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5. So would you see countries pursuing things like Hugo Chavez's economic "reforms?"

6. So in this world, would the likes of Lula Da Silva and Evo Morales still be prominent?

7. Do Democrats ITTL remain popular in states like Arkansas and Tennessee in this TL?

8. Yes, I meant deindustrialized. But if America still underwent industrial decline while Soviet Russia underwent an economic boom, wouldn't that result in the rise of more Trumpist/Peroist political candidates grousing about how Americans are poorer than the commies?

5. What do you mean specifically by Chavez's reforms?

6. I haven't gotten that in-depth with my TL yet, but probably similar people, yes.

7. Again, see above, but probably similar to OTL.

8. It's not quite like that, the Soviets are still quite a ways behind the West still, though many are concerned with it's continuing (relatively) rapid growth. And yes, there are still plenty of populists, and it's more of a mirror image of OTL, with the center holding in the Republican Party, while it doesn't in the Dems which leads to the upset victory of Sanders in '16. His presidency is not as... revolutionary as some fear (or hope), and generally, US politics are still polarized to some extent, but it's more... normal than ours, I suppose.

While, to quote one of the reviewers of the book: "The guy from The Apprentice becomes the President," bungles a lot of things, including the pandemic, and then goes on to storm the Capitol to try and overturn the election when he loses, well...

Why do you think they consider it dystopian?
His command economy that triggered horrific hyperinflation and shortages.
Ah, okay. Generally not, if only because most economies aren't built mainly off of a single resource. And also, the reformers tend to be a bit more competent and less blatantly less antidemocratic and corrupt than his administration.

And also, I don't know if this is in your quote or not, it's not showing up when I press the +Quote button, but the bit about "it" being dystopian isn't about Chavez specifically (although I don't like the man), it's about the perspective of the ITTL readers on the book, because a lot of the really horrible things of OTL didn't happen there, and also having the Western Bloc win the Cold War in the most spectacular and total way possible, and then slowly losing the peace over the next several decades.
Saw a photo of a West German weather report during the 60s, still using the 1937 borders. Which felt like good althist potential.
So I tried to recreate it in with some slight changes.
The inclusion of Dresden and Königsberg.
Changes are the inclusion of Eupen-Malmünd, Danzig and Memelland in Germany.
Inclusion of the Markerwaard, as well as the proposed but never tried Danish land reclamations
Removal of the weather man as well as what I think is the half way drawn snow fall in the Alps.
(I also included the map with only the borders, rivers and cities.)

Also other alt-Kia models with different front headlights, always in this TL (the vertical front headlights being this time reserved for Cadillac like mentionned above) :

Kia Sorento
Kia Sorento.png

Kia Carnival
Kia Carnival.jpeg