Preview of the War We Do Not Want - Collier's Magazine imagines WWIII


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This is amazing! The whole magazine is almost an AH in itself!

Personal note: I am a big fan of magazines like Collier and Life. I have collected my fair share of the Life, Look, and Saturday Evening Post. Is there a place where I can find online archives of this? I already know about Google Books which is a good source for some.
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

It reminds me a bit of an article written by Life in the 30s predicting an Axis invasion of the US. Interesting to see what people of the past thought the future could hold.
I dont see any independent central Asian states in the map though? I wonder what 1950s America (or those in the know) viewed Islam
I read an article about the issue in the early seventies. Where I was back issues of Collier's were unavailable, and it wasn't for some ten years or so that I managed to find a library with back issues.

Ryan seemed to have a lot of connections; some of the writers there were very well known then.

After that he went into history, with The Longest Day (1959), The Last Battle (1966), and A Bridge Too Far (1974).

Fascinating man.