German AH by Prof. Alexander Demandt

Now that's interesting. When I looked up Alexander Demandt (German history prof, beyond 80 but still alive) on WP, I found that he had actually written a bit about AH. Usually "real" history profs don't like our hobby that much, even less so in Germany...

Long story short, here it is, all the 144 pages of it (only in German, though):

It really has a lot of interesting PoDs and other discussions for us:
  • HREmperor Maximilian wanted to become pope in 1511! (Especially interesting because he also had Protestant sympathies.)
  • Goethe wanted to emigrate to America - with his great love Lili Schönemann!
  • Friedrich der Weise (Frederick III Elector of Saxony) as HREmperor
  • Mussolini flees to Switzerland 1945
  • Toynbee's AH about Alexander the Great(er), you may know it
  • Discussion about Hannibal not attacking Rome after Cannae.
  • Brutus and Cassius win at Philippi
  • Rome wins at Teutoburg Forest
  • Jesus pardoned by Pilate (Ethiopian Christians see Pilate as a canonized saint, BTW!)
  • Arabs win 718 at Constantinople AND 732 in France
  • No early death of Henry VI (HRE). He wanted to conquer Constantinople - and unite the churches!
  • The peasants win in the Bauernkriege (German peasant wars)
  • The Spanish Armada wins in 1588
  • Frederick the Great dies at Mollwitz
  • Frederick William IV becomes emperor 1849. True, he was no Frederick the Great
  • No assassination in Sarajevo. (Moltke warned in 1890 "woe to him who throws a torch into the powderkeg of Europe" but also advocated more armaments)
  • Hitler dies 1938/39
  • July 20th
  • Pericles achieves the panhellenic peace congress in 447 BC
  • Irene + Charlemagne 802
  • Turgot supported by Louis XVI
  • Frederick III has no cancer
  • Tsar Nikolai drops Rasputin
  • Morgenthau plan
  • Ernst Jünger (better known for his militaristic WW1 novel) writes in "Eumeswil" about a history computer that can answer any question about the topic. Only history, no AH, though.
  • Livy about Alexander vs. Rome: Only Papirius Cursor could have stopped him?
  • Churchill wanted to advance from N Italy to Vienna/Budapest/Prague - and Tito agreed!
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Interestingly, he's also quoted in the German AH "The Cusanus Game" which I just finished, with a long chapter quote. Fits.
Bump. Guys, I wonder whether I should write a letter to Prof. Demandt. If you can think up some question for him, tell me here in this thread or by DM.