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This Forum IS NOT for current politics (e.g. Threads involving CURRENT political figures or issues). This includes issues like Abortion, modern Gun Control, current Israel related issues/actions, etc.

If you have ANY question in your mind if something might be Current Politics in nature, it almost certainly is.

DO NOT POST CURRENT POLITICAL threads/comments in this Forum. Period. Dot. Full Stop.

At a minimum any such threads will be locked going forward, with specific additional action as needed. Individual's who attempt to hijack threads into current politics are subject to appropriate and progressive Mod attention.

The rule exists to prevent flame wars and posting that is contrary to Board Policy. Those rules are somewhat more relaxed in Chat. That is why current political debates should be posted there.

A Clarification of this policy has been requested by a member with an extend T/L that is now reaching current day, both for his T/L and others.

The bottom line is you can't have Obama or Trump or Sanders, et al running around. You CAN discuss the election of 2016/20/22 etc. but not with actual current politicians. You need to avoid current "hot button" issues, including Abortion, Immigration, Gun Control in your T/L like the Pox.

Keep in mind the reason this policy exists, and has for well over a decade - Current political threads/posts derail threads, start flame wars, and result in avoidable Mod Actions. As we all know the Board's policies regarding overly robust debate are... somewhat loosened in Chat (which is also why a LOT of members avoid the Chat Forum like an IRS audit). That allows the sort of posting that WILL get action anywhere else on the Board.
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