Into the Darkness by HT

I just got this book in the mail from Amazon,a nd hasn't started it yet. I have one question: is it worth the money by buying the rest of the series?
I rather enjoy the series (which is getting ready to end with the sixth and final volume). However, if you know how WW2 went, you know more or less what's going to happen in this fantasy war as well. If that's something that's unbearable to you, don't bother....
Definitely worth reading. Transcribing WW2 into a world of dragons and magic is a job which suits Turtledove's (in some ways, frankly pedestrian) imagination. I live in a town without a bookshop and so I often fail to find out what has been published. Since the series was not considered AH on the old Uchronia web site (which I didn't appreciate) new volumes were not listed there. The result was that I'd read the first three, was waiting for the next, not knowing that another two had been published. This was all the sadder since I had a seriously ill and house bound neighbour, to whom I used to lend books, who'd read the first three with enjoyment. He died without knowing about the 4th and 5th volumes.


I thought it was a good premise, but... I couldn't get through the first book, let alone the other five. Once again, far too many viewpoint characters, which is bearable in his other books, but is intolerable here, because you can't really decipher things easily through context.