King Edward, nine years early.

In the new "Downton Abbey" movie, set in 1927, there's a subplot in which someone tries to kill King George V. (It's a not a spoiler to point out the King doesn't die; this ain't no Quentin Tarantino movie.)

This made me think: what if KG5 did die in 1927, and Edward took over then? Long before Hitler comes to power, before he meets Wallis Simpson? Whaddya think?
Edward VIII will be compelled to marry someone suitable, either from the British or continental european protestant non-German nobility. I don't think that a British bachelor King-Emperor would be acceptable for too long. Of course Edward could torpedo any marriage proposals by insisting to marry some German princess. Whether any marriage would be happy or Edward would continue to have countless mistresses would remain to be seen.
Greece & Denmark: Irene 1904-1974
Elizabeth 1904 - 1955
Danish(ish) Marie Alexandria of Baden 1902 - 1944 (but her death would change)
great granddaughter of Christian IX
Belgium Marie Jose 1906 - 2001
so as for Protestant Princesses ... (that's all I could find)
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Marie Alexandrine married in 1924. Irene had a sister, Helen who married in ‘21 but divorced in ‘28. Elisabeth is a possibility, I suppose.

It doesn’t have to be a Princess to marry Edward, many families of the nobility of Europe would have ‘suitable’ daughters.

There isn’t a problem with Edward taking the throne unmarried is there?
There isn’t a problem with Edward taking the throne unmarried is there?
No, but he will be expected to marry and have children ASAP. He would probably have to marry within a few years of taking the throne to keep people from talking. But considering his OTL actions, he might not care of people talk about him not being married or having children
his fathers assassination may change that attitude …. if he could give up Freda Dudley Ward (romance circa 1918 - 34)
Winston Churchill observed in 1927, after travelling with them on a train, "It is quite pathetic to see the Prince and Freda. His love is so obvious and undisguisable.