DBWI: This "Persian" Empire Existed?

OTL, the Farsi Plateu has been host to a wide array of powerful civilizations, but few of them ever spread beyond its borders. But, doing some browsing, i found this weird alternate history map of a "Persian Empire," supposedly founded in the collapse of the Medians. The map is supposedly around the 500s BCE. so, how would this empire be developed? who would the persians have to beat up to get it, and could they replace the Lydians of OTL? it seems that the OP thought they could.

personally, i think they'd wind up pretty Baylonified, like the Lydians eventually became themselves, but that's a separate question, isn't it?

ttl, cyrus simply never arises, while the Medean Empire still goes poof. in contrast, the Lydian Empire, centered around western anatolia, expands into Greece more effectively, and conquers up to the persian gulf and syria.
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The issue with huge land empires has always been that local governors can’t easily be controlled by a central power so far away, unless Persia finds a solution to this - very unlikely mind you, such an empire simply couldn’t last.
Well, we weren't witnessing the rise of the Egyptian Empire in Ancient Egypt, Koch, Fares, Sindh, Anatolia and parts of Greece And the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula and Libyan territory and Carthage

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true, but i think that's more due to butterflies than direct replacement. Egypt only conquered lydia in the 300s BCE
Well, this was only part of the first Egyptian wars of Lydia years before the complete invasion under the command of pharaoh Ramses XVI, and here you find that Ramses destroyed the entire culture of Lydia, and there is little left. Ramses committed a massacre as revenge for the death of his grandfather and father in the wars of Egypt-Lydia VIII
Here is another map of Egypt at the beginning of the great expansion

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what would be some religious impacts of this? I don't think Egyptian sun worship is gonna spread to the point of Sol becoming the king of the roman imperial pantheon ttl, let alone Julien's monotheistic reforms. current records indicate the archeac romans and pre lydian conquest greeks favored their sky gods. would that continue here?