Plausibility Check: A four-way WWII after a Central victory

Last time I posted a different Kaiserreich TL in which Britain remained neutral while the US entered the war on the side of the Entente and the war ended with the Central Powers emerging victorious here. Several members have agreed that the TL is quite plausible so I decided to go a little bit further.

Basically the world looked like this in 1936 (please don't mind my border fixing skill, it's awful):


So with the PODs I used in the last thread (minus the creation of the League of Nations), could there be a different WWII among these 4 factions:
- The Central Powers: German Empire, Imperial Federation of Austria, Ottoman Empire, Empire of Japan and their allies.
- The Fourth International: Commune of France, Soviet Union, Chinese Soviet Republic and Mexico (possibly?)
- The North Sea bloc (not sure about the name yet): British Empire, Denmark, Portugal and the Netherlands
- A different Intermarium: United States, Federal Brazil, Kingdom of Italy and Republic of China.

I can think of some ideas on why things turn out this way but unsure about their plausibility. The eventual war between the Central Powers and the Fourth International is easy pull off due to revanchism and ideologies. Being uninvolved in the new European war, Britain supports La Plata while the US supports Brazil but they eventually get dragged into the second conflict between their Latin American allies too. Fearing the US invading Dutch East Indies and Greenland to fight Britain, Demark and the Netherlands side with the latter, forming the North Sea bloc. Nationalist China also voices their support for the US but in truth they want to take this opportunity to strike at Red China and Manchukuo now that both are at war against each other. Italy wants to take British Egypt and Suez so they join Intermarium and things soon escalate into a mess.

I still have very limited knowledge regarding A-H so feel free to point out my wrongs.
3 way and 4 way wars are rather unlikely for the simple idea that. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." At some point countries overlook their differences, especially when their existence is at stake.

As to your specific scenario, there is no way in hell a victorious Germany would allow the French to go communist. The British probably wouldnt either. The only chance of that happening is a scenario where the USSR is strong enough to intervene, which isnt the case with your borders.