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Wait what the... that wasn't even what you were asking. I thought you were wondering why Canadair was selling exports.

As in OTL, Canadair manufactured and sold F-86s of various marks to the USAF. ITTL, US government sold some of these late model F-86s to the ROCAF. The Mk 6 in particular rates extremely high among the first generation of jet fighters.

While cancelled after one season Star Trek fans continue to demand more from Joss Whedon.

I want to see that series sooo hard.

And Kaylee in a skirt! This mus be nerdvana!


So pretty much the only good things to have come out of the current Ukranian crisis are the various photoshops and political cartoons. Like this one:


Sauron ISOTed to Kiev? :D

Or how about this one:


Can't think of a fitting caption.
Ironically, Mormonism has given life to some imagery for my ideas of a Berber-Moorish Aztec state called Atlantis lasting from 1520 for about one hundred years until eventually being conquered by Spain



Painting depicting Royal Byzantine troops of the 22nd Hellenic Light Infantry parading through the recently restored Arch of Titus in Rome, after the surrender of the city during the Second Roman Revolutionary War in 1882. The ailing Roman Social Republic would be formally dissolved soon after, leading to the annexation of the entire peninsula by the Byzantine Empire, until its unexpected collapse of 1895.

This would become one of most enduring symbols of what the Byzantines declared was the long-awaited 'reunification' of the Roman Empire under the Byzantine Emperor, Dimitrios I, however short-lived.
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