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  1. KJM divided by zero

    Feb 4, 2004
    Can anyone really be sure?
    I've been thinking about the Star Trek universe for some time, and I've come to a conclusion: the "main" universe isn't actually our own!

    No matter how people try to fit the Eugenics Wars into our history, it always ends up seeming out of place. The Earth that joined the Federation is in fact in an alternate universe that diverged from ours a few decades ago. This would explain away some of the other outdated "predictions".

    So, is our Earth left out entirely then? Not necessarily. There is another universe that is also introduced in the original series. Later dubbed the "mirror universe," this place has a humanity which has NOT overcome its problems or learned to live peacefully with its neighbors. Since we know nothing about this univere's Earth, there is no reason not to believe that this is not our "real" future.

    Could it be? Could our world become the homeworld of the Terran Empire, with the Federation existing in the other universe?

    Am I making any sense?
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    Jan 1, 2004
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    Hmmm...well in one Major Kira is a pious sort of half nun. In the other, the Intendant. ("I'm not bad, I'm just costumed that way.")

    One mans dystopia....

    However, I think the whole thing is the Suliban, what with time traveling almost as much as regular they've got the whole Universe screwed up.

    Mark my words, the Xindi crisis will be averted by having it never have happened, a Suliban trick, and it will be hinted that other things like it are/have been happening all along.
  3. David Howery Fear my adamantium chainsaw

    Jan 1, 2004
    well, there's nothing in the official ST series to show just how the Mirror universe got started. However, one of the books about it ("Mirror Mirror", which is excellent) notes that the divergence happened a long time ago; even the Iliad is different, showing that Achilles kills Priam as he is begging for the body of Hector so he can bury it. Granted, it's not official....
  4. poster342002 Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    I've often felt that the "mirror" universe in Star Trek could more likely actually be our own. Not hard to see things headed that way if the world situation didn't improve...

    Interestingly, do the Nazi salutes of the mirror-Enterprise crew indicate a world history where Hitler maybe won WW2?
  5. KJM divided by zero

    Feb 4, 2004
    Can anyone really be sure?
    It wasn't necessarily different when it was first written; the Empire could well have had it re-written to better serve its purposes.
  6. Michael E Johnson Banned

    Jan 3, 2004
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    ---No matter how people try to fit the Eugenics Wars into our history, it always ends up seeming out of place. The Earth that joined the Federation is in fact in an alternate universe that diverged from ours a few decades ago. This would explain away some of the other outdated "predictions".--

    Fyi there was a reference to the Eugenics Wars being fought in North Africa in the most recent episode of Enterprise. I agree what you say about the Earth in the Star Trek TL. I think that the likely POD was around WW2 as the Star Trek universe Earth seems to have more advanced technology than ours- ie orbital missile platforms in the 1960's and deep space sleeper ships in the 1990's. Perhaps the war ran a year or 2 longer allowing for further technological development. Apparently eugenics itself wasnt thoroughly discredited by the Nazis with scientists as you had the cabal of scientists who created Khan and the other eugenic supermen in the first place-which is another sign that the Star Trek Earth was more technologically advanced.
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  7. Michael E Johnson Banned

    Jan 3, 2004
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    ---Could it be? Could our world become the homeworld of the Terran Empire, with the Federation existing in the other universe----

    Most of the written fiction and speculation I have seen about the mirror universe has the main POD with Khan and the eugenic supermen winning the Eugenics Wars and Earth is then transfomed into a brutal dictatorship. The mirror universe could have also arisen from the events depicted in City on the Edge of Forever-ie McCoy goes back in time prevents Edith Keeler from dying leading to the Nazis winning WW2.
  8. Michael E Johnson Banned

    Jan 3, 2004
    Denver Colorado USA

    I remembered a Mirror timeline that I found that combined both of these elements-the link is down but luckily I have the text.-MEJ

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    Date: Mon Jan 28, 2002 11:55 pm
    Subject: THE IMPERIUM




    1774 General George Washington is captured by the British Army. He is
    found guilty of treason and is executed. This severely demoralizes
    the independence movement and the American colonial freedom fighters.

    1775 After several crushing defeats, the American colonial militia
    surrenders to General Hastings of the British Army. Within months,
    the outlaw patriots are captured, found guilty of treason and
    sedition, then summarily executed.

    1776 With the American Independence movement at an end, British
    troops garrisoned throughout the colonies are moved to the western
    and southern borders to expand and secure British holdings.

    1778 King George commissions the formation of the British American
    States and creates a series of duchies and earldoms to govern them.
    Loyal British subjects are knighted and given governorship of these
    new duchies and earldoms. The American Parliament is formed,
    supported by an American House of Commons. Benedict Arnold, a colonel
    of British Intelligence and instrumental in Washington's capture, is
    appointed as the first American Prime Minister.

    1779 British troops move northward and sweep through former British
    territories being held by the French, adding to the British American
    States. In addition, southern territories held by Spain begin to
    grumble about forays into their territories.

    1786 - 1798 British troops, backed by indentured servants and African
    slaves, push British American boundaries westward to the Mississippi
    and build a series of forts to protect the border. The southern end
    and delta region are held by the Spanish.

    1806 A British fleet lays siege to New Orleans. Cut off on the land
    side by three regiments of British regulars, New Orleans falls in
    three months. Moving northeast, the fleet and supporting regiments
    secures Spanish forts and stations garrisons along the way.

    1818 - 1842 British and Spanish warships continuously disrupt each
    other's trade routes, increasing tensions. Due to wars each are
    engaged in on the European continent, neither can effectively end the
    threats to their fleets.

    1861 - 1865 British American troops march on territories held by the
    Spanish American Confederacy. In the war that ensues, over 200,000
    lives are lost. In the end, the British American States win, and
    Spain cedes not only the territories of the Spanish Confederacy, but
    of the lands west of the Mississippi they laid claim to.

    1865.04 American Prime Minister Lincoln is shot while at a play by a
    Spanish Confederacy spy. Two hundred Spanish citizens are executed in

    1882 Fort Alamo is besieged by the Mexican Army. The British American
    States declares war on Mexico. Great Britain refuses to support and
    aid in the war. This angers many of the American nobles, as well as
    members of the American Parliament. They vow to remember this failure
    by the mother country to help it's main colony.

    1882 - 1888 Battle by bloody battle, the British American army slowly
    pushes the Mexican Army back. By 1888, British American forces have
    secured territories extending all the way to the Pacific.

    1889 In a major push into Mexico, general Sam Houston captures Mexico
    City and executes Santa Ana. The Mexican government sues for peace.

    1914 - 1917 The German Republic invades several lesser European
    nations bordering them. England, France, and Spain ally together and
    go to war against Germany in protest. The British Empire demands the
    support of British American troops, but are turned down by the
    American Parliament. By 1917, after humiliating and defeating Allied
    European troops, the German Republic has conquered much of Eastern
    Europe, and forced alliances with Italy and nations of Northern

    1918 Great Britain declares the American Parliament in rebellion and
    sends warships to secure British American ports. A vastly newer and
    superior American navy turns their aging warships away. The American
    Parliament declares indepence from the British Empire.

    1939 The Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler, seizes control of the
    German Republic. The Nazi Government begins a massive buildup of
    troops, tanks, and aircraft. The new German Nazi Army grows to one
    million troops.

    1939.06 Edith Keeler founds the World Peace organization. Believing
    that fighting the Germans would be too costly, she convinces the
    British American States to end any and all aid to Europe.

    1940 The German Nazi government declares war on all of Europe. Their
    allies, the Asian Alliance, led by Japan's Emperor, lays siege to
    nations within the Asian and Indian theatres.

    1941.1207 Asian Alliance forces attack San Diego, bringing the
    British American States into World War II.

    1942 The German Nazi military successfully tests and launches a V-2
    rocket. One month later, they begin full-scale production. Soon
    after, they use a V-2 to deliver an atomic bomb strike on St.
    Petersburg, Russia.

    1943 The Asian Alliance uses a new submarine design that launches
    German made atomic torpedoes, thus decimating Euro-American Fleets in
    the Pacific.

    1945 The European Nations, Russian Provinces, African Nations, and
    South American Nations surrender to the combined German Nazi and
    Asian Alliance forces. Victorious, they create the United Nazi
    Nations. British America and the Mexican Republic refuses to join and
    continue their fight.

    1949 The UNN Grand Chancellor Adolf Hitler demands the surrender of
    British America and the Mexican Republic, threatening atomic
    bombardment. Continuing their refusal, he launches a strike against
    Mexico City. The American Parliament capitulates and becomes another
    Nazi puppet government.

    1959 NASA, the Nazi Allied Space Administration, lands the first man
    on the moon.

    1964 The Space Station Fueher goes online with plans to begin moon

    1970 A crack team of Nazi Special Forces storm various South American
    labs and discover long term experimentation in eugenics. Unsure as to
    if and how many "super-humans" were created, the Nazi party goes on

    1992 Khan Noonien Sing rises to power and seizes several third world
    countries in attempt to overthrow Nazi control of the world.

    1993 The Eugenics Wars begin when Khan invades mainland China.

    1996 The Eugenics Wars end, having caused the deaths of over 60
    million people. Though the Nazi Party is severely weakened, Khan and
    his followers are brought to trial. They eventually escape and flee
    Earth in a prototype DY-100 Sleeper.

    1998 In the chaotic aftermath of the Eugenics Wars, the Nazi party
    falls. High ranking party officials and military officers are exiled
    to deep space. The Unified American party, the most powerful of
    political groups led by General Richard Wolffe and controls the
    former British American States, creates the nucleus of the Terran
    Empire. The Terran Empire rises up and fills the void left by the
    fallen UNN.

    2001 Recognizing that the best way to motivate people to pull
    together was to turn their focus outward, the Terran Empire decrees
    that the Imperial Space Initiative be passed. Exploitation of the
    solar system begins to help rebuild human civilization.

    2008 Imperial Intelligence discover a secret bunker containing rocket
    designs that were being researched by the former NASA. The new
    design, the Orion Pulse Engine, revolutionizes space travel.

    2012 A Wanderer Class unmanned probe, using the Orion design,
    circumnavigates the solar system in four months.

    2018 A series of Wanderer II Class Interstellar probes are launched
    in disparate directions. They feature an upgraded Orion Pulse Engine.

    2031 The first reconnaissance data returns from one of the Wanderer
    II probes sent to Alpha Centauri. The data shows evidence of an
    advanced civilization developing there. Plans begin to send a fleet
    to investigate.

    2045 Emperor Richard Wolffe dies of natural causes. His eldest son,
    Prince Edward, assumes the reigns of power.

    2059 Imperial Scientist Zephrame Cochrane goes into hiding with his
    assistant, Lilly Sloane. It is believed that they have developed a
    propulsion unit that can surpass the speed of light.

    2063 Imperial Intelligence is contacted by an individual identifying
    himself as Commander William Riker. He assists Imperial Intelligence
    in locating Cochrane and Sloane. As an act of gratitude, the Emperor
    allows Riker and his team to take over production and launch of the
    Pheonix, a prototype "warp" rocket.

    During the test launch, contact is made with an advanced space-faring
    race, the Vulcans. Despite the advantage to the Vulcans, an Imperial
    Marine Commando team successfully captures the Vulcan reconnaissance
    team and their scout vessel. Ship's records showed that they were on
    a deep space patrol and not expected to return for a year. They
    altered course to investigate warp emanations from our solar system
    and determine the threat value of our race. Imperial Engineers begin
    immediate development of a new warp vessel incorporating
    modifications based on the Vulcan design.

    2064 The first six vessels of the Conqueror Class, a warp drive
    starship, completes production. They are armed with high-powered
    monochromatic, high-intensity lasers powered by the ships fusion
    sublight impulse engine.

    2065 A fleet of twelve Conqueror Class vessels, led by Prince
    William, Emperor Edward's younger brother, launches for Alpha
    Centauri. The journey takes two months. The Centauran government
    resists their overtures for Alliance, and the fleet begins a siege
    that lasts only three weeks before the Centauran Government concedes

    2066 A Vulcan cruiser enters Earth's orbit, demanding to know why the
    Terran Empire is holding Vulcan citizen's prisoner. Several Conqueror
    Class vessels take up position around the warship. Tensions mount and
    the Vulcan cruiser is fired upon when it tries to escape. Disabled,
    the ship is boarded, crew captured. Flight data decrypted shows the
    coordinates for the Vulcan Homeworld.

    2068 A fleet of twelve Stellar Class Warships are sent to Vulcan,
    commanded by Fleet Admiral William Wolffe. The Stellar Class features
    launch tubes that fire thermo-nuclear hydrofusion torpedoes.

    2070 The Imperial Fleet arrives at Vulcan, much to the Vulcan's
    surprise. Vulcan warships gather to expel the threat, but cooler
    heads start to see the power that can be wrought with an alliance.
    Commodore Riker, Commanding the Dark Knights Wing, negotiates the
    Alliance Accords.

    While on an exploratory mission, the ITSS Bonaparte discovers Axanar
    and it's intelligent, but non-space faring, humanoid race. Led by 1LT
    Colin Fortine, the Axanarians are quickly subjugated and become part
    of the Terran Empire.

    2071 Rear Admiral Riker disappears while on a tour of a newly
    discovered area of space. All searches in the area are fruitless,
    with no signs of other vessels in the area.

    2072 Earth's first Atlas Class multi-functional, space rated
    construction dock becomes operational, serving as a sublight
    maneuverable repair facility for starships.

    2073 First contact with the Tellarites. Under the command of Rear
    Admiral Patrick Byrne, a fleet of Imperial Defense Force vessels
    encounter a Tellarite vessel while on patrol in the Sol System. After
    a brief and incisive attack, the Tellarite vessel is disabled. The
    Tellarite commander is interrogated and quickly divulges the
    Tellarite Homeworld coordinates.

    2074 The combined fleet of Terran Empire and Vulcan Protectorate
    warships, under the command of Admiral Sean Collins, enters the
    Tellar home system. After a two week siege, the Tellarites surrender
    and all of the Tellarite controlled space is annexed by the Terran

    2076 First contact with the Andoran Star Empire. An Andoran warship
    fires on an Imperial Scout. The Terran Empire declares war and masses
    a fleet. Each battle comes to a draw, neither side a clear victor.
    The Vulcans mediate negotiations between the two foes and logic wins
    out showing each the advantage of becoming allies.

    2082 A series of meetings take place on Earth, attended by the
    diplomats from Earth, Vulcan, and Andor. Talks of a formal unified
    alliance fails to gain popularity due to disagreements as to how the
    new alliance would be governed, and by whom.

    2084 Emperor Edward Wolffe dies of natural causes. Fleet Admiral Sean
    Collins, Commander-in-Chief of the Terran Imperial Fleet, is named

    2085 During a war games exercise involving Terran, Vulcan, and
    Andoran warships, and Andoran warship is crippled when two Terran
    warships collide with it. The incident calls for an immediate and in-
    depth review. It is found that there needs to be a more centralized
    command and training structure between the three governments.

    2087 The Terran Emperor, the Vulcan Praetor, and the Andoran Prefect
    gather with the high ranking members of their governments and
    military to sign the accords forming the Imperial Federation. Each
    government's ruler will equally rule on a council of nine regents,
    three from each government. Every three years, the mantel of Prime
    Regent will be held by one of the three rulers.

    In addition, a unified military command is created. Imperial
    Starfleet Command will consist of officers and warships from all
    three governments. Each will maintain defense fleets within their
    home territories, but Imperial Starfleet warships and their
    commanders will have overriding authority.

    To ensure a high standard of training and competence, the Grand
    Imperial Fleet Academy is organized and built on Earth to train all
    Imperial Starfleet Officers.

    Through a great amount of debate and political maneuvering, the
    Terran's own Emperor Sean Collins accepts the mantel as the first
    Prime Regent of the Imperial Federation.

    2089 During a tour of the Imperial Federation, the ISS Alliance is
    attacked by vessels of unknown configuration. The High Prefect of
    Andor and the Praetor of Vulcan are killed in the attack. Emperor
    Collins declares martial law until the attackers can be brought to

    Protests are raised by the Vulcan and Andoran regents, but are
    quickly quieted when squadrons of Zeus Class Dreadnaughts take up
    orbit around Vulcan, Andor, and other key colonies and installations.
    The Zeus Class are the newest warship design out of a secret Jovian
    construction dock. Some 60 had been built from 2083 and 2088. They
    feature a three nacelle design, new high intensity phased laser
    turrets, and new bio-thermic torpedoes. Elite Terran Imperial Fleet
    Officers staffs all of the warships.

    There are a number of minor rebellions which are quashed by either
    the dreadnaughts or the crack shock troops carried aboard.

    Meanwhile, a search begins for the vessels that attacked the ISS

    2090 - 2092 Emperor Collins reveals to the Imperial Federation that
    Imperial Intelligence has discovered that the Council of Regents had
    conspired with a previously unknown race called the Orions to
    assassinate the Prime Regent and other High Regents.

    With this, he disbands the Council of Regents and declares himself
    the sole sovereign and Emperor of the Imperial Federation. He creates
    the Grand Imperial Council and appoints a number of Vulcan and
    Andoran nobles to serve on the Cabinet of Ministers. He then
    commissions duchies, earldoms, and baronies throughout the Imperial
    Federation, appointing loyal Terran, Vulcan, and Andoran nobles to
    these stations.

    It is soon evident that this new form of governing is better and
    further strengthens the Imperial Federation. Though there are
    rumblings by the Andorians of their loss of power, smarter players
    begin to work within the new structure to build powerful imperial
    houses to get the upper hand on their competitors.

    Vulcan and Andoran officers, trained by the Grand Imperial Fleet
    Academy, begin to serve on Imperial Starfleet Warships.

    2092 The ISS Hercules fails to make its destination at Penal Colony
    Alpha. It is later discovered that ships of unknown configuration
    destroy it, but not before it's captain releases it's buoy-recorder.

    2093 An Imperial scout vessel recovers the buoy-recorder of the ISS
    Hercules. Imperial Intelligence begins interrogations of Tellarite
    and Orion traders. They discover that races similar to the Vulcans,
    called the Romulans, are responsible. The Romulans are a group of
    Vulcans that escaped from Vulcan refusing Surak's teachings. It was
    believed that the group had perished, but apparently had flourished
    and exist peacefully with another yet unknown race - the Klingons.

    2094 Imperial Starfleet's Rising Sun Class cruiser becomes
    operational. They feature the more powerful phasers and new quasi-
    nuclear photon-neutron torpedoes.

    2101 Contact is made with the Romulans. The Vulcans push for a large
    scale military action, but Imperial Intelligence convinces Emperor
    Collins to wait for more information.

    2103 Emperor Sean Collins dies from radiation exposure. The accident
    happened while touring a new starbase when the reactor destabilized
    and exploded. Admiral Alan Wolffe, son of former Emperor Edward
    Wolffe, succeeds him.

    2105 Imperial Intelligence presents information regarding Romulan
    strengths and weaknesses. A year long operation within Romulan space
    using captured Romulan trade vessels gleaned much as to the
    boundaries, culture, and military strengths of the Romulan Star
    League. In addition, information was discovered about their trade
    allies, the Klingons.

    2106 Emperor Alan Wolffe grants the Vulcans petition to attack the
    Romulans. Spearheaded by Imperial warships equipped with a prototype
    cloaking device, based on Intelligence findings, they are supported
    by large number of Vulcan Defense vessels.

    2108 The ISS Minotaur, a Perseus Class Cruiser commanded by Vice
    Admiral Charles Young, leads a fleet of Perseus and Zeus Class
    warships, supported by Vulcan Bird of prey and Praetor class defense
    vessels and surprises a Romulan base repairing and refitting some
    fifty Romulan vessels. Because there were only skeleton crews aboard,
    most all of the ships are destroyed before firing a shot in defense.
    Eight Vulcan vessels are destroyed while delivering a deadly barrage
    of fire to the starbase causing it to explode. This delivers a
    crushing blow to the Romulan Star League.

    2109 Admiral Charles Young takes a second expeditionary force into
    Romulan space, with it's target the Romulan homeworld. The fleet lays
    waste to Romulan defenses as they forge their way through.

    In the weeks to follow, the Imperial Federation captures increasing
    amounts of Romulan held territory and colonies. On the eve of 2110,
    the massed fleet commanded by Admiral Young enters the Romulus system
    and destroys the remainder of their defense fleet. The fleet barrages
    Romulus with bio-thermic weapons and within hours, Romulus is a
    wasteland with over 4 billion dead. Nearby Remus evacuates, civilian
    transports heading for deep space with Romulan defense ships lagging
    behind to slow down the Imperial warships. Remus is captured shortly

    2110 Romulan space is secured and annexed by the Vulcans, a gift from
    the Emperor. Vulcan imperial families are commissioned sectors of
    Romulan space and the Vulcan Defense Force is given authority to
    patrol the annexed territory in association with Imperial Starfleet
    warships. The Vulcan Protectorates is now 3 times it's previous size.
    Imperial Defense Outposts are built along the Vulcan-Klingon Border.

    2116 The Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser becomes operational. It has a
    new, more efficient cloaking device, developed from captured Romulan
    technology. All Imperial warships are equipped with the cloaking
    devices from this point on.

    2128 The number of subjugated civilizations reaches 150. The Imperial
    Federation has gained great strengths and begins tentative forays
    into Klingon space.

    2143 The Aries Class Dreadnought becomes operational. This new class
    and all classes to follow use the dilithium balanced anti-
    matter/matter warp engines. This is mated with a more efficient
    shield generator design that makes for a powerful vessel.

    2152 First contact with the Klingon Free States. The ISS Defiant
    fires on and cripples a Klingon scout vessel. Much about the Klingons
    are learned from the ship's computer and crew interrogations.

    2175 Imperial Scientists Daystrom and Abramson devise the first
    practical, portable universal translator. Imperial Intelligence R&D
    quickly develops a minitiarized, subcutaneous version for their
    agents use while conducting covert operations in alien cultures.

    2178 Through many attempts, the Imperial Vulcan Science Institute
    invents a stable transporter. Imperial Starfleet and Imperial Marine
    Corps orders all warships to be fitted with them as assault
    transporters for their marine forces.

    2180 Extensive deposits of dilithium are found on Rigel XII, held by
    the Orion Trade Alliance. A shipment being sent secretly to the
    Klingon Free States prompts retaliation by the Imperial Federation.
    The Orion Trade Alliance is quickly annexed. They punish the Orions
    by barraging their home planet with bio-thermic weapons.

    2186 A massive construction program is initiated to produce several
    new classes of destroyers, frigates, cruisers, and dreadnoughts. This
    is to prepare for a massive military action against the Klingon Free

    2194.2 Imperial Intelligence reports that a Klingon Task Force, sent
    to test the strength of the Imperial Federation, is underway to the
    Axanar System. The ISS America is dispatched to investigate.

    2194.3 The ISS Monmouth, a Devisor Class Frigate, discovers the buoy-
    recorder of the ISS America. It is learned that the Klingon Task
    Force destroyed it after it's immediate arrival at Axanar.

    2194.4 The ISS Monmouth, commanded by Captain Garth of Izar, disables
    a Klingon cruiser eight parsecs from the Axanar system. He is joined
    by a wing of Tecumseh Class cruisers, and enters Axanarian space. He
    demands the surrender of the Klingon Task Force. One of the Tecumseh
    Class cruisers picks up a second Klingon task Force on it's way to
    Axanar. Captain Garth immediately executes a tactical plan that
    results in the destruction of the Klingon Task Force at Axanar and
    disables the incoming Task Force.

    Emperor Phineas Young declares war against the Klingon Free States.

    2195 Due to his success at Axanar, Captain Garth is promoted to Rear
    Admiral and given command of the 6th and 8th Fleets. Over the next
    two years, he coordinates many victories against the Klingons,
    expanding Imperial holdings.

    2197 Rear Admiral Garth of Izar is promoted to Fleet Admiral and
    given command of Imperial Starfleet.

    2199 Due to dwindling resources and losses of territory, the Klingons
    become increasingly desperate in their tactics, causing further
    defeats. Soon the Imperial Federation warships have located Q'onos.

    2201 The Klingon Free States surrender to the Imperial Federation.
    Klingon space is annexed by the Terrans. Several Klingon Houses,
    accepting the inevitable, declare their loyalty to the Emperor. What
    remains of the Klingon Naval Forces is commissioned to be the Klingon
    Defense Forces. Their Command Officer's are replaced with Imperial
    Starfleet officers, and many Klingon Officers are placed on Imperial
    Starfleet vessels for "re-education".

    2209 Emperor Phineas Young contracts a rare form of Rigellian Blood
    Fever and dies within days of contraction. Fleet Admiral Garth of
    Izar, hero of the Klingon War, is the first non-Terran to ascend the
    throne and become Emperor.

    2217 The ISS Rattler is forced to destroy Vendikahr on a first
    contact mission, when the planet attempts to fire on the ship.
    Vendikahr and it's neighbor Eminiar VII have been at war for over 200
    years. With Vendikahr eliminated, Eminiar VII readily joins the
    Imperial Federation. This is the first time such a drastic action is
    executed by a Captain without orders from the Emperor.

    2218 In a highly public trial, Captain Josea Cummings, commanding
    officer of the ISS Rattler, is defended by Imperial Starfleet against
    the Grand Imperial Council for his actions at vendikahr. Many
    individuals, including Ambassador Strategist Sarek, argue that it was
    correct to destroy Vendikahr, that the "Balance of Terror" must be
    maintained when one encounters Imperial Starfleet and the Imperial
    Federation. Captain Cummings is returned to the captaincy of the
    Rattler with a promotion to Commodore.

    2229 As a gesture of goodwill by Emperor Garth, as well as maintain
    relations between Terra and Vulcan, he awards the hand of Amanda
    Greyson, daughter of Duke Greyson, to Ambassador Strategist Sarek of

    2230 The Imperial Vulcan Sciences Institute engineers a son between
    Sarek and Amanda, designed to be the first true child of the Empire.
    He is named Spock.

    2244 The Conqueror II Class cruiser becomes operational. It is
    designed to conquer and expand into uncharted territories. One of the
    first, the ISS Enterprise, becomes famous for being the first to
    allow women to serve on board, and carry its own variation of the
    Seal of The Imperial Federation.

    2246 Governor Kodos of Tarsus IV is assassinated by a rebel gang for
    his ineptness to handle a food shortage caused by a botanical plague.
    James Kirk, leader of the gang, orders the execution of half the
    colony to save the other half. The Imperial Federation awards Kirk
    for his expedient actions.

    2248 Emperor Garth of Izar dies after ingesting an unknown toxin.
    Further investigation by Imperial Intelligence links the toxin to an
    Orion source. One thousand Orion prisoners are executed. Fleet
    Admiral Josea Cummings is chosen to become Emperor.

    2250 The ISS Enterprise returns from its shakedown cruise. Fleet
    Captain Christopher Pike is given command after Captain April dies in
    an unfortunate transporter accident.

    2252 Ensign James Kirk graduates from the Grand Imperial Fleet
    Academy and posted aboard the ISS Yorktown.

    2260 Lieutenant (sg) James Kirk discovers the Tantulus Field while
    leading an expedition on a dead planet.

    2264 Lt Commander James Kirk, Intelligence Officer aboard the ISS
    Enterprise, uses his position to advantage and assassinates Commodore
    Christopher Pike when he discovers the truth about the Talos IV
    incident. Kirk is promoted to Captain and takes command of the

    2266 First contact with the Gorn. In the quest to expand Imperial
    Federation territory, Task Force Delta is mobilized with Captain Kirk
    of the ISS Enterprise commanding the fleet. The fleet lays waste to
    Cestus III. Soon after, the Gorn are subjugated by the Empire.

    2267 The ISS Enterprise, while trying to "persuade" the Halkans to
    supply the Imperial Federation with dilithium, is involved in what
    later is coded as the "Mirror, Mirror" incident. All officers are
    instructed by Intelligence Chief Sulu not to speak of the Incident.

    2268.06 The Guardian of Forever is discovered by the ISS Enterprise
    after investigating a temporal anomaly. Dr. Leonard McCoy, suspected
    of being anti-Federationalist, enters the Guardian and goes back to
    1931. He allows Edith Keeler to die, ending the Mirror Timeline.
    Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock go after McCoy and prevents the
    death - restoring the Mirror Timeline. McCoy is executed for treason.

    2268.09 The ISS Enterprise discovers the SS Botany Bay, which holds
    the frozen Khan Noonien Singh and his followers that escaped Earth in
    1996. Kirk is impressed with Khan's strategic and tactical knowledge
    and keen mind, and uses his influence to secure a place for Khan in
    the Imperial Starfleet.

    2271 The ISS Bastion makes first contact with the Deltans. They are
    found to have great empathic and telepathic abilities, and prove
    quite valuable to the Imperial Federation. Deltans loyal to the
    Imperial Federation are soon utilized by Imperial Intelligence in the
    formation of a new Intelligence/Security Division, the Imperial
    Thought Enforcement Division. Members of the division are utilized on
    board Imperial Warships as Political Officers, ensuring loyalty of
    the Command staff and crew.

    2274 Emperor Cummings passes away from natural causes at a very young
    age and quite unexpectedly. Fleet Admiral Androver Drake ascends to
    the throne of Emperor.

    2277 Captain Spock is given command of the ISS Enterprise by Admiral
    James Kirk while it is being refitted. Imperial Starfleet promotes
    Admiral Kirk to Commander, Alpha Quadrant Command.

    2285 Admiral Kirk is aboard the refitted Enterprise during a
    shakedown cruise when Captain Khan of the ISS Reliant steals the
    Genesis Torpedo from the Regula Outpost. His plan is to assassinate
    Emperor Drake and get payback from earth for his exile in 1996. His
    boasting to Imperial Scientist Marcus of his plans proves to be his
    downfall. Admiral Kirk is able to force the Reliant into the Mutarra
    Nebula and disables the ship. In an attempt to strike out in
    vengeance, Captain Khan detonates the Genesis Torpedo, but not in
    time to destroy the Enterprise.

    2289 The ISS Intrepid, commanded by Captain Saavik, is destroyed
    along the edge of Klingon territory, defending Andoran Defense
    vessels from a rebel Klingon faction. Andor offers to replace the
    ship and the Empire agrees immediately. The Imperial Federation uses
    the opportunity to fund the development of the Excelsior Class Battle

    2290 In the aftermath of the strange and yet unsolved disappearance
    of Emperor Androver Drake, Fleet Admiral James Kirk ascends to the
    throne and renames himself Emperor Tiberius. Thus begins the
    bloodiest reign in Imperial Federation history. Rebellions begin to
    emerge throughout the Imperial Federation.

    2299 While on tour of the new Excelsior Class Enterprise-B, under the
    command of Captain Harriman, Emperor Tiberius mysteriously disappears
    after the ship encounters what is later termed "The Nexus Band".
    Fleet Admiral Spock, Prime Regent and Praetor of the Vulcan
    Protectorates, claims the Imperial throne, but rather than be called
    Emperor, takes the title of Intendant.

    2301 Intendant Spock gives cloaking technology to all Defense Fleets
    and pulls out most of the Imperial Starfleet vessels patrolling their
    territories, giving the Defense Fleets more autonomy. He also allows
    their crews to be wholly Vulcan, Klingon, and Andoran.

    2305 A rebel faction of the Klingon Imperial Houses, who bore Emperor
    Tiberius' excesses the most, begin to secretly build up their fleets.

    2317 The ISS Enterprise-B is assumed lost near Barzan.

    2324 The Betazoid culture is discovered and found to have similar
    empathic and telepathic capabilities of the Deltans, and loyal
    members are incorporated into the Imperial Thought Enforcement

    2327 The planet of Bajor is discovered and annexed for its placement
    on the frontier and vast mineral deposits.

    2330 First contact with the Cardassians. The ISS Perregrin detects
    and intercepts a Cardassian Scout. The ship is able to get out a
    distress call. Cardassia immediately takes offense and declares war
    against the Imperial Federation.

    2334.01 The ISS Stargazer begins its mission of conquest with captain
    Jack Crusher, commanding.

    2334.04 Imperial Starfleet sends the 12th and 23rd Fleets to Bajor
    responding to reports of a Cardassian fleet massing near there. In
    what becomes known as the Bajoran Blockade, the Empire loses 27
    warships and over 100,000 lives in six weeks.

    2334.06 The Battle of Bajor begins. Within two weeks, the Bajoran
    system is abandoned by the Imperial Federation. The Cardassians build
    Terek Nor. Over 18,000 POW's are left behind.

    2338 Intendant Spock and Imperial Scientist Noonien Singh
    successfully build an android with the capability of storing the
    entirety of Intelligence and Security data. This android is
    codenamed "DATA". It serves as an Internal Security Officer on board
    the ISS Tripoli during field tests.

    2344 Investigating possible Klingon rebel elements working with the
    long thought gone Romulans, the ISS Enterprise-C is lost near Narenda

    2350 Klingon rebels, aided by Cardassia, begin to interrupt Imperial
    Operations. Intendant Spock reluctantly sends in shock troops to try
    and quell the rebellions.

    2355 The ISS Stargazer engages an armed trading vessel when it
    refuses to be boarded for inspection. The Stargazer is damaged and
    Captain Crusher is killed when the vessel self-destructs with him on
    board. Commander Picard assumes command and reports the incident to
    Imperial Starfleet.

    2357 The Battle of Orias IV brings an end to the war with cardassia.
    Unable to push them back, the Empire and Cardassia form the
    Cardassian Neutral Zone.

    2358 Imperial Intelligence deep space scouts locate a stable wormhole
    along the Alpha-Delta Quadrant border. It extends to a location
    45,000 light years within the Delta Quadrant. This information is not
    made public and shared with only a handful of Imperial Houses.

    2360 Intendant Spock announces to the gathered Imperial Houses and
    Military Elite that he foresees the Imperial Federation falling to
    outside hostile forces within the decade.

    2361 A number of Imperial Houses and a select group of Imperial Elite
    Forces secretly organize Operation Pheonix. The project begins
    construction of a starbase with construction and repair facilities,
    as well as quarters for the members of the project and their
    families, near the wormhole that Imperial Intelligence discovered a
    few years previous. All records of the find are expunged. Immediate
    build up of privately held military fleets begins with earnest.

    2362 Recognizing a need for a stronger, more devastating design for
    the Fleet's flagship. Recently relocated and promoted Admiral
    Montgomery Scott helps to modify the Galaxy Conqueror Class, a design
    that had been in development but put on hold during the Cardassian
    War. Admiral Scott was found on a moon where his courier vessel had
    crash landed. He and another crew member had used the transporter
    buffer to save themselves until a rescue party could find them.

    2364 The ISS Enterprise-D is launched, first of the new Galaxy
    Conqueror Class. Commodore Jean-Luc Picard is given command.

    2365.02 In an incident coded SECLAR 9-GAMMA, a squadron of Avenger
    Class frigates engage a race known as the Borg along the Alpha/Delta
    Quadrant border. Three of the seven ships are destroyed before they
    are able to destroy the cube. Six Borg are captured and neutralized
    for study by Imperial Intelligence and Imperial Starfleet Medical.

    2365.07 The rebel Imperial Houses within the Klingon Protectorates
    and the Cardassian Empire enter into a covert alliance. Rebel Klingon
    warships supported by Cardassian vessels begin to attack Imperial
    warships in a bid for their freedom.

    Lieutenant (sg) Worf of the Imperial Klingon House of Mogh disappears
    from the ISS Enterprise-D, and is later discovered to have joined the
    rebel Klingon faction.

    2366.01 A vast task force of Klingon and Cardassian warships make
    their way towards Earth. Intendant Spock is unable to muster a
    defense. On the Enterprise-D, it is learned that Commodore Picard
    sold out to the new Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. He was instrumental
    in locating the Nexus, where Emperor Tiberius had disappeared to. It
    was Tiberius that helped forge the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

    Commander Riker and most of the crew mutiny and Commodore Picard
    escapes in his Captain's Yacht. The Enterprise speeds to Wolf 359
    where Intendant Spock has ordered all Imperial warships to converge
    to make one last stand. There the Klingon-Cardassian Fleet swept
    right through them - destroying 39 vessels and losing over 100,000

    The Enterprise-D makes one last stand at earth, but is destroyed. A
    few of her command crew escape when the transport onto fleeing ships.
    Earth is razed by the Alliance, nothing left to sustain it.

    Members of the Operation Pheonix, upon hearing of the impending
    attack at Wolf 359, begin to abandon homes and posts, making their
    way to their rendezvous point under cloak. Once there - they used
    ship tenders with beefed up impulse engines to move the starbase and
    the accompanying military fleet through the wormhole. Once through -
    they launched a tricobalt device into the wormhole, detonating it and
    destroying the wormhole so that Alliance forces could not locate

    2366.04E The exiled members of Operation Pheonix locate a planet to
    colonize and places their starbase in orbit. In a short period of
    time, their fleet conquers a number of Delta Quadrant races nearby,
    and all with the fractionalized Kazon, unifying them into a powerful

    2366.11E The Exiles encounter the Borg. Two Imperial Cruisers on
    patrol intercept a Borg Scout. Jamming their subspace link and
    disabling their weapons, Imperial Marines board and subdue the Borg
    drones. Intelligence, military, and scientific personnel begin
    immediate study of the weapons, defenses, propulsion, computer, and
    biomechanical enhancements of the Borg.

    2367 World after world joins the Alliance and Terrans, Vulcans, and
    Andorians become slaves under the bloody fist of the Alliance.

    Escaped refugees hide in the Badlands and begin work to overthrow the
    Alliance. Intendant Spock sends Commander Riker on a special mission.
    While conducting it, Riker disappears and is never heard from again.

    2367.08E After a number of significant breakthroughs in studying Borg
    technology, a squadron of Imperial Frigates are intercepted by two
    Borg Cubes. The Imperials lose two frigates, but are able to destroy
    one cube, and disable another. These give the Imperials a good look
    at tactics and strategies of the Borg, and adapt these to their own.

    2367.11E Imperial scientists develop an Anti-Borg nanite which
    neutralizes the assimilation nanites of the Borg. The could also be
    used to infiltrate Borg systems and disable them. The Imperials begin
    construction of ships using adapted weapons, shields, and propulsion
    enhanced with Borg technology.

    2368.08E A massed fleet of exiled Imperial warships, enhanced with
    Borg technology, advances on the Borg Homeworld. The result is a
    devastating attack, which for the first time in a millennia - the
    Borg knows defeat. Their population of drones and ships are
    assimilated into the growing exiled Empire.

    2370 A stable wormhole is discovered at Terek Nor during a cross-over

    2372 Terran rebels steal plans for the USS Defiant using a cross-over
    device. Rebels in the Badlands construct the ship and with the help
    of the Mirror Sisko (the Sisko of the benevolent Federation) becomes
    operational and soon secures Terek Nor.

    2373E The exiled Imperials begin making plans to return to their
    homelands and return the Imperial Federation to it's previous might.
    A construction program to build the Pheonix Class deadnoughts and
    Hades Class assault vessels begins. These incorporate the latest in
    Imperial Borg weapons, multi-phasic and ablative shielding, and the
    new quantum stream engines that mesh Borg Transwarp and Brunari Slip
    Stream technologies. The ships also feature a bioneural AI computer
    with enhanced Borg engineering nanites. Both ships carry a complement
    of the new Borg Shock Marines.

    2373 Rear Admiral Picard is made Intendant of the Klingon Dependancy,
    formerly the Terran Empire.

    2374 Emperor Tiberius gains control of a mirror universe ship, the
    USS Enterprise-E, and plans to use it to wreak vengeance on the
    Alliance for deceiving him. He is thwarted by the restored Captain
    Kirk of the Mirror Universe. Intendant Spock, his daughter T'Val, and
    a Terran rebel Kathryn Janeway return with plans for the Sovereign
    Class Starship and other advanced designs.

    2385 Intendant Spock dies when his ship is destroyed on its way to
    Vulcan, where he planned to enlist the Vulcan rebel forces. This
    deals a serious blow to the rebellion against the Alliance.

    2388 Free Terrans and Vulcans begin a concerted effort to disrupt
    Alliance trade and military operations. Terek Nor serves as their
    base of operations. Regent Worf amasses an Alliance armada and
    attacks Terek Nor a second time, devastating the rebel fleet there.
    Intendant Kira is restored to command there where she severely
    punishes Terran and Vulcan POWs.

    2395E The massed fleet of 24 Pheonix Class Dreadnoughts and 36 Hades
    Class Assault Vessels, commanded by Fleet Admiral Michael Wolffe,
    began it's trip to the Alpha Quadrant. Three days later, using the
    new drive, Alliance forces surrounding Earth were taken totally by
    surprise and Alliance losses came to 90% of their fleet there. From
    there, the Imperial fleet separates in to 6 groups, heading out in
    different directs, laying waste to all opposition that Regent Worf
    tries to mount. Alliance vessels were being boarded by the Borg Shock
    Marines, and crews were effectively assimilated, and the ship became
    part of the invading armada. Within two weeks, almost 80% of the
    original Imperial Federation's territory had been reclaimed. Two
    weeks after that, Cardassia Prime was a wasteland. The Klingon Houses
    that were loyal to the old Imperial Federation reorganized swiftly
    and took over the Klingon High Council - executing the old council.
    They declare the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance nullified, and sue for
    peace with the Imperials. Regent Worf, in the combat field, received
    news of this and declares the governing council traitors to the
    Klingon people. He leads an Armada of remaining loyal Alliance
    warships, escorting the remains of the Cardassian civilian population
    and military forces to the Bajoran wormhole and fled to the Gamma

    2396 Imperial forces re-establish their dominance and brings their
    families back to the Alpha Quadrant - leaving the Kazons to control
    the Delta Quadrant portion of their new Empire. Earth begins it's
    restoration, and to punish the Bajorans for their treatment of
    Imperial Citizens, all Bajorans are gathered and exiled to their home
    planet of Bajor. Once all are accounted for - the Imperials launch a
    next generation Genesis Torpedo and revamps Bajor and eliminates the
    Bajoran population. The new planet is named New Terra and the new
    government and military force is headquartered here. Terek Nor is
    destroyed and a new Battlestation and Shipyards are built, and
    defense platforms are placed around the wormhole to destroy anything
    that tries to come through.

    The exiled government now reorganizes and creates a new political
    entity, the Imperial Confederation of Planets. The new hierarchy is
    comprised of loyal family lines from Earth, Vulcan, Andor, Kazons,
    and Q'onos. These families are given control of large sectors of the
    new ICP territories, and given titlements over them. The
    Confederation is led by an Emperor, who is advised by the Prime
    Regent and Council of Regents. The Imperial Cabinet of Ministers
    administrate the ICP.

    Each partner government in the new ICP is given Defense Fleets, with
    Confederation officers commanding the ships. They are also required
    to carry Borg marine Units, controlled by the Ship's Political

    2401 Fleet Admiral Michael Wolffe becomes the first Emperor to rule
    the Imperial Confederation of Planets on the fifth anniversary of the
    Grand Exile ending. With the reigns of power his, he makes a number
    of appointments:

    Admiral Gavin Collins is appointed to the position of Prime Regent.

    Admiral Gary Byrne is appointed as a Special Envoy for the Emperor,
    his flagship being a courier vessel, the ISS Pride of Ireland.

    Admiral B'Anne Dragonis-Hawkins is appointed as Regional Fleet
    Commander of the 11th Imperial Fleet.

    Admiral Jarod Hawkins is appointed as Minister of War and serves as
    Commander-in-Chief of all Imperial Fleet Forces.

    Admiral Stonn T'Pau is appointed as Minister of Imperial Security. He
    will oversee the Director, Internal Security, Director, Intelligence
    Division, and Director, Psi Enforcement.

    Vice Admiral Rayne Frisbee marries Emperor Wolffe and becomes Empress
    Rayne. She additionally will serve as Minister of State, where her
    Deltan-Betazoid heritage serves the Emperor well.

    General Rok'ta Ryshtor, who served as Commandant, Imperial Marine
    Forces during the Grand Exile, is appointed as Commander-in-Chief of
    the Klingon Defense Forces, and will serve as Chancellor of the new
    Klingon High Council. The Chancellor will serve as an advisor the
    Council of Regents and as liaison for them to the Klingon High

    Rear Admiral Kevin Young is appointed as Minister of Information and
    charged with the archiving of all data Trek, as well as development
    of a news media.

    Commodore Jeremy Cummings is appointed as the Regional Fleet
    Commander of the 10th Imperial Fleet
  9. KJM divided by zero

    Feb 4, 2004
    Can anyone really be sure?
    I doubt it. What little we see of the Empire (the I.S.S. Enterprise) doesn't seem at all inspired by Nazism. If anything, I would guess that it's a U.N. gone horribly wrong.
  10. ljofa B4 f- t w cd g k- s+ m e r- p

    Jan 15, 2004
    The timeline also ignores the 2 books set in the Mirror universe where Intendant Kira becomes Overseer of the former Terran Empire and proceeds to sleep with many, many people. Most perversely amusing, where B'Elanna Torres is the Intendant of Sol, Kai Winn is a nice person and Agent 7 of Corps 9 is a member of the Obsidian Order. Fantastic.
  11. Susano Banned

    Feb 9, 2004
    Königstein im Taunus
    Bookrs are not canon, though. Thats an established fact for ST.
  12. ljofa B4 f- t w cd g k- s+ m e r- p

    Jan 15, 2004
    Stuff that, they're good books.
  13. poster342002 Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    The earleir posted mirror-timeline suggests a bit of both. During Hilter's global empire there was a "United Nazi Nations" (UNN) before it was toppled. Perhaps certain formalities and practices of the UNN had become so institutionalised by that point that they continued into the non-nazi era. The nazi-style salutes of Imperial Starleet crew may have been such a holdover from the UNN era...
  14. Michael E Johnson Banned

    Jan 3, 2004
    Denver Colorado USA








    Producers Reveal Tidbits about Season 4

    A 22nd-century Dr. Soong, a shadow of the Eugenics Wars, a Vulcan civil war and the possible reincarnation of Surak ... these are some of the epic ideas being developed right now for the unfolding fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

    Tuesday night UPN held its annual summer party for the Television Critics Association (TCA) — like every network does — where reporters get to mingle with the producers and cast members of its various shows. This year the party took place at Shutters, a ritzy hotel on the beach in Santa Monica, on an upstairs outdoor deck overlooking the ocean.

    Attending from Enterprise were producers Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Manny Coto, and actors Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, John Billingsley, and Linda Park with her boyfriend Tom Hardy (yes, the Picard clone from "Star Trek Nemesis"). We managed to catch up with most of them throughout the evening, but today we will bring you our interviews with the producers, and save our conversations with the actors for a later article.

    We were particularly excited about the chance to speak with Manny Coto, who came on last season with the title of co-executive producer and is now considered a "show runner." Coto has been widely praised by the actors, his fellow producers, and fans alike for bringing a creative shot in the arm to Star Trek: Enterprise, beginning with his script for "Similitude." He had just come from the Showtime series Odyssey 5, which ended after one season, but Berman and Braga saw the show and liked his work, and after interviewing him hired him as co-executive producer.

    We asked Coto, what unique creative vision does he think he brings to the show? "Well, first and foremost, I bring a passionate love of all things Star Trek," he said. "I've loved Star Trek since I was a little kid. When Star Trek Communicator magazine was doing a little article on me, I went through my box of old photos, and I found a shot of me at age 11 watching Star Trek on TV, with a picture of Spock on the screen. In that same box I found a comic book that I had written — I must have written this when I was 10 — and it was a Star Trek comic book, with 'Beam me up Scotty' and all this. And I realized, 'Oh my God, I've been doing this my entire life!'"

    He attended conventions in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, and has followed the subsequent series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, "all the way."

    We asked Coto to elaborate on the "showrunner" role he's taken on with Enterprise. "What's been publicized, that Rick and Brannon have stepped back and I've moved in, is not exactly true. I've kinda moved in with them, so to speak, so we're all three running the show. I'm actually more in charge of writing, I guess, dealing with the writers and the 'writing room,' coming up with stories that Rick and Brannon approve or not approve, or give notes on."

    "A lot of the stories that we're doing this season — so far, the first half of the season — are stories that I've come up with, or that Rick has come up with or that Brannon has pitched, and then we flesh them out in 'the room.'"

    We asked if he could elaborate on some of these story ideas — especially pertaining to the recently reported guest role of Brent Spiner in three episodes. "Well, it's a very exciting arc. Brent is going to play an ancestor of Dr. Soong, the creator of Data. However, this character is more of a Dr. Frankenstein. He is not a benign individual. He has brought to life 20 embryos from the Eugenics era. So you have Soong who's leading a band of Khan Noonien Singh's, so to speak. He believes that genetic engineering was on the right track! He wants to improve humanity, and he believes that the Eugenics Wars were an aberration, that these individuals are the future of humanity. Of course he's wrong — they get away from him. They get out of control, and it becomes this three-episode saga that's kind of like 'Apocalypse Now' — Enterprise becomes kind of like a ship going up river, trying to find these individuals, with Soong on board."

    Spiner's character will be named Arik (like "Eric") Soong. The backstory, Coto explains, begins 20 years prior to the time of Enterprise (presumably 2134), when Soong stole the 20 embryos which were secretly stored in a Starfleet facility, and brought them to term. Arik Soong is a notorious criminal, and Coto even compared him to Hannibal Lecter — "He's tried to escape many times, and he's feared, because Earth is still terrified of anything having to do with the Eugenics Wars." But his help is essential in tracking down the renegade "genetic supermen" who could ignite a war with the Klingons.

    The adventure leads the ship to the "Borderland," which is an area of space between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate. This will be the first encounter with the Orions, and we will get to see the green "slave women" introduced in "The Cage."

    "What I really wanted to do this season is make the episodes that I as a Star Trek fan would have to see. You know, as a fan of the original series, if I heard that they were doing the Orion slavers and the Eugenics Wars, I would have to be in front of that TV."

    But we had to ask about the place of the Eugenics Wars in the Trek universe. In "Space Seed" it was clearly established that the Khan-led conflict occurred in the 1990s. However, in "Hatchery," Archer mentions that his great-grandfather fought in the Eugenics Wars (which would probably put them in the mid-21st century). How is Coto dealing with the chronology issue?

    "I'm not dealing with it. There's no point. They were in the 1990s because the old series ran in 1966 and that was the future then. Clearly, we're in 2004, and there haven't been any Eugenics Wars that I know about! So, simply, the Eugenics Wars 'happened' — they happened in the past [relative to the current show]. I don't know how else to do it."

    There is another three-episode story arc being planned for later in the season that Coto is tremendously enthused about, one that deals with a civil war on planet Vulcan. "If you've watched Enterprise and you watched the old series and Next Gen, you know that there's a difference between the Vulcans of our era and the Vulcans of later eras. Our Vulcans lie, our Vulcans are monolithic, our Vulcans are not pacifistic. What we've done is develop an idea: What if an individual appears on Vulcan who is saying to the populace that we have strayed from the teachings of Surak? This individual is like a Martin Luther. And he spawns a Vulcan civil war."

    He nicknamed it "Vulcan of Arabia" because it's an epic story taking place almost entirely on the hot, desert planet. "It involves a Vulcan Reformation," he continued. "I'm equating the Vulcan High Command with the Catholic Church, which in medieval times strayed from the teachings of Christianity; similarly, the Vulcan High Command has strayed from the teachings of Surak. This individual wants to bring us back to those teachings, but it causes instability on Vulcan because he's preaching pacifism, he's preaching pure logic, he's preaching a return to the old ways. But, he not only believes in the teachings of Surak, he believes he is Surak. He claims that he possesses Surak's katra. Is that true or isn't it? We'll find out. But what happens is, with the instability on Vulcan, you have the Andorians trying to take advantage, and it threatens to destabilize the entire region. And of course, Enterprise will be stuck in the midst of this turmoil, and by the end of this three-episode arc, we will begin to see Vulcans approaching what they were in the later eras. We'll see the beginnings of a new Vulcan."

    "It's gonna be a blast. I'm picturing the scene where two Vulcan armies are poised on the desert — what's gonna happen, will they or will they not fight?"

    In this epic story arc, he also promised a subplot which will unravel into a very intriguing plot twist.

    Of course, these ambitious plans beg the question of whether there will be enough budget to realize such imaginative visions, given reports that UPN is paying Paramount a lower license fee for the show. "The budget has gone down slightly, but it's not gone down as much as has been reported. We're not slaving under a horrible miniscule budget at all. You're not going to notice," he promised.

    "It should be a fun season."

    We also caught up with one of Coto's partners in crime, Brannon Braga, and got him to talk about the first story arc of the season, the followup to the cliffhanger of "Zero Hour" starting with "Storm Front" (which is in production right now). It's been rumored that this "Nazi story" will wrap up the Temporal Cold War throughline. Is that true?

    "Our intention is to resolve the Temporal Cold War once and for all," Braga replied. "It lingered for three seasons, and we would like to finish it off in grandiose fashion, and move on to new territory. So, with these episodes, it will be the last of Daniels, and the last of all of those elements." We will see Silik and the Suliban once again during the Nazi story, but Braga added that "most likely" it'll be the last time. "It's hard to say for sure, because we're so early in the season, but our intention is to be done with it."

    Will the identity of "Future Guy," Silik's shadowy boss, ever be revealed? "Well, we've been debating that for quite some time, and I'll leave that question open. We haven't decided yet. We have some ideas about him — or her — or it. But we haven't settled on any one identity yet. It's still a question mark. The Temporal Cold War may resolve without Future Guy's identity being revealed."

    It's been widely publicized that William Shatner could make a guest appearance on the show. What can he tell us about that? "There have been some preliminary discussions with William Shatner, but it's so far from being resolved that I hesitate to comment because I don't want to jinx it. We so badly want it to happen, but it's so early that I don't really have much to say about it. There's interest on both ends, but Bill is on a different series [Boston Legal], and we're just starting our season, and so much has to be done before it actually happens. We all have our fingers crossed."

    Any notion yet what kind of story Shatner might be involved in if he does come on to the show? "There are some ideas floating about, but we're hesitant to commit to anything or start actively developing anything, until we know whether it's a reality," Braga said.

    Earlier in the day, UPN held a press conference for the TCA with Les Moonves, co-president and co-COO of Viacom, and Dawn Ostroff, president of entertainment for UPN. The emphasis of the press conference was UPN's new shows and its revamped schedule in general, but Moonves — whose recent promotion puts him in charge of Paramount Television as well as UPN — and Ostroff took some time to speak about how Enterprise fits into the network's lineup.

    Enterprise is moving to Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT starting August 6, and the new episodes of Season 4 will begin October 8.

    Ostroff commented that the Star Trek spinoff is one of the shows "that have the most loyal viewers on television," and expects the audience to follow it to Fridays. She said the season-long arc of last season "really worked well for us," but the fourth season mini-arcs "will allow people to come in and out a little more freely." She added, "We're very aggressive in 'stunt casting' this year, which I think will also bring in some viewers." She mentioned Spiner, but also noted that Golden Brooks of Girlfriends will guest star in the first few episodes. "And we're working on several other people."

    Moonves spoke about the licensing fee cut (related story) that reportedly helped keep the show on the air. "Paramount came to us — that was before Paramount was reporting to me, so now I'm negotiating with myself," he joked, "and they made a very attractive offer to UPN to bring the show back... Obviously Paramount has a large syndication deal with Star Trek. They gave us a very attractive offer and therefore, it fit into our scheduling needs."

    Moonves confirmed that, as Paramount chief, he would like to see Enterprise go a full seven years because of the syndication value. But as UPN chief, he has to make other considerations in the case of a show that's been seen as an underperformer for the network.

    "If Star Trek had cost the license fee that it cost a year ago, a different decision may have been made," he said. "I can tell you right now the key, the priority goal, is building UPN." However, he believes the move to Friday for Enterprise, coupled with America's Next Top Model, is "a much better strategy. I think we'll do a much better number there with that show, and perhaps it can live for a number of years. We hope so."