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Infoboxes of the conflicts in the Post-Second Russian Civil War world (4/4)

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Infoboxes of the conflicts in the Post-Second Russian Civil War world (3/4)

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Sorairo has explicitly mentioned that South Sudan does not exists ITTL, and that Sudan is still united, the United States wanted to avoid partitioning countries that it intervened in, given the sheer number of new states that were created in the 1990s and 2000s:
I noticed that on the maps that South Sudan isn't independent in 2022.
How come?
America intervened in 2003 - didn't want to partition afterward since it would have come off as too imperialist and deferential like in Iraq with no recognition of Kurdish independence.
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2020: Sikh/ Khalistan Referendum occurs, granting the the Punabi people political and religious independence, fueling tensions with Indian and Pakistsani rump-states. The referendum, led by Gurdeep Singh, with Sikhs for Justice and the Jakara Movement, was called, "is a campaign to liberate Punjab, currently occupied by India. The campaign aims to gage the will of the Punjabi people with regards to reestablishing Punjab as a nation state. Once we establish consensus on the question of independence, we will then present the case to the United Nations for reestablishing the country of Punjab.

Arab Spring 2011: TEHRAN, IRAN: While not being part of hte Arab world, Iran underwent profound political changes, in the collapse of Russia. With the collapse of one of its chief trading and political partners, Iran suffered a series of embargos, trade tarriffs, and eventually labor strikes. The following strike in Ahvaz, served to bring about the political collapse of the theocracy, amidst reports of corruption and abuse rampant amongst the clerics,....
One item that hasn't been discussed is how Addidas is considered synonymous with the "New Russia". If anything, please consider the many Addidas franchise stores, jumpsuits, and jeans that easily helped push the brand name ahead of Nike and Reebok in terms of the sneakers market. After the film Air (2023) , Addidas is is planning a film directed by Timur Bekmambetov called Victory.... Any ideas of who will be starring?

One item that hasn't been discussed is how Addidas is considered synonymous with the "New Russia". If anything, please consider the many Addidas franchise stores, jumpsuits, and jeans that easily helped push the brand name ahead of Nike and Reebok in terms of the sneakers market. After the film Air (2023) , Addidas is is planning a film directed by Timur Bekmambetov called Victory.... Any ideas of who will be starring?

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Adidas is an Athletic brand and they don't sell Jeans.

Philippine Civil War (2021-2023)- President Leni Robredo on Tuesday night urged the public not to be afraid and to stand their ground as fighting went on in Marawi City, which came under siege from terrorist groups that have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

President Leni Robredo went before the international press corps stating, "I join those who condemn this senseless act of violence during a Mass inside Mindanao State University - Marawi. MSU has always served as a common space uniting everyone, regardless of origins and beliefs, and it is heartbreaking to see it desecrated this way. My heart goes out to our brothers and sisters in Marawi City during this difficult time, especially as they are still rebuilding their beloved home. May those who committed this horror be brought to justice in the soonest possible time.

Robredo called on the people to “pray for the soldiers who are fighting on behalf of our countrymen in Marawi.”

“Let us also pray for our fellow Filipinos who are caught in the middle of this firefight,” she said.

Robredo said that certainly, residents of Marawi would need immediate assistance.


Ilya Kuvshinov, a Russian-born Japanese anime artist. Fleeing the chaos of the Second Russian Civil War to Kaliningrad, he then emigrated to Japan with a refugee visa. His art reflects the violence of the Russian Civil War, but he was also capable creating more expressive anime-style art.


A Soviet Russian patrol group in the ruins of a captured Nashi-Russian city, 1994.


Korean People's Army parade in 2024. The Korean People's Army has been de-Juchefied and essentially became a carbon-copy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
One actor that everyone should know here already is Writer/ Director/ Author Bruce Campbell. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent collapse of Russia in 1998, consider that the Russian film industry was one of the largest in Europe . Yet consider that it was Bruce Campbell and the good people at SYFY Channel, that exploited the cheap labor and de-regulation caused by the collapse of the government, that allowed for the resurrection of the nation's film industry starting in 2005, with the films The Man with the Screaming Brain and Alien Apocalypse (SYFY-TV). Much like how Tyler Perry's purchase of BET-TV led to the revival of the downtown Atlanta, Georgia area, consider that much of the modern film scene would have been absent without Bruce Campbell:


It is one of the reasons Bruce Campbell, despite his many questionable economic decisions, is beloved in Saint Petersburg......

Fanart of arguably the most popular ship of the incredibly popular late 2010s manga/anime Boku no Hīrō Akademia aka My Hero Academia, DekuTasha (Izuku Midoriya aka Deku x Natasha “Tasha” Matoi).
An anime and manga series that needs no introduction, BNHA is a giant in the anime/manga industry created by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi. The main couple of DekuTasha is among the most beloved anime/manga couples in recent memory. Pairing the nerdy shy Sapporo boy (Izuku Midoriya) who is gifted superpowers by the famous All Might with the delinquent girl with senshi-esque superpowers [who is also the childhood friend of said nerdy kid (Natasha Matoi)] a rare trope among manga/anime. Though BNHA is a mature shounen, bordering on the cusp of being a seinen, inspired by American superhero comics with the famous All Might being a combination of Marvel’s Captain America and DC’s Superman it also delves into more serious and mature topics such as immigration, discrimination, and PTSD.

The first two are directly tied to Tasha as she is the daughter of a Russian refugee woman and a JGSDF soldier and faced discrimination for her mixed heritage in her childhood and was called “Sukeban Roshia” or “Russian Delinquent” as a derogatory term though she later uses said term as a badge of honour and her hero name (in both the Russian-language dub and Japanese dub, in the English dub she takes on the name “Lady Delinquent”). It is to be noted that Midoriya never treated her badly and even stood up for her multiple times throughout their shared childhood against the likes of bully, and later hero in training, Katsuki Bakugo prior to Tasha’s quirk awakening. Though when the two meet again years later at UA High School after Tasha moves away due to her family having to move, the reunion is nothing short of wholesome and adorkable (in addition to Bakugo being scared shitless of Tasha).

The third has to deal with Tasha’s mother, Olga Gazmanov Matoi, having to deal with the trauma left over from the Second Russian Civil War in general and the complete and total annihilation of her home village of Khuzhir in Irkutsk in 1995 by a small team of Nashi-aligned supervillains led by former Soviet super soldier, Soviet-Afghan War veteran, & snow/ice-quirk user “Black Glacier” (prior to the outbreak of the Second RCW he was known as “Red Glacier”) when Olga was only fifteen years old (though her father survived along side her). Though Olga only has bouts of PTSD here and there she leads a relatively normal life, as normal as it can be with a superheroine-in-training daughter, but that ends when the League of Villains attack UA midway through the UA Sports Festival Arc disrupting Tasha and Bakugo’s match they have additional muscle in the form of a “villain-for-hire” (read super-powered mercenary) that villain-for-hire was Black Glacier. Class 1A (which Tasha is part along with Deku and many others, including her rival in love Ochako Uraraka) along with other competing classes and the faculty handily defeat the League. Seeing the monster that destroyed her community and her life on live-television, Olga relapses.


Black Glacier, real name Sascha Ivanovich Abramov, during a flashback to the Second Russian Civil War manipulating water into an ice spear.​

During the battle All Might barely survives his fight against the villain-for-hire Black Glacier with Deku and Tasha stepping up to help “the #1 Hero of Peace” despite said hero’s protests, BG flees having been wounded. When the kids meet up with their parents Deku’s mom Inko Midoriya is beyond relieved as is Tasha’s father though her mother seems very off upon prying Natasha learns of her mother and grandfather’s suffering during the Second Civil War and of the fact that All Might had been the one that saved Olga and her father from certain death.

From there on out, Natasha and Deku vow to bring Black Glacier to justice (for Natasha that means in her own words “putting that Nashi bastard 10,000 feet under!”) currently in the fourteenth episode of season four the so-called “Far East Arc” the duo have gotten way stronger as heroes not to mention their bond of friendship is finally turning into a blossoming romance and have just confronted Black Glacier after tracking the superpowered war criminal to Yakutsk, Far Eastern Kingdom when Natasha demands BG to fight so she average her ancestral peoples he asked nonchalantly what people. When Tasha explains who her people are and what he did back '95 he states the following:

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember any of that. For your mother and grandfather, the day I — Black Glacier — and the Screeching Double Eagles graced their village with our presence was the most impactful day of their lives but me it was Monday.”
As of right now, that is the most up-to-date episode of the manga/anime as Kohei Horikoshi is taking a three month hiatus to spend much needed time with his family. Natasha is voiced by Russian-refugee Yevgeniya Ivanovna Davidyuk aka “Jenya” a woman whose experiences during the Second Russian Civil War mirror’s her character’s mother minus the superpowered evil-doers and faced discrimination herself assimilating into Japanese society (Jenya voices her character for the original Japanese dub as well as she is bilingual and incredibly fluent in Japanese though she does have an accent).


Natasha Matoi’s Russian and Japanese voice actress, Jenya in 2024.
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Photo of a vigil for the 28th anniversary of 4/10, somewhere in the FEK, April 10, 2024.

In all post-Russian states, April 10 is both a national holiday and a day of mourning. Some post-Soviet states and other nations affected by 4/10 would also observe the holiday.

Photo of an empty store shelf, somewhere in Canada, ca. late 2000s.

During the Pakistani Civil War, there were fears across the world over the war possibly turning nuclear, much like the Second Russian Civil War. Those fears increased when India and Afghanistan moved troops into Pakistani-controlled Kasmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Many people began to stockpile food and other items in case the worst had happened. The fears had cooled down when Punjabistan was declared and promised to surrender its remaining nukes, and Afghanistan, under international pressure and threats of an invasion by China, surrendered the nukes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the United Nations.