=Eternal National Glory, - A cyberpunk-themed Timeline and Taiwan's Invasion of the Mainland=

For the next chapter, what should the focus be on?

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since the first preludes are complete, I have set up a poll for you all. Just to see what you want the next chapter to be about

I just realized that the Commodore license has just been taken over by the Italians:

Hmm... that's interesting. On the English and German wikis I cant find much data on the current owners of Commodore (or at least what's left of it lmao) and it seems that this Luigi Simonetti guy is the current head of the brand,

Commodore is a very peculiar case about high rise and then financial ruin.
Oh geez, looks like the poll is 50/50. And I've only begun writing for what I thought would be the winning choice 😤
I need one more vote soon..
All caught up and loving the realistic take on the Cyberpunk genre, Keep it up.
Thanks m8, I'm currently writing up on the 4th chapter, the results of the 1960 election will certainly lead to some interesting outcomes building up to conflict in Asia. I'm also going to include some important technical developments, both as they happened OTL and a few additional aspects regarding the MacArthur years' legacy on ARPA...