
Boston Laborer: President Warren Considers Privatizing the National Rail Service by Rick Tisei
Philadelphia Times: Philly City Council Halved as Six Councilpersons Arrested for Embezzlement Charges by Sue Bird
Atlanta Worker: Governor Abrams ranked as Nation’s Least Corrupt Governor by the Bush Center for Political Reform by Jason Aldean
Toronto Day: Sewage Mismanagement in the GTA leads to unrest in Central Toronto by Doug Ford
Mainstream Foreign News Stories
A Day to Feel Free: How the passage of the Freedom of Identity Act is Already Uplifting Britain’s Transgender Community by Luke Anderson
BBC: Australian President Katter Meets With Indonesian President in Landmark Summit by Joanne Rowling
RCBC: Parliament Enshrines New Endangered Species Protection Laws by Dan Curtis
Chrysanthemum News: Emperor Akihito Oversees Construction of New Aircraft Carrier by Junichi Masuda
Alsawt: Arar falls to Wahabbist Militias by Fayyadh Al Ruwaili
Fringe News Stories
Charlottesville Citizen:
Why it is vital for you to vote “yes” come March 5th by Val Docherty
La Liberator: Government crackdown on yet another protest, when will Mexico realize syndicalism is the way forward? by Anonymous
The Warrior of Windsor: President John and the Moral Decline of Britain by Charlie Kirk
Japan Uncensored: Inside Room 111 and Japan’s Chemical Experiments by Keenan Dunham
The Exiled Yankee: J. Trudeau and the resurgence of the claws of Vanguardism by Clint Eastwood

Oregon Primary results up later
Oregon Primary and Alaska Caucus Results
Oregon Primary (28 Delegates)

Steve Jobs 35.1% 11 Delegates
Alec Baldwin 24.1% 7 Delegates
Lin Manuel Miranda 20.9% 6 Delegates
Willard Romney 8.0% 2 Delegates
Patty Murray 7.9% 2 Delegates
Martin Anthony Gravel 2.7%
Zoltan Istvan 1.3%

Dwayne Johnson 27.5% 9 Delegates
Peter King 16.8% 5 Delegates
Roger Hedgecock 16.1% 5 Delegates
Lisa Jaster 14.9% 4 Delegates
Mia Bourdeau 8.0% 2 Delegates
Sam Hagar 7.3% 2 Delegates
Matt Shea 5.2% 1 Delegate
John Kitzhaber 2.3%
Kelsey Grammar 1.1%
Ben Lujan 0.8%

-Gravel drops out, endorses Miranda!
-Bourdeau drops out, endorses King!
-Kitzhaber drops out, endorses Hedgecock!
-Lujan drops out, endorses Johnson!
Alaska Caucus (5 Delegates)

Alec Baldwin 46.1% 3 Delegates
Steve Jobs 20.2% 1 Delegate
Willard Romney 13.8% 1 Delegate
Lin Manuel Miranda 8.2%
Patty Murray 6.9%
Zoltan Istvan 4.8%

Dwayne Johnson 30.3% 2 Delegates
Roger Hedgecock 29.8% 2 Delegates
Peter King 13.2% 1 Delegate
Lisa Jaster 9.4%
Sam Hagar 8.5%
Matt Shea 6.8%
Kelsey Grammar 2.0%