Red Flood

Noticed that there wasn't a thread for this, so I'm making one.

For those who don't know, Red Flood is a Hearts of Iron IV mod, originally a spin-off of the Kaiserreich mod before spinning off into its own thing. In it, no one really wins WWI, creating a world where a successful Spartacist Revolution turned Germany into a Communist state, France was overtaken by the radical ideology of Futurism led by avant-garde art movements, and Russia became a right-wing dictatorship under Alexander Kolchak.

Anyone want to share their experiences with this game, or ideas in general?
So I found this:

Judgment Day: Aftermath of the Red Flood

The world has changed. Since the events of 1913, the world has spiraled into something unrecognizable. Europe sped into madness, chasing a future that never ends. The Slavs returned to their roots, however ancient, embracing the past. The last torch of freedom in America has collapsed from the strain of its misery, leading new names to take up the mantle of America. The Orient has cast away its old chains, now united for socialism and brotherhood. The nations in between scrounge for what they can in the maelstrom of this new world. The future and past collide, while the ashes of the old world burn into the earth. With the world growing heated and chaotic, and with each passing day, humanity spins closer to its Judgment Day. The world has changed, the world is changing...

Judgment Day is a Red Flood-based cold war mod for Hearts of Iron IV. It seeks to build upon the world and ideas of Red Flood for an experience unlike any other.

Oh man, I remember iSorrowProductions playing this a couple times. The first one he played as France and the whole scenario started to seem like a fever dream. Wildly entertaining world and scenario building in the mod but realism kind of went out the window.