Formula One splits like Indycar

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    Feb 5, 2019

    Whatif the same thing happened to Formula One ?

    Some basic elements
    The FOCA-FISA war climaxed in 1980-82
    FISA is the automotive federation (Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo) - the turbo teams.
    FOCA is Balestre and Mosley F1 teams - March, Brabham, Tyrrell, McLaren, Williams, Lotus - ground effect.

    The first split happened in 1979 - Dan Gurney modeled CART on Bernie Ecclestone FOCA.
    The second split had Tony George taking Indianapolis away from CART and creating IRL around it

    Now if the Indycar split was (roughly) applied to F1,it would boil down to Monaco slamming the door right in the middle of the Ecclestone-Mosley war against Balestre, in the 1980-83 era.

    It happened that Monaco Automobile Club (ACM) was managed by Michel Boer. In the early 80's Boeri and Balestre clashed heavily over TV rights.

    So the year is 1982. On May 23, 1982 the crazy OTL race (Patrese...) goes bonkers and tragic. This throw Boeri and Monaco into the FISA-FOCA war and since Boeri hates Balestre, he goes on Ecclestone / Mosley side.
    The three - Boeri, Ecclestone, Mosley - decides to create a second championship.

    There was nearly a split early 1981

    Now 18 months later, Monaco adds its weight to the rebels.

    What will happen ?
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    Feb 5, 2019
    no taker ? maybe f1 is not very popular over there. ok then...
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    Sep 9, 2017
    I do like F1, but have no idea what would have happened.

    Did you know there is a Michel Vaillant comic with a scenario of a F1-split?
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    Nov 4, 2017
    Now, the Foca-Fisa war is not my area of expertise, but there was another chance of a split in 2009 with the Fota, they even released a calendar. About this 1982 split, it might even work for a while, but the part involved were not that self destructive as George and Cart. Maybe we see Ferrari joining the group C craze, which perhaps is not destroyed willingly by Ecclestone. Or maybe it is like the Cart/Irl, with the series as a whole barely starting to return to his former glory after more than two decades.
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    Feb 5, 2019
    I have some ideas but not enough for a full-blown TL. Part of the FOCA-FISA rift also related to the turbo / ground effect era.
    Ecclestone and FOCA were mostly British teams (led by Colin Chapman) that hoped ground effect cars could counter the turbo huge power. Well, it did not happened - the difference in hp was too huge (Cosworth 600 hp, turbo: 900 to 1500 hp !)
    Now if the split happened along those lines, then the Balestre / FISA teams would be the turbo ones, (Renault, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, perhaps Honda and BMW) hence that championship would pretty much look like OTL F1 1983-1988.
    On the other side, if Ecclestone banned turbo, then it might be like Indycar or F3000, that is, Cosworth for everyone. With the same engine and limits in power,then the british teams would try tweaking aerodynamics. Colin Chapman ground effect, of course, but Tyrrell had their six wheeler, Brabham had the turbine car, and what's more, in 1982 Williams had the FW8D.

    I'm quite sure Ron Dennis' McLaren would find another spectacular trick to compete with these (Ferrari very own six wheeler had the four rear wheels on the same axe, side by side if you prefer. McLaren could borrow that trick).


    Basically those cars


    Tyrrell P.34


    Williams FW8D


    Brabham BT-46B "fan car"


    Lotus 79 wing car.

    Say what you want, but both Formula Ones would be awesome. Raw power vs aerodynamics. 1500 hp vs six wheelers.
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    Nov 4, 2017
    On the other hand, there is the issue of safety. Fia banned skirts in all of his competitions after 1982.
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    Aug 14, 2016
    Baah! A pox on both their houses!

    Dump turbos and ground effects! Toss Ecclestone into the Channel. Limit speed and power by limiting tire contact patch. Fix the God awful tracks. All that Armco! I hate Monte Carlo and street courses. All those blind corners and channeled lines. Dull racing.
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    Feb 5, 2019
    The turbos made it even more dangerous. Stick with a Cosworth, impose power limits (550 hp) and maybe it will be a bit less dangerous.

    Found this about the Boeri / Monaco crisis

    In a nutshell, the Monaco crisis came after the Concorde agreement between Ecclestone and Balestre, in 1981. Hence Boeri was mostly alone, since Ecclestone and Balestre had settled the question of TV rights between FISA and FOCA.
    Now change the date in bold to 1980 or 1981 and Boeri fight will erupt right in the middle of the FISA-FOCA war.
    Boeri will be forced to pick a side.
    And if Boeri sides with Ecclestone, then Monaco ACM can slams the F1 door and leave Balestre and FISA into a position similar to CART in 1997 - "We have everything but the most prestigious race of the year"
    Having Monaco on board could change OTL FOCA failure of early 1981.

    This needs some refining but I'm tempted to write a TL if anybody is interested.
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    Nov 4, 2017
    Monaco is the crown jewel of the season but it's not the Indy 500. It's Formula one, not Formula Monaco, and F1 could still go on. Without British teams, there you have the problem.
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