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During the turmoil of the Latin American independence movement, only one nation had declared itself independent peacefully and had not suffered the destruction of the movement for Independence: The Republic of Central America.


Flag of The Republic of Central America

1821 - 1830: The Capitancy General of Guatemala had declared independence positioning itself as the Provisional Government of Central America, lead by the well off and the local elites and apparently scheming with the jefe politico superior or the Governor of the Capitancy General. In Guatemala city they would sign the Declaration of independence and declare that Central America is to be a republic not a monarchy. With that a Temporary Junta would be in place as they write the constitution and transition itself into a fully functioning republic. The Junta will be composed of Gabino Gainza the former jefe politico superior, Jose Matias Delgado a priest and a Doctor, Jose Cecilio del Valle mayor of Guatemala city, and Manuel Jose Arce the niece of Matias Delgado the other member of the triumvirate. They would govern in Guatemala city for the meanwhile.

By December, a huge army from the Mexico under Vicente Filisola is just right at the border, and had already invaded and occupied Los Altos. As the Republic of Mexico under Agustin Iturbide had claims on the land. Iturbide also invited Central America to join Mexico, but the Junta refused. They wanted assurance that Mexico will not invade there and return back Los Altos province, which Iturbide flat out denied to return back the land. But did assure that they will not invade. With that seeing the vulnerability of Guatemala city as a capitol city due to its close range towards the Mexican border, as Mexico could just send an army and head there quickly, possibly even quicker than their forces to arrive and defend. They had decided to move the capitol to San Salvador, where it is in the middle of the country and in a less threatening position to fall quickly to Mexican forces, if they ever invaded. But of course, this created unrest but the local militia force and authorities alongside their newly formed ragtag hastily raised army supressed any unrest and prevented a rebellion from taking up place in Guatemala.

They would later sign the Treaty of San Salvador, ceding Los Altos to Mexico, and a non aggression pact. The lost of their territory was unacceptable to many Guatemalans with that they rebelled and managed to occupy many towns, including Guatemala city. But they were quickly supressed by an army lead by Manuel Jose Arce.

In the constitutional convention, there were two factions dominating the scene, the Centralists and the Federalists. With the centralist having a small earned majority, they had triumphed over the Federalist who wanted a weaker central government as oppose to their goal of a strong central government. Meanwhile the other side of the debate, the pro clerical and the secularists, the secularists prevailing. They will later write a very liberal and progressive centralist constitution at that time, with the government centralized in the capitol in San Salvador, and secularized, alongside the guarantee of democracy, rights and freedom to all citizens; both active, and passive, the most radical of all is the recognition of women as equal to a man like the right to own property and run for office, and gave all men and women who can read and write Spanish and if they pay 50 Silver Pesos or at least 400 Reales or 25 Gold Escudo for land and property taxes. Introduce direct elections. And three serperate branches of the government, the legislative of a unicameral congress, the executive with a President, and a Judiciary seperate to each other. With Elected officials serving an 8 year term, also allowing them for reelection.

With the constitution at place, and it begins a transitional period, whereas Jose Cecilio del Valle will win the Presidential election, meanwhile Manuel Jose Arce will be elected as Vice President. They were elected by a coaltion of moderates under the leadership of Arce and the conservatives under the leadership of Valle. One of the first laws ever passed was the introduction of new direct taxes, everyone above 21 should pay a head tax of 4 pesos. Introduce new sales tax, value added tax, and increase the existing sales taxes. To help raise revenue and fund the new state. To curry up and maintain friendly relationship with the church, the Valle government would sign an agreement that in exchange for five million silver Pesos grant and another five million in zero interest loans, and another 11 million on loans with interest rates on 4% constant, the government will not attempt to touch and seize any church land and property. This would give the government much needed cash to run and develop the country for a while. Alongside taxation, the government also begin disbanding the military to a smaller scale, whereas they would get monetary compensation, and with land that is unused and undevelopped. In exchange they are to make the land productive so that it will give revenue to the government. Aside from the government had strarted giving land grants to many if they are to homestead and make the land productive. Whereas this would increase the production of indigo and coffee for export giving much needed revenue to sustain itself, and pay of its debts. The government would also start building roads and highways connecting, major towns, cities, villages all over the country. To make it profitable, they also placed tolls on it to have the money to help pay for maintainance, and profit.

He would later handle power to his vice president in 1830, due to health reasons, making Manuel Jose Arce the new president.

In the orient, inspired by the Republic of Central America the Philippines had also organized a bloodless overthrow of the colonial authority. Under the leadership of the Palermo brothers, they had overthrew the Spanish colonial government in Manila, gathering many support from the Principalia, Chinese mestizo, mestizo and the criollo elites and well of people. By 1824 they are a completely independent republic. Aside from that, the Chinese emperor would later decree that they would only be opening trade to the westerners, but to only Filipino citizens giving them near monopoly on all of trade from China, as smuggling ensues in the Indian and Russian border. With that a few moments later, the Filipinos realized that they already lost their main supply of silver as Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia alongside them are already independent, with that they had tried negotiations with them. Aside from that they found out that the Chinese apparently liked opium so they begin cultivating and planting huge amounts of opium for export to China, also beating the Chinese and British EIC grown opium on quality. Giving them needed cash and bringing them to prosperity as the opium trade had given them enough money that they went into a huge surplus, resulting into them paying off their debts. The Daoguang Emperor would phase out restrictions on opium, therefore a yearly 240,000 chests of opium grown and manufactured from the Philippines will be exported to China on average annually, by the late 1820s and beyond.

In Bolivia meanwhile, they had nationalized all silver, guano, and saltpeter production to leverage the British into helping them in their finances and fix their finances, technically with all other options unavailable as Mexico is still recovering and a bit unstable and Peru being an unstable mess, Chile and Argentina on war and often on civil wars they had no choice but to mainly import Bolivian silver, whereas the Bolivian government under Andres de Santa Cruz .As of that had improved the state of the finances and other sectors country very much. As now they have access to huge grants and access to huge low interest loans from the British. Which they used to rebuild from the destruction of the independence wars develop their country further. Therefore creating economic stability

The three nations would prosper for now...


1: Central America must stay united towards the modern day, at the very least they should have Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in it all of them together

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I remember the rules at Louis XVII Collab TL so i just mainly copied it

Technically i just did that long update so we'll already have some kind of idea on what happened and consolidate central america also to act like some kind of introduction first part idk what to call it
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Two Adventuerers?
Outside Mexico City, Late 1821

"The closer we get, the more it seems like a bad idea." Benjamin Milam said from his spot across the fire. The flames highlighted the tired lines on his face, the smoke from his pipe easily joining with the general smoke of the campfire in front of them.

"No, the bad idea was following Jim as long as we did." Responded José Félix Trespalacios, referring to James Long.

"You're not wrong. I tried my best, moving him in with the refugees by the sea. We need to lay low, bide our time. But Jim just wants the fight, I guess." Ben shrugged, taking another drag on the pipe. José laughed at this comment.

"What we need is jobs that pay real money. It'll be a tense few weeks while they sort us out in jail. But Mexico is fragile. Iturbide could use us better as soldiers than as unmarked graves." José responded. It was quiet for a moment, both men just staring at the fire in quite a self-pitying way. Ben shrugged.

"Seems kind of like joining the enemy." Ben managed. José shook his head, holding out a hand for Ben to pass the pipe. He took a second to take a long drag before handing it back.

"That's the kind of thinking that is going to get Jim and everyone following him killed. I thought you were a reasonable man, Ben." José said after a moment, "We do live in the real world, after all."

"I know, and I'm not harboring some fantasy that we'll pull a miracle out of this one. But... he's keen on stepping on the necks of every piece of the old Spanish colonies. And I'd rather not be the boot." Ben finally explained. José took a moment to consider this, and they spent a peaceful silence in thought.

"What do you suggest, then?" José finally asked, his interest peaked. Ben smiled, turning and looking both ways before pulling out a paper. He didn't show it to José at first.

"Remember the weather in Yucatan?" Ben asked. José shook his head.

"I remember being drenched to the bone. Not recommended." José said with a shrug. Ben smiled, flipping the paper over and handing it to José.

"Well maybe we just didn't go far enough south."

The paper held an early report from Guatemala. Apparently they had declared independence from the Spanish Empire... separate from Mexico.. The duo looked at each other, fire finally glowing brighter.

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ITTL they did not get annexed after they declare independence, and Iturbide is President and Mexico is a republic
Got it. The wiki was kind of confusing as it used "Mexican" & "Spanish" interchangeably.

Maybe something like "Declared independence from the Spanish Empire... separate from Mexico."