No Pew Brothers? (Think Koch Bros, but mid-century)

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    With the caveat that there were plenty doing similar work, what does the removal of the Pew Brothers change in the Republican Party and America? It’s a ton of money and organization applied during key times to shift the Republican Party that’s now gone… you’ve got Goldwater and the religious right suffering major blows, less politically put together independent oil, Rockefeller benefits from a major foe gone. Some interesting things to play with anyway.

    The POD probably has to be early, the brothers fail or die or whatever.

    The Other Brother Duo That Brought Us the Modern GOP
    By Darren Dochuk / Politico Magazine

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Modern socon GOP never happens. More moderates on social/economic issues, a party generally moderately pro-choice on abortion, party gains a populist wing due to less money freezing out nixon/wallace/trump types.

    Without Pew's ralllying the right, you don't see democrats feeling a need to counter pew astroturfing by finding activist blocs of their ownBoth the New left/Mcgovernite takeover plus the later side effects/backlash of that such as soccer mom types in the 90s, prudish DLC "centrists" in 90s/00s and current "Woke" types never happen in democrats. Democrats do gain a social democratic wing in the 60s to 80s plus some types concerned about environmental issues but the particular array of identity politics/feminism/certain environmental issues/liberal business types that is OTL's progressive coalition doesn't happen.