President Elect 1988 - Megathread

Is it just me, or is there something going on here?

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I ran McGovern vs. Goldwater in 1968 (what I see as a turning point for the decline of liberalism and rise of conservatism) with the domestic situation identical to IOTL. I thought the campaign would be very close, but I was pleasantly surprised by the McGovern victory.

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I initially did this as a joke - but the result was rather amazing...


Ed Clark / Ellen McCormack (D) - 414 (36% - 25,784,768)
Barry Commoner / John Rarick (R) - 98 (25% - 17,931,188)
John Anderson / Gerald Ford (I) - 26 (39% - 28,101,036)

On face value it is a resounding victory for the Democratic ticket - yet once you look at the actual figures it is actually the candidate in third place in the electoral vote who actually won the election - a swing of around 2% would have won Anderson the election (only Utah was won by a candidate with over 50% of the vote!)

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Reagan Steals The Nomination

What if Ronald Reagan got the 1976 nomination?


Former Governor Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN) 360 EVs 42,837,488 (51%)

Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Senator Richard Schweiker (R-PA) 178 EVs 40,296,104 (48%)


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Reagan Steals The Nomination

What if Ronald Reagan got the 1976 nomination?


Former President Gerald Ford (R-MI)/Representative Jack Kemp (R-NY) 456 EVs 36,538,152 (44%)

President Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Vice President Walter Mondale (D-MN) 82 EVs 32,661,430 (40%)

Representative John Anderson (R-IL)/Ambassador Patrick Lucey (D-WI) 0 EVs 12,918,338 (16%)

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A Southern Surprise


It all started with a heart attack. In January, 1960, Senate Majority Leader, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had a heart attack and died, shortly before he would announce his candidacy in the coming election. This left a void in the form of Democratic Candidates, the big two contenders were the northerners, Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey and Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy. A southerner was needed. And this southerner would be freshman Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd. Byrd launched his candidacy on February 3, 1960, and would start gaining traction in primaries ever since. He would lose the first primary, New Hampshire, on March 8, by a large margin to Kennedy.

Even though Byrd expected to lose New Hampshire to Kennedy, his performance was still abysmal and demoralizing, his campaign began to lose steam. Then, suddenly, God himself seemed to have intervened in the primaries. The Wisconsin Primary was held on April 5, and was expected to be either a Humphrey or Kennedy victory, the race was tight. The results were close, and Senator Byrd was able to eek out a victory, most likely caused by vote splitting between Kennedy and Humphrey. That gave confidence to Byrd and his campaign. They would be able to win many of the following primaries, too. And, the freshman senator received just enough delegates to obtain a majority at the convention and clinch the nomination.

He would choose his former competitor, Senator John F. Kennedy, as his running mate, in the hopes of balancing out the ticket. They would compete against the Republican ticket of Vice President Richard Nixon and United Nations Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. The campaign would be rough, and Vice President Nixon always seemed to be just ahead of Senator Byrd, in the polls. That was, until the debate. The young Byrd would power through the debate using his southern charisma and charm, while Nixon struggled. In the end, that debate would benefit Byrd as he would win the election.

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV)/Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) 377 EVs 30,821,626 (52%)

Vice President Richard Nixon (R-CA)/Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R-MA) 160 EVs 28,826,320 (48%)

If the Republican and democratic parties had coalesced into simply pro-war and anti-war factions in 1968.
Nelson Rockefeller/Hubert Humphrey367 Electoral Votes-32,229,354-50%
John Connally/Ronald Reagan 171 Electoral Votes-32,200,154-50%

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An Alternate World: Part I
After Republican President and former Admiral of the Navy Joseph P. Brooke's second term ended in 1960, the elections were to finally commence. The main two opponents for the Democratic nomination were Senate Majority Leader George Hudson, a liberal Democrat from upstate New York who was rather experienced with national politics and could certainly lead the New Deal coalition into the White House once more; and North Carolina Senator James "Jim" Baxter, who was the Southern alternative to Hudson's liberal ideals. Hudson ended up narrowly winning the primaries and wisely chose Baxter to be his running mate.

The Republicans almost unanimously chose Vice President Edmund Clinton of Wisconsin as their nominee, and the moderate Senate Minority Whip James Rockford of Pennsylvania was chosen as his running mate. Here are the results:


George Hudson (D-NY)/James "Jim" Baxter (D-NC) - 353 EVs - 32,111,732 - 52%
Edmund Clinton (R-WI)/James Rockford (R-PA) - 184 EVs - 30,007,514 - 48%
Skippy Loves Anderson!

Skippy, our friendly neighborhood ASB, has decided that a John Anderson independent presidency would be both better than OTL and Chinese-style "interesting." So, after the conventions, he gathered Reagan and Carter together, demonstrated his powers, and threatened to drop them into 1984 unless they both tried their damnedest to throw the election to the Representative from Illinois. However, it couldn't be as obvious as simply heiling their way into defeat. They had to passively destroy themselves, just not doing any campaigning, attempting to throw the debates by spending all of their allowed minutes killing time, and otherwise trying to raise as much publicity as possible for Anderson. They just prayed it would work...

(I managed both campaigns, and did literally nothing with them, carefully timing the debates to give Anderson as much visibility as possible.

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