Interesting Winston S Churchill POD

Wimble Toot

Everything happens as OTL, Chamberlain resigns, Halifax declines premiership , Churchill takes office, successful Dunkirk evacuation takes place.

Then on June 13th 1940 at Tours, Paul Reynaud's mistress Hélène de Portes stabs Churchill in the throat. His carotid artery is severed and he dies, Britain's shortest lived Prime Minister.

Who takes over?

Who surrenders first, Britain or France?

What happens to Anglo-French relations, would Britain declare war on Vichy France for the murder of their Prime Minister?
Whoa! Now that's a POD.

1. I could actually see it reinforce DeGaulle's faction with a "she's a traitor" motif. France might fight on here.

2. Halifax takes over, but the public mood is likely more defiant to Germany.
I presume Mers el Kebir doesn't happen, or happens differently.
If it doesn't, it certainly has effects on what FDR is thinking about Britain.