Geronimo : What if Osama Bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11?

Not to derail the thread, but with how different the pop culture world would be without September 11th, I do wonder how the animated show The Boondocks would have turned out.

Apparently, the original pilot made back in 2003 or 2004 was more similar to the comic strip it was based on and less anime influenced like the final show in OTL. I should also note that the original pilot was pitched to Fox before Adult Swim got a hold of it.

Mmm That’s an interesting comp.

With Dubya being a one-termer and no 9/11, I wonder what Clinton’s legacy is TTL
Dubya, a forgotten president

But Jay Leno fans would remember Dubya visited Emma E Booker elementary school , because it's quite touching and impressive,
“It just goes to show it really is never too late for you to go back to school.”
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It's pretty good that the Coalition seems to have avoided a costly and long entanglement in Darfur and managed to stop the genocide quickly. Without the Iraq War and Bush's cowboy diplomacy, it looks like multilateralism is still alive and kicking. You could even say that Russia is more or less an active member of the liberal international order, given that they supported diplomatically the intervention in Darfur and they are full members of the international military mission in Afghanistan. If the civil wars in Syria and Libya were to happen as OTL, there might be more willingness in Western countries to consider intervening with boots on the ground.

I hope we can see "Good Omen" in pop culture 2007

Johnny Depp and Robin Williams ? JESUS
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