SFP January book releases.

The first of the SFP book releases is now available.

Arrows of Desire. This is book 4 of the Building Jerusalem series, set in the 1920s in a world in which WWI never quite started. The action has shifted to Persia, and things seem to be settling into a routine. Maybe.


Books 1-3 (Green and Pleasant Land; Clouds Unfold; Burning Gold) can be found here.

A big shout out to Anastasia Nikolova, who does amazing covers.
The second of the books in this month's launch has gone live.

The Statue of Liberty, Brad Rousse.
Written by a former ranger at the site, the book covers the history and background of this most iconic of American locations.

And the third book in the month's launches has gone live.

The Cave Between Worlds, by Andy Cooke.


This is book 1 of the much acclaimed Shadowlands Chronicles. Science meets fantasy as five teenagers discover a link between the Prime World and the Shadowlands.