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  1. Marlin Dreamer

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    The inscription on the gravestone of President Martha Washington. (1789 - 1797), an unusual choice for her time. Some might say the election was rigged, some historians still try and find evidence of her stay as president of the states should be invalid. Whatever the truth, we will remember her by the title we gave her 'Eagle of Enlightenment'.

    "Once upon a time, the universe was wide enough for both Microsoft and Disney."

    OOC: Please keep current politics out of this quote, alt history is the goal with this one. As in actual alt history causes company giants that once didn't have much to clash over to well, enter an alt history.
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    Opening quote of an article from the New York Times, commenting the Microsoft/Disney competition over the best amusement park. The whole affair began when Microsoft's Bill Gates decided to create a series of sci-fi themed parks all over the US, which led to Disney doing everything in its power to keep up and even outdo Microsoft.

    "My God, to think that a fart could lead to such a mess..."
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  3. danteheadman Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2015
    First Lady Nancy Reagan, 1986, reacting to China's joint declaration of war with the USSR against America.

    POD: Reagan, already suffering from alzheimers, sharted himself in a private high-level meeting with President Li Xiannian during his 1984 diplomatic trip to China. Gravely insulted, the CCP reconciled itself with the Soviet Union and - after a number of further gaffes by Reagan and co. - decided to start WW3 by nuking DC.

    "Long live the Messiah! Long live king Bibi Netanyahu!"
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  4. Plateosaurus Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2019
    A rallying cry of three New Zionist Liberation Army members prior to being placed in their cells following the 2023 Seattle Mosque Shootings.

    "Never trust a man who doesn't trust anyone."
  5. NiGHTS BMC-14

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    An supposed quote from British Prime Minister Susan Adams to her Deputy Prime Minister Johanna Evans. Apparently, the "man" mentioned was Susan was referring to was actually herself. This was apparently a self depreciating reference of how Susan tended had her killed several of her political enemies, even though they were no longer threats, in order to have both the fear and respect of her most loyal followers. And to also teach Johanna to not be surprised should Susan have her killed as well, which she would anyways. Johanna is said to have reacted to this statement as if it were a joke, but all this information is most likely just an urban legend.

    "All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and when they catch you, they will kill you...

    but first they must catch you."
  6. teddy lives Active Member

    Jun 18, 2019
    Otto von Bismarck to young Prince Karl von Hapsburg. After the joining of Prussia and Austria to create the Greater German Reich, stretching from Lorraine to Memel and Schleswig to Istria, the superstate in the heart of Europe was beset by enemies on all sides, however Bismarck kept a coalition from forming by playing them against each other. He supposedly said the quote to impress upon the prince the importance of continuing Bismarck's scheming ways.

    "Well I don't know where it is now, it's a ship, it moves!"
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    -Captain of the Titanic Edward John Smith shorty after the ship was set a drift the disappearance of the Titanic is one of the oceans greatest mysteries.

    “Well shit that crazy mustache man actually did it”
  8. Heldenhammer For Are We Not All Sigmar's Heirs?

    Aug 27, 2019
    Adolf Hitler, a Austrian-Hungarian general on Operation Bagration, a surprise attack launched against the People's Republic of Austria-Hungary and its allies in 1940 by the nationalist forces of Jospeh Stalin. The Red Pact, headed by the PRAH and the CoI, were caught completely by surprise by the Russian State's brutal assault, and by the end of 1940, Russian troops had punched to the gates of Hamburg and Vienna. However, the Russians, having expected to have won by the beginning of winter, failed to prepare adequtely for the harsh winter of 1940. This gave the Red Pact the time to prepare a counter-offensive, and in 1941, Operation Fredrick was launched, pushing the Russians back to the Elbe in Germany and Nitra in the battered PRAH. Thus began the Second War of Patriotism, a three front war that would lead to the collapse of the Russian State to American, Brazillian, and Red pressure and the beginning of the Quiet War.

    "They killed our women and burned our homes! Blast, blood, fire, and ruin!"
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    May 13, 2018
    [QUOTE="They killed our women and burned our homes! Blast, blood, fire, and ruin!"[/QUOTE]

    Famous line of dialogue spoken by Sir Stannis Baratheon on the 10th Episode of the Second Season of A Song of Ice and Fire, a TV show based off the book series of the same name. Spoken just before Sir Stannis led a counterattack from the Red Keep to retake the capital from Lord Tywin Lannister and his army, who had laid siege to the city and had just begun to loot and pillage what little was left standing. Famous for being moot, as Sir Stannis and his forces were quickly annihilated after the beginning of the attack, and Lord Tywin held the city for the remainder of the series.

    "Those who refuse to learn from themselves, we shall teach. And those who refuse to learn from us, we shall force to take their lesson."