Pro Aris et Pro Focis (P&S: New York City)

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    I'm sorry I even brought it up.
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    Since you brought it up - he went to the Head of the PSU Police Dept, and as I pointed out that the State College PD HAD A TAPED CONFESSION and did nothing, just what the fuck do you think he should have done? Tome Corbett was PA Attorney General and knew about it and did nothing.
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    Please. This has nothing to do with this story.
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    Dropping, this is an outstanding story and I dislike distracting from it
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    Bombers aren't the only reserve component: SLBMs play a role. Once SIOP-or the Red SIOP-is issued, the missile sub commanders open their orders. Some would be tasked to launch, others would be instructed to "await further orders." Some U.S. missile subs were tasked with hitting air defense targets, for example, to give the bombers an easier ride to their targets. Soviet boomers-the Yankees and Deltas off the coasts, were assigned to take out SAC bases, to give another example. Others would be told to await orders, and or to launch only after a certain date and time. And USN fast-attack boats with TLAM-N could also be used in this manner.
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    I'll drop it, too. I'm sorry I even asked the question and I won't do so again.

    GAB-1955, how far do you plan on taking this (over 15,000 words already)?

    Looking forward to the next update.
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    Do not troll! Don't sidetrack this thread! Do show GAB some respect and stop now, please!
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    You have nothing to be sorry for. IMO, it's Kinkster who owes GAB the apology.

    I'm done as well.

    I found this last update intriguing GAB.
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    Part 20: Three Questions, One Van, No Answer

    Thursday, 16 February 1984
    68th Precinct

    Detective Bruno Wallerstein, Detective Paul King, and Detective Alberto Gomez Rubio had spent the morning canvassing the streets of the Bay Ridge neighborhood. They asked three questions:

    "Do you know anything about the white van with Pennsylvania plates that was here Tuesday morning?"

    "Do you see what happened when Lefty and Big Boy tried to approach the van?

    "Where is Lefty now?"

    They knew where Marcel 'Big Boy' Wilkins was: in the King County morgue, pending release to his relatives for a funeral. Wilkins had been 22. He had been doing time in juvie since he was 14 for assault and armed robbery. He had just gotten out of Riker's Island for six months of a year for robbing a drug dealer of his stash.

    Lefty? Records showed two men with that nickname that Big Boy had associated with. Dewayne 'Lefty' Cass and William 'Lefty' Pearsons. Cass was a strong-arm man, about 5'10", 220 pounds, who had a record only shorter than Big Boy's. Pearsons was a newbie. He didn't have a record.

    Neither had an address that was good.

    No one remembered much about the Pennsylvania van. It didn't have any stickers on it except the "10" indicating the month it was to be inspected. It didn't have any bumper stickers, dents, or dings. It was dirty, but in good working order. The driver? Some white man, never saw him before, maybe brown hair, wore a redneck cap. There was a blonde white woman in the passenger's side. Loaded all up with crap, like they were going to take to the hills and avoid the bombs.

    Wallerstein, - often nicknamed "Frankenstein" when he was a uniform - got in the unmarked Ford and took the driver's seat. King, who was small but wiry, sat in the passenger seat. Gomez took the back seat.

    "We are getting shit on this case," King said.

    "But we're doing what the Chief wants us to do," Gomez said. "Keeping the lid on."

    Wallerstein looked at the traffic heading to Staten Island. "Where the fuck are they all going? Is there anywhere safe?"

    "The traffic is really picking up," King said.

    King said, "Hey, turn on the radio. Maybe there's an explanation."

    "...WINS news time, four-fifty-one. Now for more about the Soviet ultimatum to NATO issued today. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger said at a press conference at the Pentagon that the United States, along with its NATO allies, rejects any ultimatum on the status of Germany. There are reports that flights to Germany have increased, but these cannot be verified since the United States government has issued a censorship order on troop movements..."

    "Gentlemen, we are wasting our time. I am going to tell Morey that," Wallenstein said.

    68th Precinct.

    Sergeant Daniel Morey shook his head. "Boys, you are making a big mistake. You are not wasting your time on this case. You're wasting your energy on this case. I suggest that you drive to Harrisburg and check the records on the number of vans which are due to be renewed for inspection in October. I would also think that there being no Penn State sticker on the car, it's from the east part of the state, and because they were heading with a New Yorker, they were not going to another city. Do I have to finish drawing you a picture, or do I put you back in uniform directing traffic?"

    Gomez said quietly, "Yes, Sergeant."

    "I would suggest you take your personal vehicles with you. You may get reimbursed for the mileage later."

    "Yes, Sergeant."

    "I do expect progress reports on the case. But go, damn you, go."

    Another sergeant stuck his head in the door. "Lefty Cass just turned himself in."

    "Fuck," Morey said. "Wallenstein, you come with me. Boys, get your cars and meet us here in two hours."
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    Sullivan County might escape the worst of the fallout. It'll still be pretty bad, though.
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    "Didn't we do that in Italy in 43–44?"

    Sam R.
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    sweet updates
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    Thank you all for your kind words.

    I want to thank you all for the kind words, advice, and information that you have provided me. I hope Pro Aris et Pro Focis has become an exciting read (though I hope it stays out of your dreams!).

    I also wanted to let everyone know that I am not upset or angry at any postings from anyone. People have passions, and there are many things to be passionate about. Rather, I want to stick to the point, which is the last days of New York City.

    I dream about this place... the streets I used to walk, the Greek places on the corners, the Koreans selling oranges bigger than your fist... Le Figaro in the Village... 4th Street and 4th Street... Madison Square Garden and the Rangers... "The Magic Garden" on WPIX-TV... the two towers looming higher and higher as you walked down Broadway... the Flatiron building...

    New York was a great city to be young and starting out. The world would be much poorer without it.
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    One of the best places in the world to get completely lost in. :)

    I love New York!

    And I'm enjoying this timeline.

    "New York City just seems too big and too much on the wrong track to me," the Staff Sargeant said.

    "A pity," Kingsley replied calmly and sadly. "You missed out on the greatest city in the world...I'm missing The City right now."
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    So Am I!:)
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    Part 21: An Intertogation


    Q. I am Daniel King, sergeant, New York Police Department, badge number... With me is Detective Bruno Wallenstein, New York Police Department, badge number... This is an interview of Dewayne Cass, aka 'Lefty', at Thursday, 16 February 1984, 1930 hours, at the 68th Precinct, Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Cass, let me read you your rights. You have the right to remain silent. You have a right to an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning. If you give up your right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to terminate this interview at any moment. Do you understand me?

    A. Yes, I do.

    Q. Lefty, where do you live?

    A. Around.

    Q. Do you have an place where you get mail or where you sleep?

    A. Yeah. I stay with my cousin. But he's gone out of town. I have the place to myself.

    Q. Where is that?

    A. -- 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, apartment 3C.

    Q. What do you do for a living?

    A. Welfare. Odd jobs. It's hard for someone with a record to get an honest job,.

    Q. When were you last inside?

    A. Four months ago... I was at Taconic.

    Q. What were you in for?

    A. Assault and robbery. I got two years.

    Q. Do you know a man named "Big Boy?"

    A. Yeah. Big Boy, he got killed.

    Q. How did it happen?

    A. Me and Big Boy, we were chillin on the corner. We had a little weed. Things were good. We start talking. Big Boy, he say that he worried about the bomb falling. I say "Me too. But where we going to go? We got no coin. We got no car." Then this cracker van comes driving through the street. Ofay at the wheel, wearing a baseball cap, plaid shirt, like redneck. Two kids in back. Woman in front.

    Q. What happened?

    A. Big Boy, he say, "We jack them, we got wheels, we can get out."

    Q. What did you do then?

    A. We walk up to the car. I tell driver we need the car, so give us a ride. He says no. I tell him it's necessary. Big Boy, he high, he don't listen. He pulls out a shotgun and points it at the car.

    Q. What happened next?

    A. Little muther in the back shoots Big Boy first. Took two blasts across the chest. I drop my gun and run. I keep running until at my cousin's place. I'm shaking. That was not what we wanted.

    Q. Why did you come in to see us?

    A. I turn myself in, maybe I get in jail, they put me back upstate. Don't want to stay in Brooklyn right now. Attica is safer.

    Q. All right, let us prepare a statement, and we'll see that you're arraigned as soon as possible.

    A. Cool.

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    Good update.

    Waiting for more!!!!
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    Lefty could be sort of an "anti-Constable" character for this thread.

    I like his frankness and straightforward way of thinking.

    I hope he makes it. Will we see him again...?
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    Part 22: A Deal with a Turk's Head

    Friday, 17 February 1984
    0100 hours
    National Guard Armory, 125 West 14th Street, New York, New York

    The phone rang. The Lieutenant picked it up. "Boulanger."

    "Yeah. You talked to my people today. On the bridge."

    "And you, sir, are..."

    "Testaturco. Bruno Testaturco. Listen, Boulanger. You want to talk, be on the corner of Seventh and Fourteenth in ten minutes."

    "The corner closest to the Armory?"

    "Yeah. Ten minutes."

    The Lieutenant pulled on his boots and shirt, then adjusted his field jacket. He said to the Charge of Quarters, "I'm going to be going to get some fresh air."

    "All right, sir."

    He didn't bother with his helmet and load-bearing gear, but he kept a hand on the .45 he had holstered.

    A brown Cadillac with tinted windows pulled up to the corner. A man in the front right seat called, "Get in."

    Boulanger climbed in the back seat. There were three other men in the car. All were in civilian clothes. The man in the back wore a black coat, with a blue sweater and a white shirt but no tie. His eyes were black and piercing. "Testaturco."

    "Boulanger." The two shook hands. "I know your men here. Hello again."

    The two did not answer.

    "What do you have?" Testaturco said.

    "Do you have a way out, Mr. Testaturco?"

    "Out of the City? Yeah."

    "How far out?"

    "Out in New Jersey, down in the Pine Barrens."

    "That's not going to do you that much good."

    "Why? If the Commies hit us, they're not going to hit the Barrens," the underboss replied.

    "The fallout from Philly, Trenton, Fort Dix... even the Coast Guard at Cape May may get hit. Dig deep, but be careful; the water table is high there."

    "Yeah. What's your idea? And do you have a place you're thinking of?"

    "I do, Mr. Testaturco."

    "What do you want me to do?"

    "You have access to construction material."

    Testaturco smiled grimly. "I can lay my hands on some, yeah. You want to board up a window?"

    "Not quite."

    "Go on."

    "Family of mine have access to a salt mine in the center of Pennsy. It's deep enough to protect against anything but a direct hit, and it can hold a lot of people, I've been told. But there are drawbacks. It's off the main roads, and there aren't enough people to prepare it."

    "Go on."

    "Here's the problem. If too many people know where the mine is, they all make a beeline for it, and there's traffic jams and fights breaking out, and no one uses it. You seen those movies about the Titanic?"

    "Yeah, the one on TV. They were all trying to get into those lifeboats."

    "So not everyone can know of this place," the Lieutenant said.

    "Why are you telling me this?"

    "You got a wife or a girlfriend?"


    "You got kids?"

    "Yeah." Testaturco's iron face softened. "Babies."

    "You help us out, and we make room for the wives and the kids. Even the girlfriends. Families. Those who don't have any place to go. But not for every swinging dick out there."

    "So you want construction materials."

    "Plywood. Sandbags. Cement block. Electrical wiring. And maybe pumps and generators. I don't know the exact details of the mine."

    "I can get you that stuff, and trucks. Not many."

    "We don't need many. Enough to block off the mine shaft. Maybe bring some trade stuff along. Booze. Cigarettes. Fancy food. Coffee. There'll be a big demand for it after the attack."

    "You say you don't know the exact details, but you know of the mine."

    "My wife is there."

    "I see. And do you want a ride down with the materials and my people?"

    "I won't be going," the Lieutenant said. "I'm staying in the City."

    "You must be fucking crazy!" Testaturco said.

    "Do you think I don't want to cut and run?" the Lieutenant said, nearly choking. "I want to live too! But I swore an oath and I'm going to keep it."

    Testaturco thought. "Yeah. I see. Who do I contact there?"

    "Call me. If I'm not there, just see where the situation's gone to hell. My company will be there."

    The Cadillac let him out on the corner. The Lieutenant found his way to where Sholom was sleeping. "Major? We need to talk."

    "What's up?"

    "I have a place we can put our families..."

    "... You do?"

    "... but I think I made a deal with the devil."

    "Tell me," the Major said.

    The Lieutenant did.

    "Boulanger, I should relieve you of command and shoot you. But to tell you the truth, I've glad you are a twisty little bastard at heart. Let me call my wife. We'll get our families out yet!"
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    Damn, I like this guy:D.

    Hope it doesn't backfire, though.