Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck of the East : A story of World War 2 in Tibet

1939 : Heinrich Harrer gets taken as a POW in India during an expedition to the Himalayas

1940 : Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter escapes the POW camp. They make it to Tibet

1940 : While in Tibet, Harrer meets several anti Chinese Tibetans. Harrer takes advantage of this and decides to contribute to his country’s war effort by organizing an guerrilla war against the Allies to “liberate the Tibetan people” Harrer create propaganda convincing the Tibetans that the Allies intend on colonizing Tibet and strikes fear in Tibetans’s hearts.

1940 : Tibetans transport Harrer and Aufschnaiter to Lhasa.

1940 : Harrer meets the young Dalai Lama. He takes advantage of this situation to indoctrinate the young Dalai Lama with Nazi ideology.

1941 : Harrer and his guerrilla army raid an Indian village near Tibet. The British public is shocked and suspects German agents of doing such things.

1941 : Hitler hears about the raid and is quite pleased. He does not know who caused the raid though.

1941 : Harrer’s guerrillas’s blow up British raidroads in India. The British still do not know who caused it.

1941 : Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and declares war on the USA and Britain. Harrer takes advantage of this and tells the Tibetans that this is the “Holy crusade” Hitler hears about who was behind the raids in British India and is very pleased. He give Harrer the role of general.

1941-1942 : Chinese, British, and American forces invade Tibet under the command of Ma Bufang, Archibald Wavell, and Joseph Stilwell. RAF, USAAF, and Chinese air force units bomb Tibet under direct orders from Chiang. Tibet falls easily.

1942 : Tibet capitulates. General Harrer continues the war under a guerrilla war.

1942 : Tibetans raid an Allied munitions depot in China and steal small arms, AA guns, ect.

1942 : A B-24 gets shot down by Harrer’s guerrillas operating an AA gun

1942 : Harrer’s guerrillas, operating in conjunction with Japanese units advancing into Burma, blow up several British logistical sites

1943 : Under the direct order of William Slim, British army units are ordered to find Harrer
1943 : Harrer raids more Indian villages. Anti British Indians are recruited to join Harrer’s guerrilla army

1943 : A B-24 transport loaded with oil is shot down, causing a massive explosion

1943 : Hitler is pleased with Harrer’s guerrilla war that Himmler declares Tibetans are honorary guerrillas

1943 : The Japanese use Harrer’s guerrilla raids to recruit anti colonial natives in occupied lands

1943 : The British fears of anti colonial revolts. Several British units are sent to India incase of needs to suppress an uprising. The Americans are furious about shot down planes and China declares the Tibetan government a terrorist organization

1943 : Harrer meets Bose
1943 : Harrer is proclaimed the “Lawrence of Arabia of Tibet”

1943 : Muslim uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East happens. Resistance groups in Iraq and Iran cause havok

1943 : Hitler orders the German 6th army in Stalingrad to disperse whatever units possible to the Soviet deep territory. Von Paulus makes a daring escape with whatever men he can escape to wage a guerrilla war behind Soviet lines. The rest of the Germans in Stalingrad are taken as POWs.

1943 : Harrer makes the daring raid to kill Claire Lee Chennault. Chennault dies in an ambush by Harrer’s guerrillas and Chiang is seriously injured. The US population is outraged and FDR swears revenge for the death of Chennault. Both German and Japanese propaganda exploit this for months

1943 : British, American, and Chinese commandos under the leadership of British officer Mike Calvert are ordered to search for Harrer with a big price on his head. Chiang bombs several Tibetan monasteries in retaliation.

1943 : Germany and Italy evacuates German and Italian troops out of Tunisia during the Battle of Tunis. Hitler orders whatever remains of the Afrika Korps in Tunisia to disperse and wage a guerrilla war. Von Arnim wages a guerrilla war across Africa with German and Italian troops leftover in Africa. Italian guerrillas in Ethiopia morale is lifted up high.

1943 : German and Italian guerrillas in North Africa with the help of the local Arab population form bandit groups. Axis bandits rob and plunder the Jewish population. Allied propaganda portray the Germans and Italians as gangsters and American propaganda portrays Mussolini as a mafia boss.

1943 : Warner Bros pictures presents : GI Men

Staring Humphrey Bogart

GI Men is a spectacular picture of brave Allied soldiers combating the greatest organized crime of Europe : the Nazi regime. Watch as the gangsters of Europe rob, loot, and plunder the world in spectacular gunfights. With mob boss Hitler and Mussolini with their henchmen baby killer Goering, big mouth Goebbels, and henchmen Himmler. Big explosive action between the Nazi gangsters of Europe against the GI and the resistance. See the mob boss of Rome Mussolini and his ruthless gangsters create an empire of sin. The caesar who sleeps, steals, and murder innocent people! Never before since Al Capone has organized crime been so organized! Never before since Bonnie and Clyde has fear strikes so hard in people’s hearts! Action! Love! Bravery! Resistance! Betrayal! You would not want to miss this picture! A Warner Bros First National Picture!

1943 : An explosion at the Uralvagonzavod tank factory slows production of the T-34. Von Paulus’s guerrillas claim credit

1943 : Goebbels claims Germany is fighting a war to liberate people around the world from colonialism. Himmler changes German racial laws to fit the new Nazi narrative. Bose forms the European branch of the INA. Many Russians, Mongolians, Arabs, Indians, Ukrainians, Baltic people, ect join the SS. Ribbentrop urges Hitler to create a “Free Russia” that claims to be the legitimate government of Russia and for Germany ti recognize Free Russia as the Legitimate Government of Russia. Hitler cannot accept such a request

1943 : Allies invade Italy. RSI partisans strikes terror across the local population and Allied troops. Several Italian POWs that garrison Italian holdings in Europe that remain loyal to the RSI government as recruited as commandos and strikes terror among the European resistance movements. Tito now has a match of his own.

1943 : Operation Kiebitz : German u boat rescues several German POWs including u boat commander Otto Kretschmer

1943 : Stalin is paranoid about the ongoing Axis guerrilla war. The NKVD commits atrocities against the local populations as a result.

1943 : Anti German, Italian, and Japanese riots in USA. “The Trench Coat riots” happen. Italian American communities are targeted in violence acts. Italian Americans face violence being accused of mafia members. The FBI cracks down on mafia activity. Italian Americans faced forced integration with Anglo American culture.

1943 : The “Battle of Gangtok” happens. Harrer’s guerrilla army annihilates an Indian battalion and uses their weapons as loot and supply.

1943 : British, French, Belgian, Dutch, and American propaganda uses recent massacres to justify colonialism

1943 : No Battle of Kursk, Manstein’s retreat plan happens. Soviets overextend themselves and Germany successfully counterattacks at Kharkov

1943 : Harrer conducts a daring commando raid to kill Louis Mountbatten. Mountbatten dies in a machine gun fire. British morale is struck as a royal family member is killed. German and Japanese propaganda celebrate this for months, depicting Mountbatten as a bloodythirsty imperialist with a whip strangled by a colonial subject

1943 : IRA and Abwehr agents raid Harland & Wolff dockyard in Belfast

1943 : Abwehr exchanges information in USA, Canada, and Latin American nations with pro Axis sympathizers.

1943 : Karl Donitz takes over as head of the Abwehr. Admiral Canaris is arrested
1944 : RSI commandos meet Tito's partisans in an open battle. RSI commandos commit mass atrocities in Yugoslavia

1944 : Hitler begins preparations for an expected Western front

1944 : Abwehr under Karl Donitz begins intelligence mission in Britain for an expected landing in Western Europe. Abwehr conducts a successful counter intelligence program and stop Allied attempts to get double agents. Juan Pujol García is arrested

1944 : Germans drive back in Russia and capture Kursk. The food situation in the USSR is worsening

1944 : Harrer destroys several Allied logistical centers in China and India in anticipation of the Japanese Ichi Go and U Go offensives
1944 : Germany, having learnt of the B-29 project and the Manhattan project via the Abwehr, makes significant advances in it’s nuclear program. Germany finalizes the Amerikabomber.

1944 : Japan launches Operation U Go. Japan manages to take Kohima and Imphal. Japan continues to advance

1944 : Germany knows the Allies will land at Normandy. Allies land in Normandy with unexpected amount of resistance. Desperate, the Allies use chemical weapons and napalm. With the Germans choked, Allies secure a beachhead.

1944 : Adolf Hitler is furious that the Allies used chemical weapons. He orders unrestricted use of chemical weapons.

1944 : Germany unleashes chemical weapons in France. The next few weeks in France is World War 1 style combat.

1944 : The first Amerikabomber bombs New York. The American public is shocked at being bombed for the first time in history

1944 : Japan reaches Bengal. With little roads, infrastructure, industry, supplies, and logistics, Japanese troops begin to starve. The Allies launch a counteroffensive and the Japanese are in a brutal retreat. Thousands of Japanese men die from Bengal.

1944 : Harrer receives a special invitation from Hirohito to meet the emperor. Harrer gets set to go to Japan. Peter Aufschnaiter is left in charge of the Tibetan guerrilla army
1944 : Darryl F Zanuck presents a fascinating picture into the life inside the rising sun! Watch as the yakuza run their empire of crime! How the dangerous criminals was ingrained in the minds of the Japanese! How the Yakuza started an empire of conquest, exploitation, and slavery! Watch as they enslave Asia and deal in illegal deals! The lies of politics! The higher ups of crime! How the criminals tried to conquer the world! But one man, an American reporter, risks his life to expose this criminal gang! Watch as he captures the horror of the Japs! “The Yakuza of the Sun!” produced by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

1944 : Hitler declares Western Europeans as untermenschen. He extends the Holocaust to such.

1944 : With a much more prepared Wehrmacht, Allies have a much harder time breaking the Falaise pocket. Germans dig in and form World War 1 style trenches.

1944 : Rommel’s 21st Panzer division nearly push back the Canadians back to sea. The Allied invasion is at risk of being repulsed
1944 : Harrer reaches the Japanese in Burma. He goes to Saigon and is sent to Japan on the IJN Musashi

1944 : Harrer mets Emperor Hirohito and his son Akihito. Harrer is chosen to be a tutor for Akihito

1944 : Harrer meets Tojo, Shimorura, and Umezu to discuss military matters

1944 : Harrer begins training Japanese on guerilla warfare

1944 : USA destroys Japanese carrier force at Philippine Sea, permanently disabling Japanese carrier operations

1944 : USA wins the Battle of Saipan after a bloody fight. Huge military and civilian casualties. Japan unleashed bioweapons in this battle. Skirmishes continue with Japanese guerilla operations in the island with huge civilian and military casualties. Japan is now in range of American strategic bombers. Hideki Tojo resigns

1944 : Allies counterattack in France and is able finally able to make a breakthrough. German units gradually retreat into well prepared defenses and trenches in France.

1944 : Operation Antarctic : Soviets make major advances in the South front but is unable to completely destroy Army Group South. The Soviet war condition is worsening. Famine and disease is widespread with millions starving. Cannibalism is rife in the Soviet Union. The NKVD commit massacres among the civilian populations as part of it's anti guerilla operations and to "denazify the population and expose the collaborators"
1944 : Allies break through Rommel line. German forces retreat to Paris line. Allied forces are critically short on fuel

1944 : Harrer is sent to the Philippines in expectation of an American invasion. Harrer meets Jose P Laurel. Harrer trains Makapili as an official armed forces and instills propaganda among the Filipino people as the Americans return to “recolonize and reenslave the Filipinos”. Nazi ideology is indoctrinated

1944 : Allies reach the outskirts of Paris. Parisians begin to uprise Patton’s army runs out of fuel and is unable to advance.

1944 : Massacre of Paris. German 325th Security Division under general Choltitz destroys much of the historical city. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc De Triumph, and other historians sites vanish. Museums get looted and paintings sold to equip new German panzer divisions.

1944 : French 2nd armored division enters a destroyed Paris. The Battle of Paris begins and immediately turns into a meatgrinder like Stalingrad. It is known as “Stalingrad of the West”

1944 : Operation Polar Star. Soviets push back German Army Group North but the German army group largely survives

1944 : Americans land in the Philippines and face unexpected massive local resistance. Filipino civil war starts. General Harrer’s army cause massive destruction. The landing in Luzon is a bloodbath. Relationships between Filipinos and Americans turns hostile

1944 : Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in history. The bulk of the IJN is destroyed, effectively destroying the IJN as an effective battle force.

1944 : Americans call 2 Australian divisions to take part in the Philippines campaign. After much debate, the Australians agree to serve in American army corps with an Australian general serving under Macarthur, under pressure from FDR
1944 : Operation Ichi Go, Japan manages to inflict 750,000 casualties on the Chinese. Peter Aufschnaiter’s Tibetan guerrillas assist im destroying Chinese, American, and British air bases

1944 : Germans are encircled in Paris. The French resistance is in full swing. The Battle of Paris ends with much of the city destroyed

1944 : Operation Uranus : The Red Army takes back several major cities and destroys several German divisions

1944 : Food riots in Moscow. The NKVD’s brutality towards civilians is kept secret

1944 : Allies attack Gothic line, a well fortified Italo German line in Italy. Thousands of casualties on both sides mount

1944 : British, American, and Chinese troops take back Burma road, destroying several Japanese divisions

1944 : Siegfried line reactivated. Line is being refurbished for defense of the reich

1944 : Japan uses bioweapons in the Philippines against military and civilians

1944 : Local Filipino troops assist in attempted Japanese counterattack in the Philippines
1944 : Germans dig into the Marne line

1944 : A 26 year old US navy pilot named George Lincoln Rockwell defects the USA and joins Axis forces in the Philippines. He founds the “Free American Corps” and fights alongside Japanese and Makapili forces. Macarthur calls him “A Nazi dumb son of a bitch traitor“

1944 : Al Capone dies in a prison riot. Anti German, Japanese, and Italian sentiment is at a high

1944 : Germany launches a successful counteroffensive in the Eastern front, push a few hundred miles away from the Riga

1944 : Allied forces captured Lyon

1944 : Soviets once again retake land lost near the Riga

1945 : Operation Bodenplatte is partially successfully, partially crippling some Allied air forces. However the Allies would soon recover

1945 : Battle of Ramree Island, Japanese units are eaten alive by crocodiles in the worst crocodile attack in history

1945 : Harrer is recalled back to Japan in February 1945 in preparation of an expected invasion of Japan. Harrer escapes the Philippines with remaining vessels of the IJN
1945 : PETA revolt in Indonesia fails

1945 : Allies reach the Siegfried line and the BeNeLux. The first Allied troops invade Germany

1945 : Harrer begins training Japanese troops to conduct guerrilla operations for home defense

1945 : Battle of Okinawa, a bloody battle between US, British and Commonwealth, and Japan forces clash. Thousands of personnel on both sides die. Local civilian population resorts to guerrilla operations. Remaining Japanese units begin insurgency

1945 : Operation Ten Go is cancelled under the orders of Emperor Hirohito under the suggestion of general Harrer

1945 : Harrer teaches Akihito how to speak German, as well as the Western world

1945 : Japan begin conscripting local Indonesians to join the PETA. PETA units are trained by Japanese to be fanatical for their homeland and fight to defend against Dutch recolonization. Fascist ideology is a required course for PETA personnel
1945 : Western Allies now have enough fuel and other supplies to go for an offensive. Allies launch Operation Market Garden lead by Montgomery and Patton pushes into the Lorraine

1945 : Himmler’s Alpine fortress and Pavolini’s Valtellina national redoubt begins construction

1945 : Soviets launch Crimean campaign but German 17th army successfully retreat. Soviets face manpower shortages as Germany begins to outproduce the USSR

1945 : Allies breach the Gothic line. Italian and German forces retreat into the Po Valley. RSI commandos massacre Italian partisans

1945 : Operation Market garden fails and turns into one of the Allies’s worst defeat at the hands of German general Walter Model. Patton in the South achieve more success but German resistance is stiff

1945 : Iwo Jima falls. Remaining Japanese units scatter in guerrilla units. Iwo Jima is used as a base to bomb Japan. American security units guard B-29 bases against Japanese guerrillas who harass American troops

1945 : Tokyo faces mass firebomb. Japanese propaganda take advantage of this situation to propagandize the country of an religion like crusade
1945 : Soviets launch Operation Bagration. Despite taking lots of land, the Soviets are unable to destroy the German army under Walter Model where no more encirclements are made. The result turns in Brusilov offensive like situation where the Soviets run out of supplies and food. The Soviet situation is getting more dire. Soviet civilians are getting angry at both German and Soviet atrocities

1945 : Von Paulus and his guerrillas cross Tibet through the Afghanistan border. They meet up with Peter Aufschnaiter’s Tibetan army, then continue to travel to meet the Japanese at Burma, then transported to Singapore. They are then moved to Java to prepare for the defense of the Dutch East Indies. Von Paulus meets Sukarno, Suharto, Hatta, and other Indonesian nationalists. Von Paulus trains the PETA and is placed in command of the PETA

1945 : Von Paulus and his guerrilla army live in luxury when the local Indonesian population live in miserable conditions. Von Paulus and his army resort to sex slaves, forced laborers, rape the local population, use civilians as shooting targets, and steal most of the Indonesian’s food with Japanese assistance. Mass famine in Indonesia kills millions of civilians, with food production given to Japanese and German troops

1945 : Soviets launch another offensive in attempt to completely expel all Axis forces out of the USSR. Ukrainian nationalists inspired by German anti colonial propaganda declare independence and tries to expel German and Soviet forces out if their country

1945 : One of largest tank battles in history begins in the Netherlands with Allied forces under general Charles Foulkes pit against the new panzer divisions under the command of Erwin Rommel begins

1945 : Battle of West Hunan : Japan forces takes Chongqing and destroy air bases in China. Peter Aufschnaiter’s army assist the Japanese in destroying British, Chinese, and American air bases. Chinese troops retreat to the Kunming redoubt

1945 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter are made honorary citizens of Japan and Tibet

1945 : Harrer is invited by Hirohito to visit the Ise Grand Shrine
1945 : Battle of Manila, IJN units disobey Yamashita’s order to leave the city and reoccupy the city, resulting in a brutal urban battle with the Americans and Australians. Makapili “reliberate” the city and Filipino collaborationist government claim to be the legitimate government of the Philippines

1945 : Germany, RSI, and Yugoslav partisans face each other in open battle. Hitler directly orders leveling of Yugoslav cities

1945 : Soviet offensive into Poland, Romania, and East Prussia turns into a Kerensky offensive like situation. With Soviet morale on an alltime low, disease, famine, and even more brutal NKVD treatment, Soviet officers begin to lose confidence of Stalin and his disastrous leadership of the war

1945 : Tank battle in the Netherlands ends inconclusively

1945 : Vyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive fails. Finland holds the line

1945 : Allies reach Valtellina redoubt. A last stand between Italo German forces in Italy happens. Italian partisans harass Italo German troops
1945 : FDR dies of a stroke. Truman is now president

1945 : Italian partisans expel all Italo German forces from their country. Italy is now liberated with cheering crowds. Italy is now free after 23 years of fascist rule. US 10th mountain division reach the Austrian border. RSI guerrilla war will continue

1945 : Mussolini sneaks into Germany disguised as a German soldier

1945 : The Soviets deal with separatist uprisings, trotskyist, and white Russian uprisings. Stalin privately considers separate peace with Germany

1945 : Japan launches Operation Hah-Chee Go to break through the Kunming redoubt

1945 : First Allied troops enter Yugoslavia. Royal Yugoslav army return to Yugoslavia, sparking a Yugoslav civil war. Britain and USA supports the royalists
1945 : New elektroboot submarines cause havoc in Allied shipping

1945 : Joseph Goebbels’s suggestion of abandoning the Geneva convention happens. Germany now treats Western Allies the same as Eastern Allies. Germany abandons all war convention treaties as well.

1945 : Massacre in the Netherlands : Germany deports Dutch people in retaliation for Dutch resistance activity during Operation Market Garden

1945 : Germany immediately stops sending food the occupied nations. Germany also refuse to allow Red Cross missions

1945 : China holds the Japanese at the Battle of Kunming and barely survives the battle. Mass famine in China kills millions

1945 : Major jet aircraft battle in Austria. Gloster Meteor and Lockheed P-80 meet the ME-262 in firs major air battle by jets
1945 : The world’s first MBT, the Centurion is ready for action

1945 : Germany finalizes deal licensing the formula for synthetic oil to Japan

1945 : Elektroboot u boats create a new series of problems for the Allies. Activities in the Atlantic effect activities in the Pacific

1945 : Hitler cancels the Ardennes offensive (OTL Battle of the Bulge) after being offered the “small solution” by Walter Model and Rundstedt, a combination of Model’s Herbstnebel and Rundstedt’s Case Martin. Wehrmacht units attack east of Meuse in a two prolonged attack, heading north instead of the originally planned west as envisioned in Wacht am Rhein, destroying Allied units east of meuse. Intense major air battle between jets happen. Centurion and Pershing tanks clash with new E series tanks

1945 : Germany launches Operation Summer awakening in the Eastern front, achieving some success

1945 : The Soviets, losing too many men in the Finnish front, decide to make peace with Finland. 1939 borders restored. Finland declares war on Germany.

1945 : Aung San joins forces with the Allies and switches sides. Burmese civil war, units loyal to Japanese remain to fight. Japanese install Ba Thaung to lead the “legitimate” state of Burma

1945 : Mexico sends Aztec eagles to the Philippines

1945 : Philippine republic Japanese puppet state adopts national anthem to the tune of “Horst Wessel Lied”. Philippines campaign is far more brutal with high local resistance claiming to be the legitimate government of the Philippines. Makapili forms SS style units. Freikorps units terrorize the Filipino population

1945 : Freikorp style units in Indonesia and Malaya are created to terrorize the local population and to symbolize the legitimacy of the puppet states

1945 : Warsaw uprising suppressed, much of the pre war city is destroyed

1945 : Churchill wins the 1945 election. Churchill promises to preserve the British empire

1945 : Japan resorts to kaiten torpedoes and kamikazi attacks intensifies

1945 : Ohka rocket attacks intensifies. Several Japanese pilots swear allegiance to both the emperor and Adolf Hitler. Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indonesian, and other Asian volunteers are allowed to fly the rocket

1945 : Harrer meets Korean crown prince Yi Un. Harrer is sent to Korea to train pro Japanese Korean guerrillas. Under the advice of Harrer, the Japanese allow patriotic Korean pro Japanese pan Asian propaganda. Harrer compares the East Asia Co Prosperity similar to the Anschluss. Harrer trains Hitler youth style programs in Japan and Korea. Harrer fuses pan Asian nationalism with Nazi ideology. “Heil Hitler!” as a Korean officer by the name of Park Chung-Hee greets general Harrer

1945 : US and Royal navies launches carrier based attacks on the Japanese naval base of Kure. However, the Japanese are prepared and much damage is averted

1945 : German u boats based in Malaya wreak havoc in the Pacific

1945 : First successful nuclear test happens. This nuke is called Trinity
1945 : Chinese offensive to drive back the Japanese from Kunming fails

1945 : Australian 9th infantry division capture Brunei

1945 : Henry Orenstein is transferred to work in a factory in Germany for forced labor. He later escapes and joins the Polish Forces in the West

1945 : Konrad Adenauer is killed by the Nazis

1945 : Elektroboots continue to cause supply problems for the Allies. Allies are unable to advance without supplies, especially fuel and French logistics are still being worked up. France industry is being revitalized and France is preparing to supply other Allied forces for expeditionary warfare due to supply problems at sea. Thousands of Frenchmen are drafted every. The war is far from over and Germany is using this time to prepare for Operation Arminius, the final defense of the fatherland. It will be a bloody invasion equivalent to Operation Downfall. Men are being drafted to the Wehrmacht while women and children work tirelessly in German factories

1945 : Berlin is nuked. Adolf Hitler survives the nuclear attack, being in an underground bunker. Hitler swears revenge for the nuke and authorizes chemical and bioweapons on Britain and the USA using Amerikabombers

1945 : Nuremberg is nuked, destroying the industrial heartland of Bavaria
August 1945 : The US population is unprepared for a chemical attack and several thousand Americans die. The US quickly manufactures gas masks and anti chemical warfare equipment for civilian use

August 1945 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter becomes a salaried official of the Tibetan and Japanese governments, translating foreign news and acting as the Court photographer

August 1945 : Hitler orders V2 rockets to be fired directly at the Buckingham palace and Big Ben. Allied spies are sent to the gas chamber.

August 1945 : Japan begins construction of national redoubt. Japan is shocked upon news of it’s ally Germany nuked and fears for the same to happen to Japan

August 1945 : Harrer and Aufschnaiter celebrate moon festival and have some moon cakes and tea

August 1945 : Operation Montclair : American, Dutch, ANZAC, British, Canadian, Indian, Mexican, and Brazilian troops land in Java. Sukarno, Hatta, Suharto and other Indonesian nationalists join forces with the Allies against the Japanese. Indonesian civil war, Japan installs Dr. Notonindito to lead the Indonesian puppet government as the “legitimate” government. PETA units loyal to Axis fight the Allies under the command of Von Paulus. Indonesian gestapo style units make mass arrests across the Indonesian population. Chinese Indonesians go through a Holocaust style genocide under Japanese and Indonesian collaboration

August 1945 : Soviet marines land in Riga
August 1945 : New unbroken enigma machines make the Allied situation at sea dire

August 1945 : The RAF gets new Avro Lincolns strategic bombers, intended specifically for use in the Pacific. Based in Okinawa, they unleash destruction on the Japanese home islands along with American B-29s

September 1945 : Japanese 28th army, 33rd army, and 15th army are destroyed at the Battle of the Sittang Bend. Around 14,000 Japanese were lost, with well over half being killed, while British forces suffered only 95 killed and 322 wounded. Japanese breakout attempt failed.

September 1945 : Dresden nuked

September 1945 : Goebbels takes advantage of recent nuking events to propagandize to the Germans the Jews order the destruction of the German race and that they must show the Jewish hordes Germany will stand

September 1945 : Soviets invade Romania. A failed coup by King Micheal against Antonescu results in a three way civil war between monarchists, communists, and fascists loyal to Axis

September 1945 : Antonescu swears loyalty to Axis until the end. Hitler thanks Antonescu for his loyalty

October 1945 : Operation Zipper sees British troops land in Port Dickson. British Pacific Fleet, US 7th fleet, and French Far East fleet provide naval support
October 1945 : Malaysian fascists declare allegiance with Japan. Malaysian civil war, German advisors sent to assist local Malaysian collaborators

October 1945 : Japan suffers heavy naval and air bombardment. Kamikaze strikes continue on Allied fleets but fail to have a substantial impact

October 1945 : Bulgaria declares war on Germany

October 1945 : German 6th and 8th armies reenters Romania. A battle between German and Soviet forces ensues

October 1945 : New IS-3 and T-44 tanks meet new German E series tanks

October 1945 : Wiesbaden nuked
November 1945 : Nakajima Kikka jet fighter is ready for action. The Kikka jet fights against Allied forces in the home islands and China

November 1945 : RSI partisans continue to cause problems for the Allies and thousands of soldiers and civilians continue to die in Italy

November 1945 : Pro British Malaysians, pro independence non Communists, Malaysian Communists, and Malaysian fascists fight in a violent street battle, resembling the 1919 German revolution

November 1945 : Disney bomb penetrate German bunkers. Germany begins to develop anti Disney bomb and anti nuclear technology

November 1945 : German battleship Tirpitz performs naval bombardment at Soviet positions in the Baltic
November 1945 : Hamburg nuked

November 1945 : First nuke on Japan is dropped. Hiroshima is nuked

November 1945 : 3 days after the nuke drop on Hiroshima, Kyoto is nuked. Buildings that survived entire millenniums and centuries suddenly ceased to exist. An entire world culture heritage is no more

November 1945 : The Japanese population is in shock. Hirohito orders mourning for the dead. Harrer witnesses religious rituals

November 1945 : Japan launches Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night on US West Coast. Effects on US population is minimal

November 1945 : Sweden continues White bus missions

December 1945 : Britain launches Operation Malifist. Allied troops land in Singapore. Japanese troops fiercely hold out in fortifications. Allies use Disney bombs to break through Japanese held fortifications. Mass violence among the civilian population occurs. Local gestapo style units and Japanese security forces strikes among the civilian population with impunity. Fierce tank battles battles between British Centurion tanks and Japanese Type 97 Kai tanks happen

December 1945 : Hitler, realizing there is no point in defending the Balkans anymore after the loss of Romania, orders Maximilian von Weichs to evacuate Greece

December 1945 : The loss of Romania causes extreme fuel problems for Germany. However Germany continues to perfect synthetic oil. The war is far from over

December 1945 : Extreme lack of food, fuel, coal, and other natural resources causes a second turnip winter for Germany. Gestapo makes mass arrests among the civilian population
December 1945 : Greek civil war between neo Nazis, communists, and pro democracy Greeks

December 1945 : Japan intensifies Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night in hopes to infect a significant part of the US population

December 1945 : Potsdam nuked

December 1945 : Allies attempt to break new German enigma codes

December 1945 : French alpine troops clash with German Gebirgsjäger troops in Austria

December 1945 : Kure nuked

December 1945 : Harrer and Aufschnaiter celebrate Christmas with the Japanese imperial family and the 14th Dalai Lama. Harrer and Aufschnaiter introduce Austro-German Christmas traditions to Japan and Tibet with Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, and Austro-German Christmas music. Harrer and Aufschnaiter gifts Akihito and the 14th Dalai Lama an Austro-German style nutcracker.
January 1946 : Vienna and Osaka nuked on New Years Day. Hundreds of Disney bombs launched at Germany and Japan, terrifying the German and Japanese populations. Britain launches Operation Vegetarian, destroying German and Japanese fertile land. Hundreds of farms and rice fields are infected with anthrax

January 1946 : Harrer celebrates new year in Japan. Mixing National Socialist elements with traditional Japanese elements, nationwide celebration happens in Japan. “Erika” becomes a popular song during lunar new year. Hitler Youth style Japanese children dance for the emperor. Harrer receives Japanese yen, previous jewels, gems, flowers, tea, rice and fruits from Hirohito, Harrer makes the Hitler salute in return.

January 1946 : Lines in Europe go static due to weather, making activity for both sides unviable

January 1946 : Children, wounded, sick, and elderly civilians begin to die in Germany and Japan due to supply shortages for civilians

January 1946 : Disney bombs are fired at Japanese positions in China

January 1946 : Fierce battle between Heer and Red Army in East Prussia. Volkssturm units fiercely resist the Soviets. Millions of civilians are armed with emergency weapons

January 1946 : Goebbels attempts to appeal to Christian Germans, depicting the Soviets as old Prussians and other old Baltic people
February 1946 : Western Allies begin Operation Marseilles, the final push into Germany

February 1946 : The French Army takes Saarbrücken

February 1946 : Allies begin using nukes as tactical weapons

February 1946 : Soviet forces takes Warsaw. Soviets suppress and prevent any Polish power vacuum

February 1946 : Canadian first army move up north in the Netherlands. They face unexpected fierce resistance from Dutch SS units. Dutch SS soldiers march across towns, harassing civilians while singing “Horst Wessel Lied” in Dutch

February 1946 : British drop napalm and fires Disney bombs at Japanese held forts in Singapore. The firing from those forts end.

February 1946 : Allies enter Thailand. Major uprising in Thailand. Thai resistance in shootout with units loyal to Axis. Plaek Phibunsongkhram declares the “Greater Siamese Social Republic” as the legitimate government of Siam. While speaking in a speech broadcasted by radio “Remember the glory of Siam! Our victorious nation are in our finest hour! We will the world that we are the can stop the world imperialists, bolsheviks, and the capitalists! We will defend our way of life, out fatherland! Thailand will never fall!”. A crowd cheers as the speech ends.

February 1946 : Allies push into Rhineland during the Rhineland offensive
February 1946 : The Germans lose key industrial cities such as Essen and Koln

February 1946 : The Germans are ready to hold at the Remagen line. However the Allies simply just nuke the line and pour in. Allied paratroopers take the Ludendorff bridge

February 1946 : First Soviet jet, MIG 9, is ready

February 1946 : Soviets rip through East Prussia and West Prussia

February 1946 : Soviets reach Hungary. Siege of Budapest happens
February 1946 : Yokohama nuked

March 1946 : Aufschnaiter joins Tibetan celebration of Tibetan New Year (Losar). Aufschnaiter uses buddhism to justify National Socialism

March 1946 : Allies uses tactical nukes wiping out the German reserve army. The Germans are unable to put up a static defense

March 1946 : Tactical nukes and rapid Allied advance creates a chaotic situation for German civilians. Many German civilians are unable to escape as refugees due to the chaos and many Germans in Eastern Germany faces mass atrocities by Soviet troops

March 1946 : Hungarian civil war between Hungarian fascists, communists, and pro democracy forces

March 1946 : German units attempt to hold in Germany as hard as possible. Several German units hold for a while but are unable due to the Allied behemoth
March 1946 : Werewolf units harass Allied troops

March 1946 : Hitler evacuates to the Alpine redoubt. Hitler urges Goebbels and other prominent Nazis to escape to Japan by a u boat. Himmler and Goering stay with Hitler in the Alpine redoubt

March 1946 : The Soviets enter a destroyed Berlin. Zhukov is assassinated by a Werewolf. Extreme Soviet violence towards civilian population happens next

March 1946 : Werewolf attacks intensify as the Nazi government is prepared for a final showdown in the Alpine redoubt

March 1946 : Allied troops reach the Alpine redoubt
March 1946 : Allies nuke the Alpine redoubt. Adolf Hitler and Herman Goering survive the nuke, while Himmler goes missing

March 1946 : Hitler and Goering are captured by the Americans. They are placed under high security.

March 1946 : World War 2 in Europe ends, although Werewolf guerilla war will continue

April 1946 : American, British, French, and Soviet flags fly over Berlin
April 1945 : Ships of Gruppe Monsun are taken over by the Japanese. German and Italian units in the Pacific loyal to Japan continue the fight

May 1946 : Harrer and Aufschnaiter continue allegiance to Japan and Tibet. Heinrich Georg Stahmer is the leader of the German government in exile

May 1946 : Mussolini flies a plane from Switzerland to Spain. Franco deports Mussolini and hands him over to the Allies

May 1946 : Strategic bombing of Japan intensifies. US 8th air force RAF bomber command is moved to Okinawa as Tiger Force

May 1946 : Nagasaki nuked
May 1946 : HMS Vanguard commissioned

May 1946 : Allied units are transferred from Europe to the Pacific for Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan

June 1946 : A German POW named Georg Gärtner in America refuses to return to Germany escapes POW camp and forms the American branch of the Werewolf under the name of Dennis F. Whiles. The Werewolf becomes an anti Jewish terrorist organization. “If it wasn’t for the Jewish bankers in America, we would have gotten rid of the bolsheviks. I will destroy America for the world” -Georg Gärtner

June 1946 : Kawasaki nuked

June 1946 : American, British, and French battleships bombard Japan

June 1946 : Many humans and animals die in Japan due to anthrax

June 1946 : Soviets denounce Soviet Japanese neutrality pact

June 1946 : Food riots occur in Japan due to a lack of fresh food. Cannibalism is rife in Japan. Human meat is inserted in Japanese rations due to a lack of fresh food

June 1946 : China offensive begins. Chinese soldiers take back some major cities including those among the yellow river. Japan uses scorched earth tactics. Chinese fascists loyal to Wang Jingwei, now a committed fascist launch anti Nationalist and anti Communist guerrilla war

June 1946 : Arthur Harris arrives in Okinawa
July 1946 : U-977 arrives in Japan. Erwin Rommel is greeted by Emperor Hirohito. Japanese newsreels play “WE HAVE THE DESERT FOX!” Rommel, Goebbels, and other Germans from the u boat is invited to the imperial palace for a feast. Rommel is given some imperial treasures including jade. Japanese propaganda exploit this to show the Germans are still at war and victory is inevitable.

July 1946 : New American F-82 fighters escort B-29s

July 1946 : Miyagi nuked

July 1946 : A Sazae-san manga features Erwin Rommel and the rest of the Germans who arrived in the u boat. “The Fuguta and Isono clans shows solidarity with our Teuton brothers in our rightful crusade!” An artwork in the manga features a Japanese samurai with a German teutonic knight charging towards an English bowman, an American minuteman, and a Chinese warrior to show solidarity with the German government in exile

July 1946 : Erwin Rommel is sent to Manchuria as a supporting role in the Kwangtung army

July 1946 : The Soviet Union declares war on Japan. The Kwangtung army is prepared. The battle hardened Red Army under Vasilevsky drives into Manchuria. IS-3 tanks and T-44 tanks meet Chi Ha and O-I tanks

July 1946 : Battle of Mutanchiang is a Japanese victory

July 1946 : Allied soldiers reach Kanchanaburi
July 1946 : Japan uses chemical weapons prepared in Manchuria against the Soviets


Cary Grant stars as colonel Ronald Hacksworths of the United States marine corps! He is assigned to go on one of the most daring missions yet, to steal the Japanese map and plans for the invasion of Japan! Watch as he and his raiders fight through many obstacles of Japan, with help of some prisoners, confessions of soldiers, sweet talks of civilians, some seducing, and epic fights and knockouts! Watch the revealing of secrets, relationships, and plans of the raiders! How did Hacksworth get in into Japan? How did they fight their way to get the maps and plans? You will see the everyday courage of spectacular men who go through everyday challenges and the importance of the mission! Watch Hacksworth and his men knock their way through the Japan homeland through THE ROAD TO TOKYO! The biggest all star picture ever yet!

- “Before we're through with 'em, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell.” - Admiral Halsey

Directed by Christian Nyby, released by RKO Radio Pictures

August 1946 : Walt Disney’s short “Goofy home island hop” is released

August 1946 : Soviets enter Korea. Local Korean population now fully indoctrinated with pan Asian ideology along with Goebbels’s propaganda fiercely resist.
August 1946 : Volksstrum style units in Thailand are formed

August 1946 : Looney Tunes episode "Kitsune Garden" is released. Bugs Bunny decides to hunt for a "special carrot" device in Japan, only to meet a kitsune

August 1946 : Shizuoka nuked

August 1946 : MIG-9 and Nakajima Kikka pit against each other

August 1946 : Soviets are on the breaking point of their logistics. The Trans-Siberian railway is already working at it's maximum capacity and Soviet units are already out of fuel

August 1946 : "Ronald Reagan starts in a motion picture that captures your heart! Reagan stars as major Jerry Johnson, with the task of liberating of POW camps. Watch as you see him deal with prisoners of Cabanatuan and give the urgent care they need! The utter brutality of the Japs! How the brave Filipinos help each other in times of war! The cheering of the Americans in the return to the Phillipines! Also starring is James Cagney, a British medic dealing with the unforeseen brutality of the Japs in Singapore. Watch Donald the medic cares for the newly liberated prisoners of war and civilians in the Lion city! Also starring Jadin Wong, as a Singaporean civilian dancer stuck in the terror of war and how everyday lives are suddenly changed!"

- It is my earnest hope—indeed the hope of all mankind—that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world found upon faith and understanding, a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice. - Douglas Macarthur


A Warner Bros-First National picture!

August 1946 : Genral Stratemeyer of the US 14th air force in China, orders Disney bombs to be fired in Tibet in hopes of clearing out Peter Aufschnaiter's Tibetan guerilla army
October 1946 : Nagoya nuked

October 1946 : October 1946 : Operation Pastel, a deception operation happens. Americans use notional dummy parachutes by the notional 18th airborne division to fool the Japanese they will land in Formosa and Chinese coastal cities

October 1946 : Operation Downfall, the largest naval invasion in history, commences. More than 7,000,000 Allied troops are about to invade Japan. The Japanese have 5 million regular troops and 40 million civilian conscripts. It will not be an easy fight and it will be a bloodfest

October 1946 : USS Missouri fires the first shot of Operation Downfall. General Macarthur is onboard the USS Missouri, along with Admiral Nimitz. Admiral Bruce Frazer is on board of the HMS Duke of York. Philippe Auboyneau is on board on French battleship Richelieu. The invasion of Japan has begun

October 1946 : Operation Olympic : X-day begins. Americans land in the island of Kyushu in the Satusma Peninsula. Japanese defenders fiercely resist in large numbers

October 1946 : Japan launches kamikaze attacks. Thousands of suicide ships, Ohka jets. and other aircraft are launched at the Allied invasion fleet, but they cannot stop the Allied invasion

October 1946 : Allied Big Blue Blanket anti kamikaze defense system is in effect

October 1946 : US 5th Marine Division is now combat ineffective

October 1946 : USA nukes Japanese defenders at the beachhead

October 1946 : American assault division rush through nuclear contaminated beachhead. Many Americans suffer from nuclear contamination as a result

October 1946 : Japanese propaganda warns USA of a divine curse. Joseph Goebbels creates propaganda for the German government in exile, reminding them of the battle of Vienna in 1683

October 1946 : 100,000 civilians in Japanese occupied territories die per month
November 1946 : Hollywood media mogul Louis B Mayer is injured in an assassination attempt by Georg Gärtner in a Hollywood party. Georg Gärtner uses a stolen US army grenade and throws it at Louis B Mayer. Joan Blondell, Spencer Tracy, and Lew Ayres are immediately killed, when others such as Mickey Rooney are injured. Louis B Mayer’s body flips in air, causing it to roll while being in the air before slamming on the ground

November 1946 : Joseph Goebbels hears about the assassination attempt (but is unaware of who did it) and uses it as propaganda of a divine punishment to America for invading Germany, Italy, and Japan

November 1946 : Kagoshima nuked

November 1946 : American troops take Kagoshima. Brutal urban fighting commences

November 1946 : Japanese regular army troops and civilians engage the Americans in house to house fighting. Both sides are exposed to radioactivity

November 1946 : Harrer commands a special guerrilla force to harass the Americans and steal supplies
December 1946 : Disney bombs fire at Japanese defenses

December 1946 : British carrier's armored top prove superior to Kamikaze attacks. USA expands repair ship fleet

December 1946 : Americans continue to push into Japanese territory

December 1946 : Soviet landing in the Kurils fails. Japanese defenders repulse Soviet invasion fleet

December 1946 : An American tactical nuke hits part of the Japanese 16th area army. Americans are expected to cross through radioactive territory within 72 hours

December 1946 : USA opens research how to treat victims of radioactivity

December 1946 : Allies reach Bangkok. Plaek Phibunsongkhram gives out speech :

"Today is another glorious day in Greater Siam. We all owe our thanks to our prime minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram, for Greater Siam is still alive to this day. We will continue to fight until we push out the imperialist invaders out of our homeland"

Phibunsongkhram refuses to evacuate the civilian population out of Bangkok, as he declares all civilians to be part of total war. The fighting in Bangkok results in the destruction in nearly all the city. Japanese and Thai sniper holdout causes problems for the Allies

December 1946 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter celebrates Christmas with the Japanese Imperial Family and Dalai Lama. Harrer and Aufschnaiter introduce Austro German classical, Austro German pop, and Austro German jazz and swing to Japan and Tibet. German pop stars such as Rudi Schuricke, Marlene Dietrich, Otto Stenzel, Hand Carste, Horst Winter, and Willy Berking all become hits in Japan and Tibet. Harrer and Aufschnaiter watches German cinema with the Japanese Imperial Family and Dalai Lama and introduces German expressionism to Japan and Tibet. Carp fried butter, glühwein, and goose becomes staples of Japanese and Tibetan Christmas. The Goebbels children perform a traditional German Christmas play in front of the Japanese imperial family.

December 1946 : Rommel celebrates Christmas with Puyi and Korean Crown Prince Yi Un. Puyi introduces Rommel to Chinese sausages and Yi Un introduces Rommel to Korean BBQ. Rommel introduces German sausages to China and Korea

December 1946 : The Christmas uprising : Japanese and pro Japanese uprisings in areas occupied by the Allies in Japan and Japanese colonies. Japanese and pro Japanese civilians rebel against Allied occupation while Japanese regular units attack. Japanese propaganda portray this uprising as a devine anger
January 1947 : Major tank battle. American M26 Pershing tanks meet Japanese Chi Nu tanks. The Chi Nu tank's armor is capable of withstanding Western armor

January 1947 : Entire American V Amphibious Corp (2nd, 3rd, & 5th Marine Divisions) are declared expended after suffering 54% casualties

January 1947 : Allies enter Indochina

January 1947 : Harrer and other Germans of the German government in exile celebrates Little New Year in Japan. Harrer, the Goebbels family, Kesselring, and other Germans are given a traditional Japanese new year clothing, lucky money and a maneki-neko

January 1947 : Goebbels gives out a speech, saying that the Buddha was the first Nazi and the kami Gods are fighting a spiritual war with the evil Jews, the Jews conquered the spiritual world. Goebbels then says that together in a coalition, the Buddha, the kami gods, the god of Islam, and Germanic pagan gods all worked together to defeat Judaism, and that the kamis sent a messiah, a messenger named Adolf Hitler, and that that Hitler himself is a kami who is sent to this world to destroy Judaism, denies Jesus was of Semitic origin, and that with the blessing of Adolf Hitler, the gods will make Japan's victory inevitable and the gods will punish the Allies. The Japanese crowd screams HEIL HITLER before a band played the song "Wir fahren gegen Engelland", as the Japanese scream "Gott Strafe England!" in Japanese. Japanese people mourn, weep, pray, and worship an altar of Adolf Hitler. Mein Kampf is made into a Japanese religious text.

January 1947 : Vietnamese emperor Bao Dai defects to the Allies. The Japanese, unable to find a collaborator, puts it under direct Japanese control and forms SS style Indochinese units. Indochinese civil war begins

January 1947 : Rommel celebrates Lunar New Year with Puyi and Yi Un. Rommel is given lucky money, jewelry, and traditional Chinese and Korean clothing. Rommel is introduced to Chinese firecrackers. "Only if the fuhrer got to see this!" wrote Rommel

January 1947 : Chinese new year. Chen Gongbo, influenced by Goebbels wishes the Chinese nation a happy new year and claims in a speech that Adolf Hitler is the second coming of Sun Yat Sen and declares Hitler's birthday a Chinese national holiday

January 1947 : New Soviet IS-4 tanks are in service

January 1947 : Yak 15 fighters prove to be a tough fight for the Kikka fighter

February 1947 : Allied big blue blanket anti Kamikaze system proves to be a success. Halsey orders an aggressive strike over Japanese buildings suspected to be covert factories

February 1947 : Soviets restart massive offensive in Manchuria. Katyusha rockets violently hammer the ground. The mighty Red army moves in with new IS-4 tanks. The IS-4's armor can withstand the German PAK-43 anti tank gun and it's equivalents. IS-4 tank rips through Japanese I-O heavy tanks

February 1947 : Hans-Jürgen Arnim and his guerilla army made up of veterans of the Afrika Korp and Italians from the North Africa campaign arrive in Tibet crossing the border crossing from China from Afghanistan. He meets up with Aufschnaiter and takes control of the Tibetan guerilla army, combining with his own guerilla army made up of veteran Italo Germans of the guerilla war in North Africa and the Middle East

February 1947 : Arnim's Tibetan guerilla army raid a train in Burma in a masterful train robbery scheme. They capture numerous Sherman tanks, M26 Pershings, P-51 fighter, Supermarine Spitefuls, A-24 dive bombers, and even some B-29s, all intended for China. They also capture fuel. With veteran engineers of the North Africa campaign, the Tibetan guerilla army is now a mechanized guerilla force

February 1947 : Ma Bufang, George S Patton, and Niel Ritchie all search for Arnim's guerillas. With limited fuel sources, Arnim cleverly uses his forces in limited engagements. It is now a cat and mouse game with armored forces

February 1947 : Allies secures 1/3 of Kyushu. Allies suffer 150,000 KIA and 300,000 WIA, while Japanese forces suffer 3,000,000-4,000,000 casualties. Allies secure Kyushu air bases

February 1947 : Operation Coronet launched. American troops lead by Macarthur and British/Commonwealth and French troops led by Charles Keightley land in Honshu. Tokyo is tactically nuked in order to kill the Japanese soldiers and rseeves near the city
February 1947 : American KGW-1 Loon cruise missiles hammer Japanese defensive positions

February 1947 : The initial Coronet landings would be staged by 10 reinforced infantry divisions, 3 marine divisions, and 2 armored divisions. Launched from the Philippines and Central Pacific bases, the attacking forces would be constantly protected by ships and planes of the Pacific Fleet as well as by land-based aircraft. Thirty days after the initial assault, each army would be reinforced by a corps of 3 divisions. Five days after this reinforcement, an airborne division and an AFPAC Reserve Corps of 3 divisions would be made available. These 25 divisions were to seize the Kanto Plain, including the general areas of Tokyo and Yokohama, and then carry out any additional operations necessary to break Japanese resistance. Strategic reserve for the entire operation would consist of a corps of 3 divisions located in the Philippines and a sufficient number of divisions from the United States to permit reinforcement at the rate of 4 per month.

The amphibious assault against Honshu would be preceded by heavy blows of Allied naval and air forces against the Japanese Empire. Carrier planes from the Pacific Fleet would co-operate with the Strategic Air Force in carrying out repeated attacks against vital areas of the Japanese Home Islands to strangle land and sea communication and wipe out selected targets ashore. Land-based planes from newly won fields in Kyushu together with fighters and bombers from Okinawa would continue to range over the Empire and the Asiatic coast, destroying any remaining enemy aircraft, shattering land communications, and reducing defensive installations. All air attacks would be intensified as the landing date approached, culminating in an all-out effort, co-ordinated with naval bombardment, during the last fifteen days.

At the same time, subsidiary actions in other theaters of operations would be aimed at containing Japanese air and ground forces. The China Theater would conduct neutralizing air and ground attacks against the enemy on the Asiatic mainland. The Southeast Asia Command would launch similar operations in the southern areas. Naval and air forces based in the Aleutians would be called upon to lend general support wherever possible. All plans were directed toward the successful execution of the greatest amphibious operation ever planned.

February 1947 : General Eichelberger secures Sagami Bay

February 1947 : The veteran First Army of Gen. Courtney H. Hodges, redeployed to the Pacific from the battlefields of Europe, strikes at the Kujukuri beaches about fifty miles east of Tokyo, provide protection for the northeastern flank, and then strike out to the west and south to clear the eastern shores of Tokyo and Sagami Bays. One spearhead would advance directly toward Tokyo to destroy all hostile forces there in preparation for the establishment of air, naval, and supply facilities in the vicinity of the Japanese capital

February 1947 : Americans troops makew the first engagements in central Honshu with British/Commonwealth and French troops arrive afterwards

February 1947 : Japanese coastal-combat divisions send their entire resources against the American assault head-on, with the underlying objective of merging all lines into an interlocking and continuously fluid struggle in which American air, artillery, and naval gunfire would be seriously hampered in choice of targets. It was felt that this was the only possible way to neutralize the tremendous air and sea superiority of the Allies. Japanese civilians are expected to conduct guerilla actions

February 1947 : Soviet troops are approaching Harbin. Soviet armor and artillery superiority are demonstrated here. Lend lease motor vehicles play a crucial role in the Soviet advance. Soviet CAS planes pose a deadly threat to Japanese forces with very good low and medium altitude planes

Credits to US Army Military History Study (2006) for Operation Coronet plans
February 1947 : Allies make good use of Japanese road infrastructure. Allied enginners repair roads, bridges, and set up logistical sites

February 1947 : RAAF First Tactical Air Force attack Japanese defending positions on Honshu

February 1947 : 25 Allied divisions move into Kanto Plain. This area is heavily defended and is the political and industrial capital of Japan. About 50% of Japan's industry lie in the area

February 1947 Allies encounter brutal urban fighting

March 1947 : The Allies must move quickly before monsoon season arrives

March 1947 : Japan puts up a fierce resistance in Indochina. French and British commandos harass Japanese lines. There is a truce between French and Viet Minh troops. American OSS and Viet Minh cooperate

March 1947 : Major tank battle near Honshu. Japanese tankists in O-I and Chi Nu tanks put up fierce resistance against Americans and British/French tankists in M26 Pershing tanks (no British or French equipment were used in Operation Downfall as agreed by both forces due to logistical issues)

March 1947 : Soviets reach Harbin
April 1947 : Allies mop up Sumatra. Nearly all the Dutch East Indies has the Dutch flag flying over it

April 1947 : Chinese forces push Japanese back in Southern China. Chinese, British, American, and French troops capture the French port of Guangzhouwan. Seaborne trade is now possible with China

April 1947 : Allies continue advance in Japan with fierce Japanese resistance. British and French troops mop up Japan resistance

February 1947 : Allies make good use of Japanese road infrastructure. Allied enginners repair roads, bridges, and set up logistical sites

February 1947 : RAAF First Tactical Air Force attack Japanese defending positions on Honshu

February 1947 : 25 Allied divisions move into Kanto Plain. This area is heavily defended and is the political and industrial capital of Japan. About 50% of Japan's industry lie in the area

February 1947 Allies encounter brutal urban fighting

March 1947 : The Allies must move quickly before monsoon season arrives

March 1947 : Japan puts up a fierce resistance in Indochina. French and British commandos harass Japanese lines. There is a truce between French and Viet Minh troops. American OSS and Viet Minh cooperate

March 1947 : Major tank battle near Honshu. Japanese tankists in O-I and Chi Nu tanks put up fierce resistance against Americans and British/French tankists in M26 Pershing tanks (no British or French equipment were used in Operation Downfall as agreed by both forces due to logistical issues)

March 1947 : Soviets reach Harbin

April 1947 : Allies mop up Sumatra. Nearly all the Dutch East Indies has the Dutch flag flying over it

April 1947 : Chinese forces push Japanese back in Southern China. Chinese, British, American, and French troops capture the French port of Guangzhouwan. Seaborne trade is now possible with China

April 1947 : Allies continue advance in Japan with fierce Japanese resistance. British and French troops mop up Japan resistance

April 1947 : Japanese strengthen their position in Manchuria. Japanese anti tank guns ambush Soviet positions

April 1947 : A lend oease convoy makes a seaborne delivery of new tanks, trucks, oil, planes, ect to China

April 1947 : US 10th mountain division, veterans of the Italian front capture Mount Fuji

April 1947 : Japanese tank divisions wait around the flat plains of Kanto

May 1947 : Allies advance into Kanagawa reagion

May 1947 : US airborne units capture Japanese bridges to prevent Japanese demolition. US 101st Airborne Division, veterans of the Western front, is present here

May 1947 : Powerful Allied airstrikes are aimed at Indochina and Taiwan

May 1947 : HMS Malta commissioned. She is based off the Americans experience in the Pacific. Her strudy designs makes her perfect to withstand kamikaze attacks

May 1947 : A Kamikazi attack hits the Montana class battleship US Ohio but she survives the attack due to her tough armor

May 1947 : Allies use a tactical nuke against the Japanese garrison in Kawasaki

May 1947 : Street to street fighting in Harbin mirrors that of Stalingrad

May 1947 : Soviets make second attempt at a landing in the Kurils. It quickly turns into a bloody Okinawa like situation
June 1947 : Kawasaki falls

June 1947 : A tactical nuke hits Yokohama. Allies enter the city and a bloody battle ensues

June 1947 : Monsoon season begins in Japan. Troops used to the hot Pacific weather experience combat similar to that of Europe during rainy seasons

June 1947 : Soviet cruiser Kalinin fires down Japanese aircraft attempting to sink it via a kamikaze attack

June 1947 : Large scale Allied offensive into Indochina. The Americans and Chinese under George S Patton and Sun Li-jen attack Indochina from the North and the French and British under Philippe François Marie de Hauteclocque and Bill Slim attack Indochina from the South

June 1947 : The mix of monsoon and nuclear radiation makes fighting creates absolutely miserable conditions for fighting in Japan

June 1947 : Harbin falls

July 1947 : Japan launches Fu Go balloon bomb and Operation Cherry blossoms disease on 4th of July to disrupt American independence day celebrations. The effects are minimal.

June 1947 : Japanese soldiers surrender in Indochina after running out of ammunition

June 1947 : Chinese soldiers take back Hainan. Western Allied naval and air support is provided

July 1947 : Chinese, British, American, and French troops liberate Hong Kong. British and Chinese flags fly over Hong Kong

July 1947 : Colonial soldiers from British, American, French, and Dutch colonies are sent to Japan as garrison troops.

August 1947 : Soviets secure Kuril islands

August 1947 : Yokohama falls

August 1947 : The front in Japan begins to resemble World War 1 trench warfare due to weather and radiation

August 1947 : Japanese government, imperial family, and German government in exile evacuate to Nagano redoubt

August 1947 : The largest artillery bombardment in history is launched at Tokyo

August 1947 : Chinese soldiers mop up Japan holdings near coastal cities

September 1947 : Allies enter Tokyo. Battle of Tokyo begins

September 1947 : Allied warships bombard Tokyo

September 1947 : Japanese civilians and soldiers drive motor cars into Allied soldiers and vehicles, hoping to cause Allied casualties. Intentional car crashes happen to block urban roads

September 1947 : Monsoon slows down Soviet advance to Jilin

September 1947 : Typhoon Kathleen disrupt Allied supply lines. A nightmarish fighting condition for both sides occurs.

October 1947 : Aftermath of Typhoon Kathleen wipes out Japanese farm fields. Food riots are suppressed under the Kenpeitai

October 1947 : The movie "Wahlstatt" directed by Akira Kurosawa and produced by Joseph Goebbels premiers in Japanese cinemas. It features Japanese actors portraying German soldiers in the battle of Wahlstatt. It featured the Germans resisting the Mongol invaders even when defeat is a certainty, only for the Mongols to retreat later. In the second half of the film after the intermission, it features the Mongols invading Japan, only to have their fleet destroyed by a typhoon. Later in the second part of the film, the Mongols land in Japan, only to be destroyed by the Japanese. The film then turns to Kublai Khan before fading to Khorloogiin Choibalsan. The end of the film featured drawings of Truman, Churchill, Stalin, Kai Shek, Queen Wilhelmina and Bidault wearing top hats holding the hammer and sickle. The film is a morale booster to the Japanese and German government in exile. A UFA/Toho co production

October 1947 : Soldiers fight brutally in the national diet of Japan. Japabese suicide bombers attempt to kill as many Allied soldiers as possible

October 1947 : Allies storm imperial palace only to find out it's empty and evacuated

October 1947 : Battle of Tokyo results in destruction of much of the city. Tokyo falls

November 1947 : Katyusha rockets fire violently at Jilin

November 1947 : Chinese soldiers enter Nanking. Massive aerial bombardment over city fortifications

November 1947 : Chinese civilians uprise against the Japanese in Nanking. Japanese soldiers level the city

November 1947 : After much debate and contention, Bill Slim's 14th army is transferred to the home islands under British logistics

November 1947 : Soviet troops enter Jilin

November 1947 : Himmler is caught attempting to move to Argentina as an average German civilian. He is arrested and thrown into prison by the British

November 1947 : Weather results in static warfare in the Japanese home islands

November 1947 : Japanese commandos raid a US army base on Thanksgiving in a propaganda action. They sneak food from American bases. Japanese propaganda exploit this raid, saying to the Japanese people that food is plenty

December 1947 : Panicking Japanese, Korean, Han Chinese, Manchurian, and Korean civilians attempt to flee to Southern Manchuria and Korea, trapped between retreating Japanese forces and advancing Soviet forces. Under the suggestion of Heinrich Harrer, Emperor Hirohito and Puyi orders the civilians not to commit suicide but join Volkssturm style units and fight. Hitler Youth style units are created

December 1947 : A propaganda poster from the German government in exile that reads "Adolf Hitler is you friend!" features an SS soldier doing a handshake with an unidentified Asian man, portraying the Nazis as liberators from colonialism

December 1947 : Chichibu nuked

December 1947 : An MGM cartoon features an American marine World War 1 soldier fighting in the "War to end all wars" He survives a uboat sinking, artillery, chemical weapons, gunshot wound, ect. Later, the cartoon features Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. The doughboy's son, a Marine experiences the brutal reality of war, such as tanks, bombers, nukes, jets, bazookas, and chemical weapons. The cartoon features a Jewish person, an Ethiopian, and a Chinese person living under occupation. The cartoon turns to the Marine back home for Christmas until the scene fades into the summer. The cartoon ends ends with the American flag waving, reminding Americans of unity and why they fight. The cartoon's ends with the message "America needs your help to end this war as fast as possible! Buy war bonds in this theater!" on it's endcard. "The War to End All Wars" is released in theaters

December 1947 : Both sides in Japan experience miserable conditions during warfare. The combination of winter, the aftermath of typhoon, nuclear radiation, chemical weapons, disease, and the smell of blood create a dreadful environment

December 1947 : A propaganda poster from the Italian government in exile implies the African natives invited the Italian government to improve their nation and features the Italians building roads, schools, and infrastructure in Africa. It then features askari soldiers, encouraging colonial subjects of Allied nations to rebel and colonial troops to defect to Axis. It is implied as an anti colonial propaganda.

December 1947 : Chinese soldiers drives towards the countryside to Shanghai

December 1947 : Italian North Africa veterans and and Regia Marina sailors introduce Italian Christmas traditions to Tibet and Japan. Italian North Africa veterans and Regia Marina sailors introduce Italian pasta, roasted veal, Italian sausages, Italian cheese, cake, chocolate, and Italian coffee to Tibet and Japan, with askaris introducing Ethiopian, Libyan, Somalian, and Eritrean traditions to Tibet. Italian East Africa veterans introduce Italian cinema, Italian futurism, Italian classical music, and Italian jazz and swing to the Dalai Lama and Japanese imperial family. Italian pop stars such as Carlo Buti, Beniamino Gigli, Quartetto Cetra, Natalino Otto, Gorni Kramer, Alberto Rabagliati, Ernesto Bonino, Trio Lescano, ect become popular in Japan and Tibet. Hirohito and Empress Nagako dance to foxtrot when Italian sailors and soldiers watch Italian cinema with Akihito and the Dalai Lama. Harrer gifts Akihito a book containing Austro German folktales.

January 1948 : Battleship Tirpitz and German cruiser Prinz Eugen arrive in Western Hokkaido under admirals Raeder and Doenitz on New Years Day. The German crews sing the sea shanty "The Spirit of the SMS Emden". Raeder is joked as the reincarnation of Von Muller. Japanese newsreel exploit these events to give the illusion Germany is still fighting, and fighting strong.

January 1948 : Harrer visits a Buddhist temple with the Japanese imperial family on New Years Day. Temple bells ring. Harrer celebrates Japanese New Year with the Imperial Family. Harrer is introduced to Japanese food on New Years, such as fish, shrimp, chicken, root, and ramen.

January 1948 : Japanese human torpedo hit USS Coral Sea

January 1948 : "Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty" cover with updated lyrics for World War 2 sung by Vera Lynn released on Decca records, popular with British soldiers home sick from a far away land

January 1948 : Woody Woodpecker short "Metal Nukebomber" is released. In the short, Woody Woodpecker constantly harasses a Japanese forrest rat snake, humiliating him in the end. The Japanese rat anake is forced to released the kidnapped animal kingdoms and is put in court, a metaphor warning the Japanese for future war crime trials. Released through United Artists.
January 1948 : Jilin falls. Soviet troops armed with AK-47s and T-54 tanks take the city

January 1948 : Kofu nuked

January 1948 : Gifu nuked

January 1948 : Japanese forces launch minor offensive, allowing Japan to take back some land in the winter

January 1948 : Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter introduce Austro-German military marches, operettas, and plays to Japan and Tibet. Kriegsmarine sailors and Afrika Korps perform marches such as Preußens Gloria and Wien Bleibt Wien in a military tattoo and perform the operetta "Frau Luna" in front of the Japanese imperial family and Dalai Lama. Opera composers such as Paul Lincke and Franz Schmidt are introduced to Japan and Tibet

January 1948 : USA begins work on the M46 Patton medium tank based on the American experience of World War 2

February 1948 : Allies start major offensive, in a drive to knock out Japan and end the war. British Centurion tanks meet Japanese Type 5 Chi Ri tanks and O-I tanks.

February 1948 : Soviet troops advance to Fushun, one of Manchuria's heartlands and an important source of coal. Japanese troops fight tooth and nail to defend the important city.

February 1948 : Chinese troops reach Shanghai. Bloody urban fighting commences. Chinese heavy artillery and aircraft pound on Japanese fortifications in a siege warfare. Chen Gongbo of the Reorganized Nationalist Government of the Republic of China swears unconditional loyalty to Axis cause and claims that the Japanese ended warlordism in China in a propaganda speech. Chinese SS style divisions fanatically defend the city in absolute loyalty to the Axis. Freikrop style units suppress any resistance and claims the Cheng Gongbo regime is the legitimate government of China.

February 1948 : "Sentimental Journey", based on the 1945 song of the same name is released into theaters. It features Doris Day as a Hollywood tapdancer and her boyfriend as a B-29 pilot. Her boyfriend meets a woman from the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force and is conflicted between the tap dancer and the Australian woman in this comedy musical featuring bandleaders such as Les Brown, Benny Goodman, and Horace Heidt, and the voices of Ella Fitzgerald and Slim Dusty. Filmed in Hollywood, Australia, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima and released by Warner Bros Pictures.

February 1948 : Nara nuked

February 1948 : Himeji nuked

February 1948 : Japan resumes major kamikaze operations and attack Allied warships

February 1948 : Georg Gärtner meets with with former German American Bund members to recruit them for the Werewolf. He then uses a fake identity card to fly to South Africa to meet up with the Ossewabrandwag. He meets up with Johannes Van Rensburg and B.J Vorster. Ossewabrandwag continue anti British sabotage operations.
Germany has not lost the war, and we will continue to fight to preserve the Aryan race and one day we will retake Germany from the bankers and warmongers! We will fight with whatever means necessary! Germany shall never die! -Georg Gärtner

February 1948 : A Norakuro short cartoon is released in Japanese theaters by Shochiku. The cartoon is a parody of American theatrical cartoons and mocks Allied personnel with the idea they have no will to fight. The cartoon mocks the "pigs army", an allegory for the Chinese army. Porky in an NRA uniform is seen stuttering, unable to operate an artillery gun. Meanwhile, Popeye is supposed to be fighting in the US Navy but is seen drinking and playing sports instead, giving Japanese audiences the impression that the Americans do not know how to fight and only know care about pleasure and entertainment. Meanwhile, Punjab (from Little Orphan Annie) is seen being whipped by Daddy Warbucks and Lord Snooty, mocking the British Empire. Punjab, encouraged by Subhas Chandra Bose, rises up against his colonial masters and rebels against them. Meanwhile, the Three Fat Men is seen slapping each other, mocking the Soviet Union. Norakuro then shoots at the Three Fat Men. The cartoon reminds Japanese audiences that the Allies are not warrior people and Japanese victory is inevitable through will. The cartoon is a huge morale booster to Japanese audience, causing massive Allied casualties by fanatical Japanese soldiers.

February 1948 : Allies take Kofu

February 1948 : Shanghai falls to Chinese troops. Japanese troops level the city, destroying most of the city. Nearly 5000 years of history is wiped out. Warsaw uprising style fights results in brutal destruction and loss of life. Chinese soldiers enter a destroyed city. Japanese snipers hold out. Chen Gongbo escapes north.

March 1948 : US 10th Mountain Division reaches the Yatsugatake Mountains

March 1948 : Komatsu nuked

March 1948 : Akita nuked

March 1948 : Allies capture important railways in inland Japan

March 1948 : Fushun falls

March 1948 : Soviet troops drive to Fangzheng. Volkstrum style units are ready to defend the city tooth and nail. The Japanese and German government in exile broadcasts propaganda that Manchuria was a poor nation under the corrupt KMT rule, and that the Manchus invited Japan to restore the legitimate emperor, emperor Puyi of the Qing dynasty. Japanese propaganda points out to how Japan developed and industrialized Manchuria. Japanese propaganda claims the Allies want to colonize China, scaring people in Manchuria to fight and defend “their country”. Japanese, Korean, Han Chinese, Mongolians, and Manchu civilians are conscripted in Volksstrum style units. Nazi ideology is a required course. Harrer gives idea to require all Hitler Youth style unirs absolutely loyalty to the cause of Adolf Hitler and honor Hitler as a “crusader against colonialism”.

March 1948 : Japanese mountain units defend Japanese mountains, creating a Monte Cassino like situation

March 1948 : Chinese units mop of the Japanese in coastal regions of China

March 1948 : Ise nuked

March 1948 : Ono nuked

March 1948 : Kitakoma falls

April 1948 : Allied engineers repair Japanese highway system to speed to Nagano

April 1948 : Battle of Fangzheng begins. Hitler Youth style units fully indoctrinated to Nazi ideology willing to fight for the cause of Adolf Hitler fanatically defend the city. Katyusha rockets violently fire at the city

April 1948 : Zhengzhou liberated

April 1948 : Fangzheng falls. Japanese Kwangtung army begins to collaspe

April 1948 : Soviet mountain troops reach Rangrim mountains

April 1948 : Soviets attempt to land in Hokkaido. The landing fails.

April 1948 : Race riots infiltrated by Abwehr agents of the German government in exile break out in the US, Britain, and France. Members of the National States Rights Party, National Socialist Movement, and New European order led by J.B Stoner, Colin Jordan, Maurice Bardèche riot in the streets of the US, Britain, and France. Klansman in the National Renaissance Party march on the streets of America. USA, Britain, and France declares martial law. US president Harry Truman invokes the Insurrection Act. Phillipe Petain of the Vichy French government in exile in Japan, now a committed Nazi claims Adolf Hitler saved France and the French government in Paris is illegitimate. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles waving Nazi and Confederate flags cruise the streets of America, Britain, and France.

April 1948 : Minor tank battle in Japan

April 1948 : Italian North Africa veterans and Regia Marina veterans celebrate Italian Easter traditions in Tibet and Japan

April 1948 : Yingkou falls

April 1948 : Soviet troops are approaching Hamhung, Korea. Katyusha rockets fire at the city.

May 1948 : Allies launch major offensive to Nagano

May 1948 : Japanese imperial family is evacuated to an unknown location

May 1948 : Chinese soldiers launch offensive to move to Peking

May 1948 : Soviet soldiers are booed by Korean civilians as they move into Korea. Korean civilians do not see the Soviets as liberators, thanks to the Nazi indoctrination efforts by Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Harrer, preferring to stay loyal to the Japanese regime. Marching Soviet soldiers are egged by angry Korean civilians shouting “GO HOME INVADER”. Volksport style units throw stinkbombs to pro Allied Korean civilians and participate in book burning ceremonies

May 1948 : Soviets reach Tonghua line. Soviet TU-4 bombers bomb the Japanese redoubt. Japanese forces inflict one of the heaviest losses on Soviet forces here

May 1948 : "Fuku-Chan Saves The World", a full length animated feature film based on the Japanese comic Fuku-Chan, is released into Japanese theaters. It is the first Japanese film in color. It features an innocent boy named Fukuo Fuchida. One day, Fuchida's girlfriend Kumi is kidnapped by the evil Harry Truman. He then goes on a worldwide search to find her, with his friend Namiko tagging along to help him. He then runs into the streets of Washington DC where he is kidnapped by William Donovan. He and Namiko escapes Donovan, only to discover an alcohol distribution operation by Joseph Kennedy. Joseph Kennedy plans to poison the whole world with his liquor so he can fuel American world domination plans. He then fights Kennedy in car chases with mobsters in car shootouts. Meanwhile, the head of the "thug operation" MI6 Stewart Menzies reports to mob boss Winston Churchill. Churchill then laughs with how they rule the world with Clemente Attlee. Archibald Sinclair wishes for total destruction of the world so he can play "toy soldier" and claims destroying things is his hobby. Menzies tells Churchill and Attlee about Fuchida which they phone Truman about. Truman rages with Frank Knox and claims Fuchida is the greatest threat to end their plans for world domination. Chester Nimitz, William Hadley, Douglas Macarthur, and Bruce Frazer promise Truman and Churchill they will destroy Japan before he does so. Churchill puts on "Churchill's puppet show" with Ben Chifley, Peter Fraser, and William Mackenzie King as puppets. Truman hysterically laughs and joins the show as well with a Elpidio Quirin puppet, both singing "We love to rule the world! Would it be great to make Fuchida one of ours as well?" MacArthur then kidnaps the rest of Fuchida's friends and family. He then presents then to Truman, who offers a ransom. Henry Stimson then activates the "destruction machine". Stimson unleashes school bully Ganchan. Fuchida then fights off American and British "gangster" politicians in crazy shootouts, before fighting generals and admirals. Angry, Harry Truman kidnaps Namiko and takes Fuchida's friends and family to California where he would give them to Hollywood mughals. This scene mocks American pop culture and specifically Hollywood. Truman threatens to turn Kumi into a mass merchandise star, a mocking of capitalism. Fuchida then defeats the Hollywood mughals and liberates the world from American degeneracy. a furious Harry Truman then takes Fucgida's friends and family and goes straight to the battlefront in Japan. He then fights Winston Churchill then throws him into court for war trials. He goes on to fight Harry Truman. Just as defeat is imminent with Harry Truman pronouncing his world destruction plans, Adolf Hitler appears and defeats Harry Truman. Hitler then saves Fuchida's friends and family and Fukou is reunited with Kumi. The end of the film encourages Japanese people to fight on, just like Fuku-Chan the patriotic hero. The film ends with the Japanese march "Destruction of the British Oriental Fleet" on it's end card. Released in April 1948 in Japanese cinemas by Daiei Film

May 1948 : Ōmachi nuked

May 1948 : Japanese tanks inflict heavy casualties on Soviet tanks near the Tonghua line

May 1948 : Japan unleashes chemical and bioweapons weapons designed in Unit 731 on Soviet troops. The Tonghua line becomes a World War 1 style chemical weapons war

May 1948 : "Enola Gay", a docudrama about air bombings over Japan starring James Stewart, is released in theaters. It features real footage of air raids over Japan. Chuck Yeager stars as special guest. Released April 1948 by Paramount Pictures in technicolor

June 1948 : Soviets break through Tonghua line

June 1948 : The Second Battle of Port Arthur begins with Japanese troops defending the city. Japanese heavy artillery smash invading Soviet positions

June 1948 : Chinese troops enter Peking. Japanese troops burn down the city and destroy and loot thousands of years worth of history. Siege of Budapest style battle begins. Japanese generals recruit Chinese SS style divisions. Child soldiers are pressed into Hitler youth style units. Chen Gongbo says in a radio broadcast that the future of the Chinese nation depends on this pivotal battle and says this is revenge for the Boxer rebellion. SS style recruitment propaganda posters feature Qi Jinguang, Chen Gongbo, and Adolf Hitler standing next to each other, stating “Qi Jinguang yesterday, Chen Gongbo today, Adolf Hitler tomorrow!”. Japanese troops use forced labor of Chinese civilians.

June 1948 : Von Arnim studies Tibetan Buddhism with the Dalai Lama and is gifted traditional Tibetan clothing. Peter Aufschnaiter translates Mein Kampf to Tibetan

June 1948 : Allies reach Nagano redoubt. Japanese propaganda remind the Japanese of their victory against the Mongols and proclaim a heroic last stand against the “Western barbarians”

June 1948 : Mass uprisings infiltrated by Abwehr agents occur in Brazil, with massive political violence and street battles similar to pre Nazi Germany occur. Supporters of Brazilian Integralism led by Plínio Salgado, now a supporter of Adolf Hitler form SA style units. Getúlio Vargas declares marshal law. Brazilian fascist propaganda claims Adolf Hitler will lift Brazil out of poverty.

June 1948 : The Americans nuke the Nagano redoubt. Remaining Japanese soldiers fight tooth and nail against the Allies in a last stand

June 1948 : Soviet artillery hammer through Port Arthur fortifications. Death toll on both sides is high.

June 1948 : Seoul liberated by Soviet troops. Japanese collaborators are beaten up by Korean civilians. Kim Gu is seen riding down his car to cheering crowds

June 1948 : Port Arthur falls, falling into Russian hands for the first time in 40 years

June 1948 : Soviets rush to Pusan

June 1948 : Peking is liberated by Chinese soldiers after a nightmarish siege. Thousands of years of history has been destroyed. Massive homelessness occurs in China. Chinese troops meet Soviet troops near the Manchurian border

June 1948 : Allies defeat remaining Japanese forces in Nagano. American forces capture Tojo, Koiso, Puyi, and Joseph Goebbels. Emperor Hirohito announces in a radio broadcast that Japan has surrendered unconditionally and orders Japanese troops to lay down their arms immediately. Heinrich Georg Stahmer of the German government in exile comes how carrying the white surrender flag while Heinrich Harrer turns in his pistol to Sir Charles Keightley. Goebbels refuses to commit suicide, honoring his promise to Hitler to never give up fighting. Regia Marina sailors surrender in Japan. French troops capture Philippe Petain. Von Arnim and the Dalai Lama is captured by Chinese troops while Italo German North Africa veterans and Tibetan guerrillas surrender. Peter Aufschnaiter and Reting Rinpoche carry the German and Tibetan flag out to surrender to Claude Auchinleck. Bose tries to commit suicide but fails, believing he has failed Adolf Hitler and the Hindu gods in freeing India from colonialism. Chen Gongbo is captured by Chinese troops and is humiliated. After 9 years of war, the deadliest war in human history, the war to end all wars is finally over. With 175 million people dead and millions more homeless, starving, raped, and radiated, the world had changed forever. Nuclear warfare and ideology has shown how destructive mankind can be. Dictators, kings, and emperors has fallen, and new maps has been created. Soldiers return home physically and mentally damaged, and new Werewolf terrorist groups appear. Wives become widows and children become fatherless. With the collapse of many nations and lives changed forever, what will become of this new world?

We are not youth any longer. We don’t want to take the world by storm. We are fleeing. We fly from ourselves. From our life. We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces.
Erich Maria Remarque, All Quite on the Western Front
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