Peshawar Lancers Redux: To Boldly Go

I have decided to set up a separate line to handle the movement of the Peshawar Lancer World into space
The Terran Space Authority by the mid 21st century had pushed into space within the Solar System. The Base on the Moon had grown and had helped to springboard the next goal which was Mars. The Martian base had been established and it was growing. Technology was the key to further exploration of space. There was a need for a engine capable of allowing a space ship to travel great distances in a short amount of time.
The Terran Space Authority had strong support from its board,who were appointed by the US, Hawaii, Britain, German, Austria, Japan, Brazil, France. There were 4 other seats and generally they rotated between, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, China. Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands.. The members donated money to fund the agency and a percentage of any profits made were funneled back to the Agency. The Mark Randolph Engineering corporation was engaged in developing an engine which could propell a starship great distances and speeds thought to be impossible. It had worked with the Central Scentific Corporation on the project since 2012 making some progress which had allowed the settlement of Mars to take place in 2020.
The Terran Space Agency had decided that the Lunar Colony and Mars would be granted a legal status and protection for its settlers. The rights were set forth in the Terran Bill of Rights which was based upon ideas drawn from the US Constitution..
The Terran Space Agency decided to form an Investigation and law enforcement service. The Terran Bureau of Investigation was thus formed. It would carry out criminal Investigations, Arresst of suspects. Protection of Agency assets and people and it would also have an intelligence Branch.
The Terran Space Acency's Council Officially established the Terran Space Criminal Investigation Department and it also established The Terran Space Intelligence Department as part of the Terran Defense Department. On the Judicial front the council set up a court system with a District Court. Court of Appeals and a Supreme Court.
The Terran Space Agency was moving in two major directions. First it was supporting the growth of both the Lunar Colony and Mars. The other direction was to develop ships that would be capable of speeds that were beyond anything that had been built before. The Hawaiians had recommended the Mark Randolph Engineering Corporation. The company had developed engines which were massive improvements of the Internal combustion engine. The company was thinking outside the box on a theory of a warp engine.
In 2036 a group of engineers and Scientist at the Mark Randolph Engineering division finally had a major break through. They had developed an engine capable of achieving a speed of Warp factor 4. A decision was made to build a starship and to try the engine out. In 2044 the Ship named Discovery was completed and with a crew of 70 it went on its maiden voyage. It remained in contact until it left the solar system.
In 2055 the Terran Space Agency would begin construction of a new design star ship. Based upon what the designers had learned from the USS Discovery 10 years of space travel the new ship would be larger and capable of even faster speeds. The Mark-Randolph Warp 7 drive would move the ship at 1light year per 24 hours.
The second ship in the class was the USS Polynesia and it was completed in far less time with the third ship started when the Polynesia was 50% completed it was designated the USS Europa.
The 4th ship was designated the USS Enterprise and there were plans for 4 more ships: USS Constitution. USS Exeter, USS Hood and USS Hapsburg.
In 2078 Ensign William Kamehameha of Hawaii graduated from the Star Fleet Academy and was posted to the USS Polynesia. He became the first member of the family to serve in Outer Space. He would serve on the Polynesia for 7 years and then be assigned as the executive office of the USS Pacifica Research Vessel.
The Improved Magellan class ships were finally built at the end of the 21st century into the 22nd. The first two ships were the USS Lexington and the USS Excaliber and were followed by the USS Bismarck and USS Kongo with the fifth ship being the USS Sao Paublo
Several Corporations had joined together to form Galaxy Freight so as to be able to afford better and faster star ships designed to haul goods. Another Company formed was United Passenger designed to carry settlers to the new worlds being settled.